Michael Vick?

Posted by: Shaun Dolence

According to an Atlanta Falcons blog, Michael Vick to Seattle is a possible scenario. Atlanta’s general manager, Thomas Dimitroff, recently acknowledged that the Falcons are seeking to trade the rights to suspended quarterback Michael Vick. And apparently, the trendy destination is Seattle – from bloggingdirty.com:

Vick goes to Seattle, where he is coached by Jim Mora Jr. whom had the most success in coaching Vick in his professional career. The way I see things the Seahawks need to make a splash this coming season because of their astonishing fall from grace in the NFC West.

Vick is the kind of guy who makes things happen on the football field and brings excitement and must be accounted for by defensive coordinators no matter where he is on the field.

I agree that Vick brought excitement to the field and was capable of making things happen with his FEET, but there is NO CHANCE he’ll play quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks. This isn’t the strong-armed, athletic prospect coming out of Virginia Tech; Michael Vick is serving a federal prison sentence, and hasn’t played NFL football since 2006.

A lot of people are assuming that Vick to Seattle makes sense because Jim Mora Jr. coached Vick in Atlanta. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Regardless of former relationships, the man who makes personnel decisions, Tim Ruskell, puts a premium on character and team cohesiveness. There is NO WAY he brings in the circus that would be Michael Vick.

It is well documented that Jim Mora Jr. “loves” Michael Vick. A quote from Jim Mora in 2006: “I love the guy. He’s a great player and I think he’s a better person. I don’t care what anybody says about Mike. If I was starting a franchise and I could pick one guy all-time, I would pick Mike Vick.”

How did that all-time pick work out for you, Jim?

Of course Jim Mora Jr. was going to say that to the media – his father referred to Michael Vick as a “coach killer” just beforehand. Jim Mora Jr. is a self-proclaimed player’s coach, and he wasn’t going to throw the face of the Falcons franchise under the bus.

Mora wasn’t going to say something like, “Mike Vick is an amazing athlete, but I sure wish we had a REAL quarterback who could execute this damned west coast offense.” Does anyone remember how BAD Vick was at throwing a pass? He never threw for 3,000 yards in a season, and never came close to completing 60 percent of his passes. Those are not numbers you’d expect, or WANT to see from a quarterback in the west coast offense.

And don’t forget that we have Matt Hasselbeck. I really don’t understand why Seahawks fans are so quick to dump this guy – he is our go-to-guy and is the best option we have. Yeah, he is getting old, but if he can stay healthy, there is no good reason to run him out of town. Let’s all calm down and start thinking about grooming a replacement, and remember that last year was an injury-challenged aberration.

So to sum things up, Michael Vick is not the answer. He isn’t even a possibility. There is no way in hell that he ends up in Seattle, so please: ignore any rumors you hear.

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  • http://bloggingdirty.com/ The Dirty Bird

    I think Vick is a better possibility for Seattle than you think.  I will agree that maybe not so much as a QB but with the sore lack of athleticism in the Seahawks offense I think that Vick could fit in as a slot receiver or punt/kickoff returner.

     Time will tell but I have a feeling it could happen.

  • Ryan


    I’m really having a hard time seeing any of the Seahawks brass letting that deal happen.  Seneca Wallace is a better option than Michael Vick. 

    Besides, who’s even said the NFL will let Vick suit up again…

  • http://12thmanrising.com Shaun Dolence

    I completely agree, Ryan.

  • the matador

    Michael Vick is a piece of sh**t that should spend the rest of his life digging ditches on the chain gang at an old run down Alabama state prison. If the NFL lets him put on another set of pads I will quit watching the game.

  • hawks4life

    vick is a ten time better Q then seneca haha he is like short and not nearly has fast or strong has vick! wat do you think vick did in prison shit there with his tumb up is A** no he worked his ass off!

  • http://[email protected] GoCougs!

    Vick should be suspended for another 6 games at least. Make him sit on the sideline in Detroit or Cleveland – somewhere not as enticing as Seattle. Then if he proves he can be a good teammate just waiting, then I think he would deserve a shot. But he should also have to do animal rights PSAs. No matter what he does, I don’t want him in Seattle though.

  • Mace

    Mike vick would be a good fit eventhough I hate Seattle the only reason why the Falcons didn’t go back to NFC championship is because Arthur Blanks is to stupid to know what works for his team. The falcons began to have problems when they cut T.J. Duckett… If you got mike vick, T.J. Duckett, and a fast running back. There are few teams that can stop you ask St.Louis we they played them in the playoffs on the way to NFC Championship game. You’d get a more mature Vick and by mid season if you all are not were you want to be… Mike a win you the second have of the season… but I hate seattle, I’d never get a chance to see him play.. by the way who ever wrote this article can’t play football anyway he probably sat on the sidelines or never got picked as a kid to play football.

  • Mace

    Of excuse me not proof reading my work.. my bad

  • capt seahawk

    Vick would be a good back-up in Seattle. He’s paid his debt to society and earned the right to rebuild his life. Just think… what if he was BEHIND Hasselback and available as a direct snap runner, that could pass? Would sure change the way defenses had to prepare for us. Matt is no spring chicken and sticking our head in the sand will not change that. Anyone that doesn’t want to watch….there is a knob on the TV that can be used to turn it off, go play in the park. As for me, I have been a S’quawk fan since day 1, that ain’t gonna change.

  • http://www.12thmanrising.com Shaun Dolence

    Agreed, capt seahawk. If Michael Vick somehow ends up in Seattle, it won’t change my loyalty as a fan of the team.

    However, I still believe this is a long-shot, at best. Even though I agree that Vick has paid his debt to society and deserves another chance in the NFL, I don’t think it will be in Seattle.

    Tim Ruskell and company put an emphasis on character, and have turned away other talented players for more minor infractions. And I doubt Paul Allen would be okay with the media frenzy and protests that would surround the acquisition.

  • http://templeatlantis.com Josh Nanon

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