Fans Protest Super Bowl XL

Some Seattle fans just aren’t ready to let Super Bowl XL go, even over three years later. In fact, a lot of them aren’t – hell, I haven’t even gotten over it myself.

Over forty-four thousand online signatures have been obtained for a petition to the National Football League that protests alleged unfair officiating and corruption. The petition is still open today, and is still attracting the attention of numerous fans.

The petition reads:

To: National Football League:

We, the fans of the NFL, will no longer stand by and allow our pure game to be corrupted by blatant bias. Superbowl XL was the culmination of the most poorly officiated playoff ever. This is completely unacceptable and unfair to us fans who pay money to NFL teams in merchandise and ticketing sales with the assumption that the product put on the field is by no means fixed. As a result, I encourage all fans of the true pure brand of football to sign here, with an identification of which team is it is that you support as well as suggestions and comments of how this problem can be corrected.


The Undersigned

In my opinion, this petition is obviously insignificant and pointless. However, it is an interesting tidbit that illustrates how angry several fans were after the comical attempt at “fair” officiating during Super Bowl XL.

I’ll save most of my opinions about Super Bowl XL, but I will admit I cannot reminisce about that season without finding myself bitter. And I get even more upset when people try to tell Seattle fans to “get over it”, or associate our anger with whining.

It is obvious that the officiating was poor that game. Anyone who tells you any different is either extremely biased or ignorant. I will admit that Super Bowl XL was won by the Pittsburgh Steelers, but it is very unfortunate that the outcome will always be questioned due to poor officiating.

Seattle has no reason to “get over it”. Seattle fans shouldn’t be forced to deal with it, and shouldn’t have to stop complaining. Every fan who witnessed Super Bowl XL from a Seattle perspective has every right to be bitter about the loss as long as they like.

More power to the fans that’ve accepted defeat and have moved on. But I will not endorse any sort of attack on fans who are still bitter about Super Bowl XL – some folks will take their bitterness with them to the grave.

So, however you feel about Super XL, I thought this petition was an interesting find. Some of you may even feel obliged to sign it yourself. Or some of you may want to share your thoughts about Super Bowl XL here. Feel free; either way, I am putting myself through hell by just remembering it.

The petition can be found at

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