Homer Optimism: The Seahawks Win the NFC West

Only a couple more days until the season opener against the St. Louis Rams. Optimism is high around Seattle, especially for a team that finished 4-12 the previous year.

This weekend presents the perfect opportunity to voice the perspective of an optimistic homer.

In a series of articles prior to Sunday’s kickoff, I’ll create the most positive scenarios imaginable (and believable, if you’re a homer too).

Here is the first of many hopeful scenarios:

The Seattle Seahawks will win the NFC West in 2009.

Alright, so maybe this isn’t a new opinion for those of you in the Pacific Northwest, but the rest of the country doesn’t tend to agree with us.

The Seattle Seahawks are getting too old, they say. They claim that a team without a running game or a capable defense has no shot at winning a division title. Opponents argue that the Arizona Cardinals are the most talented team in the NFC West without question.

Blah, blah, blah.

The 4-12 record last season was an aberration. The season was derailed by injuries, which kept starters off the field and created a lack of confidence in players. Wide receivers were being hired off the street, the entire starting offensive line was injured, and key playmakers spent most of the year on the sidelines.

And yes, the Seahawks are getting older. But in addition to the veteran players present on the roster, Seattle’s front office has done a great job of mixing youth and athleticism.

Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck will turn 34 years old later this month, but he appears healthy and primed for a great year. He is in excellent shape, and possesses the leadership and intelligence to overcome any physical shortcomings.

As far as the running game is concerned, Seattle should be fine. It won’t be the strength of the team, but the Seahawks should be capable enough to control the clock and establish at least some threat on the ground.

Offensive coordinator Greg Knapp consistently manages the best running attacks in the National Football League. Julius Jones, Edgerrin James, and Justin Forsett have the potential to combine for what should be a capable force.

And even if the Seahawks aren’t a great team, their division is rather weak and should be easy to claim. The NFC West is considered by many to be one of the worst divisions in the NFL.

The St. Louis Rams and San Francisco 49ers both appear to be a couple of seasons away from competing. The Arizona Cardinals have a terrible defense and are coming off a Super Bowl loss. Oh, and Kurt Warner is another year older.

A lot of analysts are considering the Seattle Seahawks to be a potential “surprise” team in 2009. They won’t surprise me.

I know that the Seattle Seahawks will once again find themselves at the top of the NFC West and back in the playoffs at the end of this season.

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  • Aiiyiiyiii

    You wish. Julius Jones, Edge, and Justin Forsett?? and who exactly is gonna block for them, or are they so good they don’t need it?

    Hasselbeck “possesses the leadership and intelligence to overcome any physical shortcomings?” Does that include his bad back? It’s a miracle!

    Hawks may be better than last year, but SF and AZ will be tough competition. You guys can have third in the NFCW, if you try real hard.


    Hahahaha haahahahahaaaa…..Just tell me what SF has thats better than the Seahawks….Hmmm nothing…. Crabtree….hahaha Shaun WHO!!! Isacc (go get my walker Bruce) Frank Gore is the best player by far on the team And He aint getting past our front 7…. Their secondary is going to get hung up….Whether we Have Housh, Burleson, Butler or Branch …..even Obomanu. And having a healthy core strengthened Hasselbeck throwing to these guys…..His back is great did he have surgery, no he strengthened it and will be incredible these last few years of his career. Walter will be back and on his worst day will stop their D-line… Wow I don’t wanna name any more names but yeah the 49ers don’t have what it takes yet.

    Arizona on the other hand They are the only ones in the league we might have a little problems with. Their D is not gonna shut us out. They will be hard fought games…Don’t look to see Warner to have as great of a year as last…Coming off of hip surgery…..Hasselbeck again didn’t have surgery he strengthened his back and core area. We will either split the series or take both. Julius and Co. will tear the turf and ground up. They wont be Johnson and White or Williams and Stewart but they will bring in some yards…. So at the end of the season we can compare notes and see who takes the division. Go Seahawks

  • Chad

    Seahawks fan here….. and where exactly was your front sevens pass rush during the pre season. Oh yeah…..you didn’t have one what so ever. So even if you think we have a mediocre O line, you guys still will not be able to get any pressure on us unless you blitz Willis on every down. The running game will be fine seeing as how there will be not one team who can place all of the focus on our running game. They will have to give plenty of attention to Housh, Burleson, Branch, and Carlson…..with that kind of receiving corps, and with how sharp Hasselbeck is looking, there is no team and can devote all of there attention to the running game which will open it up ALOT. As for Julius Jones, he is a good running back and was doing great last year behind a “mediocre” O line until Mo Mo got back and Holmgren stopped playing him as much. As for Edge, he will be able to pick up the extra slack for the O line since it is so “awful”….whatever Seahawks are gonna take the NFC West 11-5