Bitter In Seattle

What a great weekend for professional football.

Unfortunately, it had nothing to do with the Seattle Seahawks. But I’m optimistic that the playoffs will return to Qwest Field sooner than later.

I’m a Seahawks fan; no way did I want to see the Arizona Cardinals return to the Super Bowl. Watching the New Orleans Saints embarrass the Cardinals on national television was beautiful. I don’t know which I enjoyed more: watching Kurt Warner take a brutal hit in what could be his final game, or seeing Reggie Bush almost single-handedly pound the heartless Cardinals into submission.

You’ll never find me rooting for a division rival in the postseason.

I hate Kurt Warner. I’m tired of watching him embarrass Seattle’s secondary, and his persona just irritates me. I can appreciate what he does on the football field, but I don’t want it to continue.

Larry Fitzgerald is a great wide receiver. I’m tired of the Seahawks wasting high draft picks on defensive backs, and I wish he would leave the desert for a franchise on the other side of the country.

I never want to see players get seriously injured, but I’ll admit: I grinned a little when I saw Kurt Warner get blind-sided. After he walked to the sidelines and appeared to be alright, of course.

Bottom line: I wasn’t disappointed one bit to see the New Orleans Saints crush the Arizona Cardinals 45-14 on Saturday.

The Dallas Cowboys aren’t a division rival, but I’d rather watch the NBA again than witness the Cowboys make another run at the Super Bowl. The Dallas Cowboys aren’t America’s Team; they’re an average franchise owned by an arrogant Pro-Lifer who thinks he “deserves to win.”

I hate Tony Romo. The undrafted, snap-botching quarterback has no place on a Pro Bowl roster, much less in the Super Bowl. I’m sick of hearing how “great” he is on SportsCenter, and tired of seeing him on the cover of entertainment magazines. I would say something about winning in the playoffs, but the Cowboys knocked off an unimpressive Philadelphia Eagles team at home this postseason.

And can everyone stop saying “Big D” instead of Dallas?

Maybe I need to take a few deep breaths. Tony Romo has proven himself to be a talented quarterback, throwing for well over 4,000 yards and 26 touchdowns this season. But as a jealous Seahawks fan, I still hate him.

Bottom line: I enjoyed every second of the 34-3 beat-down administered by the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, especially when Brett Favre threw a touchdown pass on fourth-and-seven with less than two minutes remaining.

Am I a bitter Seahawks fan? Of course – I just watched my favorite football team post a 5-11 record. And until the Seahawks improve, I’m going to enjoy the NFL postseason.

Of course, that means rooting against everyone else.

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