Jim Mora: Pete Carroll is a "Cheater"

Jim Mora opened up his mouth again. And again, he didn’t think before speaking.

In a interview earlier this offseason with Dave Mahler and Hugh Millen on 950 KJR AM, the former head coach referred to Pete Carroll as a “cheater.”

Remember, this isn’t the first time Mora’s careless words have gotten him in hot water.

On the same show with Dave Mahler in 2006, Mora was asked about returning to Seattle as the head coach of the University of Washington Huskies. Of course, Washington is Mora’s alma mater, and he played defensive back for the Huskies from 1980-83.

“Well, I really have a lot of respect for Ty [Willingham], and I know he’ll do a great job. But if he ever decides to move on, and get in the NFL, or, you know, go back to Notre Dame or whatever … if that job’s open, you’ll find me at the friggin’ head of the line, with my résumé in hand, ready to take that job.”

Great enthusiasm. Unfortunately, Mora was still the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons at the time. To make matters worse, Mora continued spouting nonsense without considering consequences.

“I don’t care if we’re in the middle of a playoff run, I’m packing my stuff and coming back to Seattle.”

Mora, although apologetic after the interview, was later relieved of his duties in Atlanta.

In his most recent blunder, Jim Mora tried to casually describe Pete Carroll’s tenure at Southern Cal.

“If you’re a person that does not have integrity, that doesn’t play by the rules, that doesn’t put other people first, that cheats … that doesn’t necessarily play by the rules, then I think at the end of the day, you’re gonna struggle emotionally,” Mora told Mahler and Millen.

The problem? In his brief pause, it appeared as if Mora lipped the phrase, “Pete Carroll cheats.” Of course, following the pause, Mahler and Millen both broke out in laughter.

If you were listening on the radio, you probably didn’t hear it. Unfortunately for Mora, the Dave “Softy” Mahler show is broadcast daily on Comcast, so the show is also visible on television. Mora tried to innocently call Carroll a cheater, but conveniently forgot that he was on live television.

Mora just doesn’t get it. Someone of his stature should know better.

He surprised a lot of people by calling out Olindo Mare following a loss to the Chicago Bears at home last season. He upset some people when he criticized John Carlson’s impact in the passing game. Jim Mora just doesn’t think before he speaks sometimes.

Personally, I don’t have a real problem with him calling Carroll a cheater. As Washington alumni, Mora and I are on the same page; the Trojans had a dirty program and won games the wrong way. As a fan of the Huskies, I couldn’t agree more.

But there is no evidence that Pete Carroll is a cheater with no integrity or empathy towards others. Was Don James a cheater? Most Huskies would defend his legacy and disagree.

I think Mora was calling out Carroll as one Husky fan to another. But who knows? Maybe Mora was slightly bitter and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to bash the guy who took his job in Seattle.

Video: Maximize for a better view. The incident occurs around 7:00.

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  • Tristan

    Interesting?. . . . . .I’m curious to find out why you would say the Trojans ran a dirty program and won games the wrong way, yet also state that there was no evidence to claim Pete Carroll as a cheater with no integrity?

    Regarding Jim Mora, I couldn’t agree more with your assessment of his lack of tact while making public statements. Yet, as it applies to Pete Carroll, you have lost credibility in forming opinions on the man.

    • http://www.12thmanrising.com Shaun Dolence

      Thanks for the comment.

      Saying the Trojans ran a dirty program and won the wrong way was more of a low blow from a fan of the Huskies than anything. But it is true, and that is why they’re being punished by the NCAA.

      As far as Pete Carroll is concerned, he doesn’t have to be a cheater just because USC violated NCAA rules. Pete Carroll claims he did not know about any violations until after the fact. Sure, he is responsible for what happened under his watch, but that doesn’t mean he is a cheater without integrity. That would be an assumption without any evidence.

      Washington was hit with sanctions by the NCAA a few decades ago. Does that make Don James a cheater too?

      James, following Washington’s punishment: “I don’t have any rules that say what the hell players do with their lives. That’s not my job… There’s a lot of things that players do. I let them walk around with cellular phones, wear earrings, which I don’t particularly enjoy. But I don’t run their lives.”

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  • Mike Harden

    Isn’t this old news? I thought this video happened very early in the offseason. I follow many Seahawks blogs very closely and am sure this happened right after Pete’s hiring…

    • http://seahawknationblog.com TC

      It did happen early in the year, “Like January”.
      I’m the one who reposted this article on my website 3 days ago at the 12th man Army.
      Im surprised everyone else copied an old story.
      Even funnier is another fan-sided Blog Troy something for the Trojans program said folks here watched it live on T.V. then used a slogan of a Bud Light program to reference Jim Mora????
      Jim Mora Jr. was the coach of the Seahawks’ not his father!
      So i think it is very funny being we reposted this article from our original back in January of this year?? Go figure..

      • http://www.12thmanrising.com Shaun Dolence

        Good to hear from you again, Tim.

        I picked up on your article via Twitter; I don’t think we posted anything on 12MR when it first happened, so I wanted to write my opinion.

        I knew I wasn’t breaking the news, but rather commenting on an incident that had happened months prior. I apologize if the tense of my writing led anyone to believe that it just happened.

        And I did see that Trojans article. Not only did they refer to it as a “Bud Light” commercial (the NFL parody ads are done by Coors Light), they also featured a video showing Jim Mora SR., who coached the Saints and Colts in the NFL.

        I know they share the same name, but are there really people out there that think the elder Jim Mora spent last season as the head coach of the Seattle Seahawks?

        • http://seahawknationblog.com TC

          Yeah good to hear from you Shaun!
          You do have to laugh at Troy Of Something or other, “Just cannot remember the name”, LOL. Been crazy here can’t believe this thing actually went viral and we have been hit with over 73,000 hits in just 2 days from an article we originally posted back in January?
          But hey i’m definitely not complaining about nothing at this point.
          Just keep the people coming we can handle all the criticism they can dish out!
          “GO SEAHAWKS”
          Also good to hear from you Shaun, you and Andy are doing a fantastic job over here!!

  • Albert Chan

    When did this interview take place? It seems from the context of the interview itself, Mora is continuing to talk about his treatment from the Seahawks brass. I didn’t dissect the recording, but I didn’t hear him mention Carroll directly. Did anyone catch it?

  • Hawkman

    What Pete Carroll did or did not do at USC is only slightly relevant to the Seahawks. What Jim Mora thinks Pete Carroll did or did not do at USC is completely irrelevant.

    What IS relevant, however, is how well Pete will do as the coach of the Seahawks…and only time will tell us that.

    I, myself, am more concerned with management’s decision to hire another college coach. I really though we had learned our lesson, here, but apparently not. Lest I remind all you hawkheads of another college coaching marvel from our own past that was supposed to be our salvation…yes, our very own…drum roll, please…Dennis Erickson! How’d THAT work out for us, huh? Yikes!

    In fact, the NFL’s graveyard is littered with tombstones that read, “Here lies (fill-in-the-blank). College coaching stud. NFL dud.” Can anyone say ‘Steve Spurrier’? There’s a bunch of time, energy, and money the Redskins will never get back. The only difference between previous management’s decisions to hire these two “gems” and our own management’s decision to hire Pete is that those managements couldn’t know any better, as neither Erickson nor Spurrier had any prior NFL coaching experience (and, after, their performances, likely never will again). Pete did, and it was – and I’m being generous, here – mediocre at best.

    This guy concerns me. “Win forever?!” Come on, Pete, even if that did make sense (and, by the way, it DOESN’T), that’s no way to motivate a bunch of guys that make more money in 3 hours 17 minutes (the average length of an NFL game) than most of us see in a couple of years. How about, “Give me 100% every down or I’ll see to it you’re back to asking whether or not I want fries with that!”

  • Nathan Brummett

    Does not surprise me, Jim Mora Jr. is the biggest douche of a coach ever. Thus getting fired after one season and even a 43 rating as coach on Madden LAWL.

  • Seahawks suck

    He is a cheater.