San Diego's Randy Mueller Scouting Prospects in Seattle

A few days ago, it was reported that the Seattle Seahawks were given permission to discuss contract terms with wide receiver Vincent Jackson. While this news is promising for anyone hoping to see Vincent Jackson in Seattle, it does not mean a trade is imminent.

In fact, several additional reports have stated that the Seahawks have barely begun serious talks with Jackson’s agents. And without knowing Vincent Jackson’s demands, the Seahawks haven’t even started serious discussions about compensation with the San Diego Chargers.

Vincent Jackson has been compared by many to Brandon Marshall, who cost the Miami Dolphins a pair of second-round picks in consecutive drafts. Many people assumed the Chargers would demand similar compensation, requiring a package of early-round draft picks to move their talented wide receiver.

The Chargers, however, may be looking at a package that includes players rather than only draft picks.

According to Greg A. Bedard of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Randy Mueller was in Seattle to watch last night’s exhibition game against the Green Bay Packers. Mueller is the assistant general manager in San Diego, and his presence has fueled trade rumors and speculation. Bedard also reported that Mueller was in town to scout prospects for a possible Vincent Jackson trade.

It is uncertain what players Mueller had his eyes on last night, but don’t convince yourself he was looking at Deion Branch or another expendable player. Vincent Jackson is a real playmaker and I’m sure the Chargers want real value if they’re going to trade him.

Executing a trade that includes only players may be easier for Seattle; parting with multiple early-round picks could be devastating for a team focused on long-term success. Then again, without knowing San Diego’s exact demands, it is difficult to say what sort of package would be preferable.

What if San Diego wanted a package that included some of Seattle’s young talent? Like linebacker Aaron Curry or cornerback Josh Wilson? One would have the assume the front office wouldn’t move players like that, but is anyone untouchable after so much roster turnover this offseason?

In a perfect scenario, Seattle could acquire Vincent Jackson for some older, expendable players. Deion Branch and his contract are most certainly disposable; hopefully Randy Mueller was impressed with Branch’s touchdown catch last night.

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  • matt

    Sorry Hawk fans…Its extremely unlikely the Chargers are going to take one of your lame duck expensive recievers off your hands. If they wanted to pay a WR too much money, they’d just pay VJack.

    I can see David Hawthorn, Aaron Curry, or even Golden Tate being minor possibilities….but trust me AJ Smith wants draft picks.

    • Shaun Dolence

      I agree. The Chargers won’t want one of Seattle’s overpaid, overrated players — especially for a player of Vincent Jackson’s caliber.

      A.J. Smith would probably prefer draft picks, but there is still a possibility the trade could feature some of Seattle’s better prospects. If that wasn’t the case, Mueller wouldn’t be in town evaluating Seattle’s talent.

      The players required to build a package worthy of compensating San Diego would include some very good prospects. From Seattle’s perspective, some of the players San Diego would ask for may not be worth trading.

    • Kelly

      I think it is funny to see some of the Chargers fan post all tough saying if we want their WR we need to pay up! Well FYI his trade value is dropping fast. You will either need to trade him for something or you will lose him for nothing. Tick tick tick the clock is running. Doubt Jackson is going to play this season for the Chargers and if he does it will likely be a locker room issue. With the Whitehurst trade it was us wanting a player and the chargers negotiating from a position of strength. This is not the case with Jackson. You guys are not willing to pay a talent and have now bungled you ability to keep him. You will now have to except alot less and if you don’t you will end up the losers. Now that Seatle signed another veteran WR I think a trade with us is less likely. This means we will give up less for a now increasingly less likely trade. Tick tick tick the clock is running Chargers. You gonna get what you can or just lose everything and let him hold out the reast of the season and lose everything in FA. Oh wait your doing it with your LT too! Yeah you have a really smart front office. They are handling things well it appears.

  • Pablo

    We need LT Marcus McNeill! I like the idea of having someone like Vincent Jackson playing along with Housh and Williams, but now that LT Russell Okung is going to be out for a while, we will need a a guy like McNeill to step in and give Hasselbeck protection. When Russell comes back then insert him at RT. I hope coach Alex Gibbs is making some noise on this issue. We need help on the offensive line, period.

    • Shaun Dolence

      San Diego isn’t going to trade McNeil. I suppose anything is possible, but Vincent Jackson seems to be their only expendable holdout.

      I agree that the Seahawks still need an injection of talent on the offensive line. The good news is Russell Okung is only expected to miss 2-4 weeks, but he is still unproven and some people think he projects better on the right side anyway.

  • ccz

    Who wrote this nonsense?! Seriously Seattle fans, no matter how many times you bring it up, the Chargers still do not want old, used up scrap heap material like Deion Branch for a young, rising star pro-bowler like Jackson. If you want this guy you are going to to have to give up something good in return. Check out the history. Say what you will about AJ Smith, but he does not get taken advantage of in trades. If you want proof of this, look about four months ago under the name Charlie Whitehurst.

    • Pablo

      I definitely agree with you. If I was San Diego, I would make sure I got something big for Jackson. Deion Branch isn’t big! No pun intended. AJ Smith wants picks. If we really want Jackson, we will have to give up our second round for 2010 and 2nd round for 2012 or 2011 2nd rounder and a top of the line player.

    • Shaun Dolence

      I’m not sure how you’re interpreting the article, but it was not my intent to assume the Chargers would accept a player like Deion Branch:

      “It is uncertain what players Mueller had his eyes on last night, but don’t convince yourself he was looking at Deion Branch or another expendable player. Vincent Jackson is a real playmaker and I’m sure the Chargers want real value if they’re going to trade him.”

      At the end of the article, I was being somewhat sarcastic when I hoped “Randy Mueller was impressed with Branch’s touchdown catch.”

      • Hawkman

        Deion Branch is hardly an “expendable” player, Shaun. Don’t coddle to these Charger fans just because its the PC thing to do. These fans (and I use that term loosely, since they obviously don’t do their homework) would be priveledged to get a receiver of Branch’s caliber straight-up for VJ who is NOT GOING TO PLAY a DOWN this year for them. Accept this, or it will destroy you, Chargers fans! [I just don't want Branch anymore because the dude can't string together more than 3 games in a row, and we need guys who can play, not sit hurt on the sideline collecting a huge paycheck. If Branch can stay healthy - and, granted, that's a BIG "if" - then he would actually be MORE productive than VJ at this stage of their respective careers.]

        Of the 10 WRs (not counting VJ, which would make it 11) on their current 80-man roster, no less than 6 of them have NEVER, EVER, caught an NFL regular season pass. And of the remaining 4 (Davis, Floyd, Naanee, and Reed), their sad 22-year combined pro careers have managed to barely pass Branch’s 8-year pro career in receptions and yards (478 receptions vs. 390 receptions, and 5,846 yards vs. 4,979 yards), and equal 6 less touchdowns (22 TDs vs. 28 TDs)!

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  • WJ

    I can see Seattle getting rid of Curry or Hill b/c we are so deep in the LB postion… I really liked Hagler this past game and I hope he gets a shot on the team… Is it me or did the 2nd string Defense look alot better then the 1 string the last 2 weeks?

    Oh well I hope this isnt a injury riddled season…

    • Hawkman

      Good point. And, aside from Phillips who is a BEAST, the Chargers are very, very lean at the OLB position.