What Went Wrong With TJ?

I hate giving unproven free agents huge contracts based on one “break out” season.  I prefer the sure thing:  A guy who has a good 3 year average stat line.  That was supposed to be Tj Houshmandzadeh.  He averaged 98 catches, 1042 recieveing yards,  and 8 touchdwns a season for the Bengals over the last 3.  Those numbers dropped tremendously when TJ came to Seattle last year: 79, 911, 3.  So what happend?

1.  He was a Ruskell guy.  This has become a phrase I find myself stating a lot this off-season.

2.  I am not a salary cap expert, in fact, I find it quite confusing at times.  But I can’t help but think the Hawks are clearing his salary for the future.  My understanding is the Seahawks will face a significant cap penalty (as they are paying Housh $6.15 Mill to play for Baltimore) this year, but then will be better off the following season.

3.  Bad Attitude.  This guy never felt like a Seahawk to me.  He never took credit for his own mistakes, and he made sure to point out everyone else’s.  The only consistency he demonstrated was complaining about anything he was asked.   Every Time I think of him, an image of him throwing his arms up on the field pops up into my head.  I would much rather see an upcoming WR who is hungry to show what he can do rather than an overpaid ego who throws the rest of his team under the bus.

4.  He is not a #1.  During his days with the Bengals, Housh thrived because of the attention given to the opposite side of the field.  Really great wide recievers demand double coverage and are able to play through it.  When Housh came to Seattle, he was expecting to be one of those guys, and he wasn’t.  Notice that he will not be the featured reciever in the Ravens line-up.  He has learned his lesson.

I will not miss Housh one bit.  I struggle to find anything positive that came out of his single season with the Hawks.  I don’t despise him, as I did Steve Hutchinson, for leaving, but I am glad to see him go.  I don’t wish him luck or  failure.  I guess that as far as I am concerned, Housh was never really on OUR team.  He may have worn the colors for a year, but his brief stint in Seattle will soon be forgotten as each party moves forward into the future.  Expect for Housh to bad mouth Seattle through the upcoming season, especially if he experiences any success in Baltimore.

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  • tomandrachelle

    Currently in the NFL their is not a Salary cap to burden the seahawks this season. Which means that Paul Allen can just Housh and then let him walk away with out worrying about a fine from the NFL. Our rebuilding effort is able to happen due to this situation. Paul Allen has money and is paying for a massive renovation of the seahawks. For refrence http://www.seahawksaddicts.com has a great article about this by Bill T. it is a good read.

  • Hawkman

    Wait…the only person bashing anyone, here, is YOU, Riley. Housh was a good receiver who we just let go for not so much as a couple of used Gatorade coolers. Moreover, WE (the Seahawks) are going to pay him to play in Baltimore…7 million, no less! Wanna pay me to NOT play for the Seahawks, too? I’m much cheaper…I’ll take $50,000 now…in small, unmarked bills. Hey, Paul (Allen)…(in my best British accent)…”please, sir…I want some more.”

    We need to thank our lucky stars we don’t play Baltimore this year so Housh can torch our crappy secondary and make Schneider look stupider than Ruskell ever could look.

  • Brad

    Engram got released this week…I know I am a homer and he is a 30+ y.o. reciever, but can it hurt? He is the guy who had the best chemistry with Matt of all the recievers

  • Riley Moore

    The new bargaining agreement should have a salary cap. tomandrachelle did point out that this year there is no cap, however, Housh’s contract extended into the new bargaining cycle as his original contract was a 5 year deal worth $40 million. I still believe the main reason for cutting Housh was to free up cap space farther down the road.
    I hate the fact, as Hawkman stated, that we are paying Housh $6.15 million to play for another team. He was the best receiver on the team, however, he was another Deion Branch type situation waiting to happen: An aging veteran slowly fading from his prime raking in the $40 MILLION he could have made had the Seahawks not voided his contract at some point.
    And as far as bashing him, I’d take a shot or two. He recently claimed that he was the true number one receiver in Cincinnati, and that Ochocinco new that. More recently, TJ found himself courting the Bengals only to be turned down. And remember that TJ’s salary was a dream for any team that picked him up. I guess the Bengals liked Terrell Owens a little more. If you run your mouth and light up another team to the press when your winning, it’s called cocky, and the fans love it. When you start lighting up your teammates to the press when your losing, it’s called something else. And fans generally don’t like it.