Cardinals, 49ers Ranked Higher Than Seattle

Following a huge victory in the season opener against the San Francisco 49ers, the Seahawks failed to execute and lost miserably last Sunday in Denver.

The 49ers, despite an 0-2 record, looked much improved against the New Orleans Saints. And despite a defeated season through two weeks, the media is prepared to admire Mike Singletary and friends once again.

Prior to the season opener, the San Francisco 49ers were considered by many to be the class of the NFC West. That isn’t saying much, but on paper, they seemed to be primed for a breakout season in a weak division.

Everyone conveniently forgot Alex Smith is still San Francisco’s starting quarterback.

Mike Singletary, a clown not worthy of his apparent prominence, is still the head coach – and still “great” despite a 13-14 coaching record without any postseason appearances.

Apparently, after barely losing to the New Orleans Saints, the 49ers are finally living up to their potential.

But they’re still winless in 2010. And close doesn’t count in the National Football League; a loss is a loss.

According to Mike Sando of, however, the San Francisco 49ers are still better than the Seattle Seahawks. Yes, they are ranked higher than the team who handily beat them in the first week of the regular season.

In his latest power rankings, Mike Sando ranks the San Francisco 49ers as the 20th best team in the National Football League, ahead of the Cardinals (23), Seahawks (24), and Rams (31).

And yes, the Cardinals – who barely beat the Rams in week one and were easily defeated by the Atlanta Falcons last week – are also ahead of the Seahawks.

The season is young, but I don’t know how anyone can justify ranking the 49ers or Cardinals ahead of the Seahawks. Until the Seahawks win the division, the media will continue to give unearned credit to the 49ers.

Did anyone watch the first week of the regular season?

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  • Bigbobbyloco

    I still think the Seahawks offense played good against the Broncos. We moved the ball up & down the field effectively. Just take those turnovers away and its a different game.

  • Hawk_Eye

    It’s all about wins. The team with the best record will win the Division. Go Hawks!

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  • Bakez

    I have to agree with Bigbobbyloco. I think they Seahawks played the best offense I’ve seen in a long time. They executed well and were completely blown out. 31-14… a little more than just turnovers… The Seahawks are a loser frnachise with ignorant fans. Thanks for the easy win, Denver needs them this year.

    • Shaun Dolence

      I’m glad you were able to stop by and post a comment on a blog about the Seattle Seahawks — you know, the loser franchise with ignorant fans?

      The Denver Broncos beat the Seahawks last Sunday, handily. But the Seahawks made enough mistakes to offer hope to fans in Seattle. The Broncos have a good football team and credit goes to them, but the Seahawks can only blame themselves for last week.

      By the way, thanks for Earl Thomas. How is Alphonso Smith working out for you guys?

  • Dude von Dudenstein

    look…the seahawks and matt hasselbitch showed who they truly are the 2nd week of the season. Hasselback’s washed up and too old to win anymore. The 49ers gave you guys a win because they gave you all a ton of turnovers. Credit to the seahawks for capitalizing on those mistakes-that’s what got them the win though, not the fact that the seahawks have more talent, because they dont. They showed that by getting destroyed by a team qbed by KYLE ORTON, while the 49ers’ vastly more talented defense held the best qb in the league to 250 yards and alex smith, the “biggest bust ever” helped lead the 49ers’ vastly more talented offense to a game-tying score in the last two minutes. Therefore, since sports journalists know much, much more than you ever will about these topics, they ranked the 49ers higher than you. The fact that they’re only 4 spots higher testifies to the fact that they’re winless.

    • bigbobbyloco

      The Only reason the 49ers were in that game is because of Frank Gore. Alex Smith is garbage. They will never be a winning team with Alex Smith at the helm.

    • Shaun Dolence

      You said, “The 49ers gave you guys a win because they gave you all a ton of turnovers. Credit to the seahawks for capitalizing on those mistakes-that’s what got them the win though, not the fact that the seahawks have more talent, because they dont.”

      Can’t you make the same argument in favor of Seattle when they lost to Denver?

      • Dude von Dudenstein

        no, because the broncos have more talented players than seattle. and don’t give me that argument that alex smith can never be a winning qb. the ravens won the super bowl in spite of trent dilfer. stranger things have happened.

  • Jeff Peabody

    “Did anyone watch the first week of the regular season?”

    Yep, we also watched the second week as well. Therein lies the thought process for why people would rank the 49ers ahead of the Seahawks. Seahawks got drubbed, Cardinals got drubbed, and the 49ers outplayed the reigning champs and most likely should’ve won.

    • Shaun Dolence

      Fair enough.

      But a loss is a loss. At the end of the season, it doesn’t matter how you won or lost.

  • 13th Man

    I appreciate Shaun’s enthusiasm, but the first 2-3 weeks of the season are a poor gauge of how the season is going to end. Case in point – KC is 2-0. They beat the Chargers, does anybody not in KC really think KC is a better team than SD?

    Seattle is re-building, plain and simple. There are a lot of talented players on this team but they have a ways to go before they are going to be contenders again. Personally I think that 3rd in the NFC West is about right, with a decent shot at 2nd.

    • Shaun Dolence

      As a homer, enthusiasm is my specialty. I’ll be optimistic from week one to week seventeen, no matter how bad the team looks.

      I do realize this team is still a few years away from being a legit contender, however. I don’t think anyone will argue the team needs to be rebuilt (despite what the front office says, they’re rebuilding now).

  • Randy Renner

    Sando’s a tard

  • Randy Renner

    And a “couple” years from being “legit”? Folks, it doesn’t take that long in the NFL if you have the talent, which we have…