Seahawks Lose on the Road… Again

I’m not sure how to react to this one. Once again, the Seahawks looked flat on the road and lost to the St. Louis Rams.

As usual, expect to hear a lot of criticism this week from overreacting fans in Seattle. Expect a lot of calls for Charlie Whitehurst to start, a lot of questions about the defense, and more criticism aimed at Pete Carroll.

I can’t defend the fake field goal, but the rest is excessive reaction following a tough loss.

I don’t mind Pete Carroll rolling the dice on fourth down, but why is Jon Ryan trying to run the ball for ten yards? There was no chance he would have been able to get to the edge; even if he did, he wouldn’t be able to outrun St. Louis’ defense for ten yards.

This is a 2-2 football team heading into the bye week. Considering our pre-season expectations, I find it hard for anyone to justify disappointment.

The loss to the St. Louis Rams hurts, but the Rams aren’t a bad football team this season. They aren’t the same St. Louis Rams who ensured the Seahawks at least two wins within the NFC West every year.

It sure would have been nice to start off the game with a recovered fumble taken back for six, but it is what it is. This team needs to figure out how to get something going anywhere outside of Qwest Field.

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  • Brad

    “expect to hear a lot of criticism this week from overreacting fans in Seattle.”

    I can’t figure out if your way to loyal or just know nothing about football. “overreacting????” The Seahawks have had one good offensive showing this year so far…against the 0-4 49ers. I’m not calling for Whitehurst as I never heard of the guy before Seattle dealt for him but clearly Hasselbeck is just a lame duck who is struggling. He won’t be here next year and he’s playing horrible this year. Why not check out Whitehurst and get him ready for next year and beyond…if he is truly going to be the guy? The offense sucks, the defense sucks….try something new…what harm can it do?

  • Jake

    Well that game really sucked

  • Hawk_Eye

    I have said all along our team is a couple of drafts away from being contenders in the NFL. We might as well see what Charlie can do this year and let him and the young wide receivers gel together for the future. By the time this team gels, Matt will be old and washed up. We should trade him while he still has value. (Maybe Bill, Cleveland, Jacksonville). Nobody knows how well Charlie’s going to play until he gets the chance. Either way, He need to play so we know whether or not we need to draft a quarterback next year. Hawk_Eye

    • Shaun Dolence

      I understand that logic. I suppose “overreact” was the wrong word to use.

      I’m not ready to give up on this season or Hasselbeck yet, but if things start going downhill there is no reason not to play Whitehurst.

      I doubt Hasselbeck plays with Seattle past this season. If the season is lost (not yet), see what you’ve got for the future.

      • Hawk_Eye

        Even if by some miracle, we make it to the playoffs, what’s the point? We are not going anywhere. We need to think LONG TERM!

        • Shaun Dolence

          Agreed. But at the same time, as a fan, it is hard to think long term. Especially with all of the parody in the National Football League.

          I agree with you, but I won’t start thinking “long term” until the offseason. I leave that to the front office and coaching staff.

          • Hawk_Eye

            We will then be at the same point next year wondering who is going to be our quarterback long term. Me as a true football fan, I can root for Whitehurst or even Zac Robinson, as long as we are moving forward and making progress as a team. Nothing is better than rooting for an underdog.

  • EvilMD

    They need to turn to Whitehurst now as they have the bye week to help him get double the prep time that he might normally get. Hasselbeck shouldn’t be able to, with a straight face, say that he is effective guiding the offense. He doesn’t seem to have the zip on the intermediate to long passes that his offense needs. Our receivers aren’t horrible and can get up the field pretty well, but Matt just can’t get it down there. I respect hasselbecks grit and competitiveness but he just doesn’t have the ability he did 3-4 years ago to move the ball. He used to be capable of, at least, making good decisions on the field, but he’s been making poor decision after poor decision this year and if we are going to have a qb doing that, it might as well be whitehurst.

  • H

    Pete Carroll is a joke. He only came back to the NFL to hide from his past mess in the college level. At USC he was only successful because he had the best of the best players. Now with a subpar group of players and only playing meatballs in the first series of games the Seahawks will get buried.

    Boasting about a win at San Francisco is spitting on a cupcake and calling it frosting.

  • Thaddeus


    Go F@*k yourself and your Anti-Carroll rhetoric. Petey is the best thing to happen to the seahawks since Holmgren took over years ago. They both came in and cleaned house and completely changed the attitude of this team when we needed it most. We are greatly improved over last year but that’s nothing compared to what we will be after a full season with Pete at the helm. We’ll play winning ball next year and for at least a few after that. As for the 49ers and boasting about winning that game… We crushed them and you can’t blame a seahawks fan for smiling at a season opener like that against a division rival. Get the f@*k outta here