Seahawks Trade for Marshawn Lynch

According to Jay Glazer via Twitter, the Seahawks have acquired running back Marshawn Lynch from the Buffalo Bills.

Breaking news: I’m reporting seattle has traded for bills rb marshawn lynch for 4th in 2011 and cond pick 2012. Great move for ‘hawks

Jason La Canfora, Adam Schefter, and several other media sources are reporting a similar deal. The Seattle Seahawks have not officially confirmed the trade.

According to other reports, Julius Jones will be released to make room for Marshawn Lynch on the 53-man roster.

UPDATE: According to Adam Schefter, Buffalo will receive a 2011 fourth-round pick and a 2012 conditional pick. The conditional pick is believed to be a sixth-round pick that could become a fifth-round pick based on Marshawn Lynch’s performance.

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  • Riley Moore

    This is great news! At 24 years of age, he still has plenty in the tank. Lynch and Forsett are actually great friends as well. I believe Lynch was Forsett’s best man. My only concern is the draft next year. Did we give up a 2nd and 3rd next year for Clipboard Jesus? And I think we gave up a 4th for Lynch along with a conditional the following year. Unless one of the Whitehurst picks are conditional for a year and a half down the road, doesn’t that give us 1 pick in the first 4 rounds? Help me straighten this mess out.

    • Shaun Dolence

      To acquire Charlie Whitehurst, the Seahawks gave San Diego a 2010 second-round pick and a 2011 third-round pick. In addition to Whitehurst, the Seahawks also received a 2010 second-round pick from the Chargers (Golden Tate).

      The Seahawks reportedly gave Buffalo a 2011 fourth-round pick and another conditional pick the same year for Marshawn Lynch. The conditional pick will probably be a sixth- or seventh-round pick.

      For next year, Seattle still has its first- and second-round picks, but the team will be without third- or fourth-round picks unless further trades are made. The team should still have at least a few picks on the second day of the 2011 draft, especially considering compensatory picks.

  • Jake

    It really took the hawks this long to learn Julius wasn’t any good

  • Big play-27

    I’m also pretty sure based on the conditional pick we got for Seneca Wallace, we may end up getting a 4th or even a 3rd based on how much he plays. I forget if it’s 2011 or 2012.

    • Shaun Dolence

      I’m not sure about the specific conditions of the pick obtained from Cleveland. Some reports said it would either be a sixth-round or seventh-round pick, others said it could be as high as a fourth-round pick.