Bye bye Branch. Hello 4th Round. reports that Deion Branch has been traded back to the Patriots for a 4th round pick.

I cannot believe New England gave up such a high pick for him. Branch is in the twilight of his career and proven to be injury prone. On the other hand, there was not a nicer guy in the locker room. His radio show was hilarious, and he just seemed like a nice guy.

Too bad nice guys don’t win football games.

Good Luck Branch and thanks for the 4th round, New England.

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  • Tony

    Sure thing. Thanks for the 1st rounder four years ago, Seattle.

    • Hawkman

      And who did you use it on, again? Wait for it…..

      I thought so. Why don’t you go paaaak ya caaaa in Haaavaaad Yaaad, or something?

      Just zip it. Your team’s not going anywhere either anytime soon.

  • Tony

    Oh, that’s easy. The Pats used that pick on Brandon Meriweather. The same Brandon Meriweather that made the Pro-Bowl last year. The same Brandon Meriweather that sacked Seneca Wallace and stripped him of the ball to seal a Pats win over the ‘hawks back in ’08. He’s not the greatest safety in the world, but he’s a heck of lot more productive than Branch has been for you guys.

    • Hawkman

      Here’s the key: a first-round draft pick should, indeed, be “the greatest (fill in position)in the world.” He’s not…even close. But, to your credit, he DOES have more tackles this year than half your defensive line. Maybe you should have used the pick on one of those? Perhaps you can use your 4th-rounder to pick up a DT or DE this year that might be worth a $#!^^. Oh….wait…you just gave it to us. Oops.

      Oh, well, no use crying over spilled milk. Admit it, you screwed the pick, just like we did in giving it to you for Deion “Brittle Bones” Branch. Enjoy writing his name on the DL in the not-too-distant future. And, as Riley said, thanks again for the 4th-round pick. We thought we were going to have to let him go for two stale doughnuts and a six-pack of Bud Light, ala T.J. Whoseyamama.

      • Tony

        I agree with you in that Meriweather was not first round worthy. In his defense, he was a late first rounder. No draft pick is a sure thing, not even first rounders. Looking back, there were only a few players picked after Meriweather that would have been much better.

        As far as the D-line goes, losing Ty Warren for the season hurt big time, but I think they’ll shore that area up in next year’s draft. Even with one of their fourth rounders going to you guys, they still have 7 picks in the first four rounds (including another fourth rounder).

        Despite Branch’s recent injury history, I still like the pick up. He had such a great chemistry with Brady a few years back. Hopefully he’ll stay healthy and they can pick up where they left off.


    Seriously Seattle fans???!!! You turds signed CHARLIE WHITEHURST to a HUGE contract to play backup QB to an aging never has been!!! A 4th rounder for Deion Branch? Absolutely RIGHT!

    • Riley Moore

      Chemistry? Has he had a 1000 yard season? Has he had more than 5 Tds in a single season? Don’t you have your own board to write on? Is your quarterback not what he used to be? Have you done anything since you got caught then punished for cheating?

  • Tony

    Angry much, Riley? Most of the other teams in the NFL haven’t won anything since the Patriots got caught “cheating” either. I guess that must mean they were all cheating too. AFTER the Pats got caught, they went 18-0 and came within an Asante Samuel dropped interception in the super bowl from being the first 19-0 team in NFL history. How long do you expect a dynasty to last? Injuries, free agency, trades, retirement, and bad luck catches up with every team, even the Pats.

    Back on topic, Branch never put up big numbers with NE, but he always came up big in the big game. He may have lost a step, but I would still rather have him than a mid-round draft pick.

    • Riley Moore

      I am not angry at all. And I don’t remember the Pats “almost” doing anything. I remember the LOSING. Coulda, shoulda, woulda…
      All I am saying is we got burned on the Branch trade, so let us enjoy the fact that the current Branch deal was a great one for the Hawks. He is not anywhere close to a 4th rounder. You had your time to relish in it, now it’s ours, so go back to your own teams site and complain about your quarterback’s haircut. You gotta admit, it’s getting out of hand. Right?

      • Tony

        Riley, being a Seahawks fan, you of all people should know what it feels like to “almost” win a Super Bowl. I was pulling for the Hawks to knock off the Steelers a few years back, but the refs just wouldn’t cooperate. As you said, “coulda, shoulda, woulda”.

        As far a Branch not being worth a fourth rounder, we shall see. If he stays healthy, and that’s a big IF, I think he will get about 500-700 yards receiving and a few TD’s this season. Next season should be even better. That’s worth a fourth rounder in my opinion.

  • ShutupRiley

    Riley just invoked a friggin’ haircut in a discussion about NFL football??? Get a life brother. Hasselbeck has NO hair, probably cause of the stress of being a perennial loser, Whitehurst is the most overrated and overpayed backup in the league (EVER), and you will probably waste the 4 pick we gave you on another never-will-be. Branch will catch more than 45 passes in the remaining games and will probably help us into the playoffs, where you will certainly not be. Oh, and we still have 7 picks jackwagon…in the first FOUR rounds!!!! How many do y’all have?

  • ShutupRiley

    4 Riley…the answer is 4! And they START in the 4th round!!! You have one in each round, 4, 5, 6, 7….REALLY AWESOME man! Could the Weehawks not have drafted Aaron Hernandez with the 3rd…yes 3rd round pick they gave up for Whitehurst???!!! I picture you as a kid who hates winners because he was always on the other side…a guy who never played in a meaningful football game and knows nothing about draft value and trades in the NFL…stick to what you do best buddy, yelling for your mommy to bring you more meatloaf!

  • ShutupRiley

    to be fair though, with the Branch deal you did pick up a whopper…another 4th rounder. So you actually have 5 picks in the last 4 rounds….Pats STILL have 2 in the 1st, 2 in the 2nd, 2 in the 3rd, and 1 in the 4th…plus other picks later in the rounds….we come out on top no matter what pal.

    • Shaun Dolence

      Not sure where you’re getting your information from, but most of it is wrong.

      “4 Riley…the answer is 4! And they START in the 4th round!!! You have one in each round, 4, 5, 6, 7…”

      The Seahawks also have picks in the first and second rounds of the draft. They have a fourth-round pick from New England, and will probably be awarded another high compensatory draft pick in the fourth or fifth.

      The Seahawks also have a conditional seventh-round pick acquired from the Seneca Wallace deal, and a conditional fifth-round pick from the Josh Wilson deal. Combined with compensatory picks, the Seahawks should have plenty of opportunities in next year’s draft.

      “Could the Weehawks not have drafted Aaron Hernandez with the 3rd…yes 3rd round pick they gave up for Whitehurst???!!!”


      The Seahawks didn’t trade their 2010 third-round pick for Charlie Whitehurst. They swapped 2010 second-round picks and also gave San Diego a 2011 third-round pick. The drop in the second round was criticized most, but the Seahawks drafted Golden Tate with the pick acquired from the Chargers — so far, so good.

      The Seahawks were without a pick in the third round of this year’s draft because of a deal with Philadelphia the year before that allowed them to select Deon Butler.

      Would the Seahawks have selected Aaron Hernandez if they had a third-round selection? No.

      Aaron Hernandez was a fourth-round pick, selected two spots after Seattle drafted Walter Thurmond. Seattle had its opportunity and passed.

      Could the Patriots not have drafted Tony Moeaki in the third round if they didn’t select Taylor Price? I guess so.

      Could the Patriots not have drafted Earl Thomas in the first round if they had fleeced the Denver Broncos in a trade the year before? All they had to do was trade one of their 2009 second-round picks for a first in 2010.

      “we come out on top no matter what pal.”

      Not really. Your stockpile of draft picks has nothing to do with the Deion Branch deal.

      The Patriots overpaid for Deion Branch, and the Seahawks stole one of their “useless” fourth-round picks. Your team dumps a Hall of Fame receiver for a third-round pick and then swings a deal for Branch for a fourth? Has anyone on the east coast watched Deion Branch since the Seahawks traded for him?

      “Branch will catch more than 45 passes in the remaining games and will probably help us into the playoffs, where you will certainly not be.”

      Good luck making the playoffs in the AFC East. The Patriots are good, but it will be a tough road.

      They’re definitely better than the Seahawks this season, but Seattle plays in the NFC West. I like our chances.

      As far as Deion Branch catching 45 balls in 11 games… Well, we’ll be on this blog for awhile. Come back after the season and check in. There is no way Branch averages more than four catches per game the rest of the way.

      You really need to do your homework.

  • Riley Moore

    “I picture you as a kid who hates winners because he was always on the other side”

    You picture me as a kid? That’s disturbing.
    I love your assumptions throughout your post. I love them so much that I will now make one myself: You were the kid who challenged the handicap kid to a dance competition and then bragged about how BA you were.
    The Seahawks are in an all out rebuilding mode. We have a brand new coach, scheme, and more turnover than any team in the NFL. Any twit would recognize this. (You don’t by the way)
    So why are you even here? Don’t you have anything better to do? Probably not. Enjoy your Aerosmith records while you make out with your sister watching reruns of Cheers. Sounds like a “wicked” good time.

  • ShutupRiley

    your “probable” compensatory picks are troubling, and I was wrong with the 1st and second rounders, you DO have them…however I must also admit that the 1st rounder will probably be high as hell because your team is awful…wretched actually. I can think of a few HS teams here in SC that could work them significantly…anyhow, I am actually a soldier home on leave (unfortunately I have only a few days to bicker with you), but I also played college football before I decided to become an infantryman. Also, you are debating that we made a bad choice with Branch by saying he didn’t perform in friggin’ SEATTLE!!! Have you seen your lethargic offense? Your horrible Qb’s? Brady and Branch are money on intermediates buddy….relax and accept that you are a 7 and 9 team while the Pats WILL win their division ONCE AGAIN. Talk to me then!

  • Ben

    Riley is pretty vocal for pointing out shortcomings of other teams, considering the blistering rate of FAIL the Seahawks continue to enjoy.
    Enjoy the 4th round pick, relax, and watch how Deion Branch starts looking much better in a system that knows how to make use of him.

    • Riley Moore

      When discussing Branch, I simply would point to the stats. I think he was a great guy. I met him on multiple occasions, and he was always signing for people, laughing, and just being a cool dude. You Pats fans are officially worse than the Dallas fans now. Seattle got a great deal for Branch. Why can’t I write a short story about that on a SEAHAWKS blog without some clowns from another team coming in and throwing a fit. Especially a team of the Patriots caliber. My god Boston, take a deep breathe and clam the heck down.

  • ShutupRiley

    Hey Riley,

    Check Deion’s stats in his FIRST game back as a Patriot! Good deal for Seattle? I think good deal for New England. Ignoramus.

  • ShutupRiley

    Oh, and Riley…He already has 9 catches with ten games remaining….that means he has to average 3.7 per game the rest of the season…YOU really need to do your homework!

    • Riley Moore

      Oh and ShutupRiley, I am not the one that said that. Settle down before you start crying. Now let me demonstrate how a fan with class acts: Congratulations to D Branch having a great game back with the Pats. He was always a quality character who just couldn’t get rolling in Seattle. Good luck unless we play you D Branch.

      Now go back to your own boards and stop misquoting me.

  • brianh

    Wow. Some Seattle fans are babies. And not very smart. Pats going nowhere this year? Branch not worth a 4th rounder? …I thought Seattle fans were smarter.