Despite the Score, Seahawks Showing Singns of Improvement under Carroll

Despite what looks to be a lopsided victory, the Seahawks offense had a great outing against one of the premiere defensive units in the league.

Hasselbeck quieted his critics for the second week in a row throwing for more than 360 yards with a qb rating of 104.9. Mike Williams looked great until suffering an injury. Williams still finished with 6 catches totaling over a hundred yards. Obomanu continued to impress collecting 87 yards and 1 td. Obomanu made a great leaping catch that demonstrates just how truly far this seventh round draft choice has come.

Unfortunately absent was the running game… again. Marshawn Lynch looked to come on strong early, but fell victim to 2 dropped passes, one of which may have been big, and worst of all 2 fumbles. This was hard to take. Especially when one capped a 9 play drive.

The Defense was hard to take. The Saints went 11-15 on 3rd down. Most of which seemed like they were right up the middle. It should be noted that Trufant went down early with a head injury. His replacement W. Thurmond III got burned more times than there are guys he’s been named after. Although, sometimes Thurmond has been known to make really amazing plays, you are first defined by the number of mistakes you make. Nobody notices the great plays until you eliminate the bad ones.

Chris Ivory seemed to have his way with the Seahawks early in the game. He looked like a glacier at times, slowly churning the defense only to pop out and gain another 5-15 yards. I believe it was stated that Ivory was leading all rookie running backs and was an undrafted free agent. Had he dropped the ball twice in the game, I might have compared his style to Lynch’s.

Don’t get too discouraged. Remember how young this team really is and how much roster change has taken place. The offense looked absolutely amazing at times. Cranking out one big play after another. Although penalties, turnovers, and an inability to finish drives in the endzone still haunt the Seahawks offense, they look to be getting better. Players look more confident in their understanding of the offense and ability to make plays.

The Seahawks didn’t look terrible today. Well, the defense looked pretty bad. But remember, the Saints have one of the most high octane offenses in the NFL. Brees is a HOF, record setting machine. It is what it is. However, had the Seahawks been able to finish off drives in the endzone and perhaps avoid a few penalties, this would have been a different game.

Pete Carroll still has a ways to go, but the effect of his presence is beginning to take hold of this team and fans across the North West. He is starting to shake the dust off a team who has been in a downward spiral since the announcement of Mike Holmgren’s replacement by he who shall not be named. It seems to me that Pete has a recipe people are starting to believe in. His ingredients are starting to simmer and show signs of improvement. I don’t think the Saints game was a s terrible as the score might seem. There were some really great moments in this game. Which ones jump out at you?

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  • Hawksfan1401

    I was a Hasslehater at the start of the year and that hasselhate was fully justified. But I gotta say, he’s been awesome 2 weeks in a row and looks like a pro-bowl QB again. I never saw it coming and I couldn’t be happier. The resurgence in his play makes me believe we can do more than win the division. As the O-line becomes more cohesive we should be even better and might have a run game. Bottom line, 7 weeks from now, we’ll be playing playoff football. If we can keep improving every week like we have who knows what kind of team we’ll be in January. Plus Golden Tate might be a playmaker by that time. Its funny how good I feel after that loss. I hate losing and it pisses me off a s much as anyone but there was so much improvement, we were competitive and it looked like we deserved to be on the same field as the Saints. A lot of positives to take from that game.

  • Hanley

    I totally agree. I was really pissed and upset after the game yesterday, but I realized it was because I have hope. (I live in San Francisco and have a 12th Man flag hanging off my house and a Seahakws windsock. That’s the type of fan I am.) I could see the path to victory – a couple more TDs, Milloy doesn’t step out of bounds on the onside kick, the refs don’t blow the call on Brock – and we are right in that game with the Saints IN New Orleans.

    I related the situation to my room mate who is a Cards fan and he said it’s better to have hope and lose, then to be like the Cards and simply have no expectations or hope at all. I guess I agree. Either way, I hope the sports radio guys up there are giving Carroll more credit now. I’ve heard they were pretty brutal on him for most of the pre and regular season. I definitely have faith in the future.

  • Greg Scherzinger

    I agree. The ‘Hawks owned the field between the 20′s, with big play after big play. TDs instead of FG was the big difference in the game. Unfortunate day for Marshawn but I believe it’ll be a huge game for him next week because of it. I believe Carroll has put together a team of character and it seems to be progressively gelling. New England relies on a team that has depth and a cohesive purpose. The Seahawks seem to be relying on the same philosophy and I think ultimately they will be a long term force to be reckoned with.

  • Riley Moore

    “As the O-line becomes more cohesive we should be even better and might have a run game.”

    Couldn’t agree more. Imagine what the offense could accomplish once they establish the run as a legit threat.

    “it’s better to have hope and lose, then to be like the Cards and simply have no expectations or hope at all. ”

    Yes. Pete Carroll has done a great job of staying relevant this late in the season. The division helps, however, I will still give Pete Carroll and John Schneider credit on a job well done… so far.

    “The ‘Hawks owned the field between the 20’s, with big play after big play.”
    This was the biggest tell of the game. I was so happy to see multiple plays covering more than 20 yards.

    “TDs instead of FG was the big difference in the game.”
    Wow. I believe each team had 5 scoring drives. Had the Hawks had TDs they would have won as NO missed an extra point.

    I could not agree more with all three of you.

  • Jake

    Do I really have to be the one to say the hawks are not a good team and “first place” in the NFC west means pretty much nothing come playoff time? They are a long ways from being a good team, just look at week 8 in Oakland, and week 9 vs. New York Giants. Sunday’s loss was not positive, as a loss is never positive. I thought being Seattle fans we would know that by now.

    • Hawksfan1401

      “first place in the NFC west means pretty much nothing come playoff time”
      Everyone said the 08 cardinals didn’t deserve to be in the postseason. They got blown out 47-7 by NE in week 15. But they got hot in the playoffs. Most likely we lose in round 1 but who knows. A playoff spot never means nothing.

      “They are a long ways from being a good team, just look at week 8 in Oakland, and week 9 vs. New York Giants”
      Totally agree with you. But we’re getting healthy. Okung and Mebane make an enormous difference on their respective sides of the ball. Matt is getting more comfortable with the offense. The team is improving every week. We’re not a good team now, but we’ve seen flashes of what this team can be. As we get more consistent who knows what kind of team we’ll be in January.