5 Facts Concerning This Team

I am absolutely speechless.

I feel like I keep getting taken in by this team. They do just enough to give me hope, and then they tear it away from me again. You’d think we would know better as Seahawks fans.

Here are the Facts:
1. This is only year 1 of a rebuilding process. This is the year that the Seahawks do the best with what they have. A bunch of patchwork players, a few rookies with great potential, and a couple of aging veterans with a little left in the tank. Is it all that much different than Holmgren’s first year when the Hawks made the playoffs only to get bounced by Miami at home in the first round?

2. If the Hawks can secure a home playoff game, this year will be a success. Regardless of how bad the NFC West is, winning it is still a big enough deal to get a playoff game. I wouldn’t look too much farther than that right now.

3. After 2 embarrassing seasons of Seahawk football, fans should accept improvement rather than demanding perfection.

4. Mike Williams needs a new contract in Seattle. Let’s not break the bank here, but maybe a incentive laced contract is the way to go. He is becoming a favorite target as a result of his undefendable size. This guy is worth keeping if his attitude and work ethic are a lock, and so far he seems to be saying all the right things.

5. Pete Carroll is off to a great start. He has a long way to go before he garnishes the respect and admiration of the great one, Mike Holmgren, however I feel like the race to get back there has started.

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  • http://www.thefuryofme.com Hanley

    I agree with you. Against New Orleans, I at least felt like I could see the path to victory. Against KC I was so pissed off I wanted to puke. We couldn’t stop the run if we had had a gun to our heads. It was pathetic. That being said, I totally agree with you and I also believe that we need to resign Matt Hasslebeck. If for no other reason that to give Whitehurst or whomever we draft a pro-bowl qb to learn from.

  • http://jimjamseahawks.blogspot.com/ JimJam

    It’s amazing how up and down us Seahawks fans can be led to feel.
    After N.O, I was full of optimism. A raging offence and a team full of promise.
    One week later, after a drubbing from KC, even I’m apprehensive for the game v Panthers.

    You just never know what’s around the corner.

    Anyway we need to stay positive! If we can knock off Carolina, then we should just recharge and refocus for the last few games. Fingers crossed.

  • Hawkman

    The NFC West is sad. I stated in an earlier post that winning it is like being picked 4th-to-last for dodgeball teams…just ahead of the nerd, the fat kid, and the girl. It is a hollow victory and one that will lower our 2011 draft status. Therefore, I am pulling for the Rams to win it so we don’t get blown out in the first round of the playoffs 61-7 like Miami did the last game under Jimmy Johnson. At that time, Miami was just as pathetic as we are now and had no business getting into the playoffs…and it showed.

    I say let Whitehurst finish the season and let us see what he’s got…or NOT got…so we can plan our draft accordingly.

  • http://www.thefuryofme.com Hanley

    I have to disagree with Hawkman. If Carroll is going to instill a sense of competition and always competing into this team, he can’t add the caveat “unless we try to suck and want a higher draft pick.” I am not convinced that taking a qb in the first round and paying him $50 million is a good plan anyway. Sometimes it works out (Bradford) and sometimes it doesn’t (Stafford). And just like Miami destroyed us in that playoff game, maybe some team will coem into Quest and get destroyed by us after mailing in the first round. Either way, I’d rather win, than lose.

  • Riley Moore

    I am with Hanley. Throwing a season just to move up in the draft is a very slippery slope. You can’t expect players to throw a game one year and then play hard the next. New England and the Colts seem to be doing ok without high first round picks in the draft. And besides, the Hawks have so many needs, they will be able to take the best player on the board at any position in the draft which is usually a good find.

  • Hawkman


    Exactly WHEN did I say “throw the games?” Riley, I am particularly disappointed in your misread of my post, as I thought you could, indeed, read.

    I said I was pulling for the Rams to win it (the NFC West) so we don’t get embarrassed. I also said we should throw Charlie in there for the rest of the season to see what he’s got (since we have no plans to sign Hass to a future deal anyway). I NEVER said “throw” the games! If you want to interpret me to have said “throw the games” because I said put Charlie in there, then I’ll send Charlie out to slash YOUR tires, not mine, as YOU are the ones who have absolutely no confidence in Charlie and think by putting him in there in place of Hass we are “throwing” the games.

  • Riley Moore


    You are right about one thing. I have no confidence in Whitehurst… at all. And I wouldn’t be suprised if we did sign Hass to another short deal, draft a qb, and let him learn for a year or two. I assure you that I can read. So instead of thinking the Seahawks should throw the game, you suggest cheering for the other team, our rival. Got it. Crystal clear now.

  • Jake

    What do you say about drafting a qb (maybe Jake Locker?) with our first round pick (even though we have many other needs)? We then sign Hasselbeck for a couple years to finish up here in Seattle while also mentoring the future face of our franchise. I believe this will best set us up for the future as we all know this is not our year, even if we win the west.

  • Hawkman

    If we win the NFC West with a 6-10 record, a distinct possibility if we beat the Rams and nobody else (another distinct possibility), then, by rule, we would draft no higher than 21st in the 2011 NFL Draft. [And, make no mistake, we would draft no lower than 21st either, because we will get our doors blown off...again...by WHOEVER we play.] This draft position would be lower than the Buccaneers, for example, if they fail to make the playoffs (yet another distinct possibility), even if they finish with an 11-5 record (still, one more distinct possibility).

    So, Riley, you would be proud of the Seahawks if they won the NFC West with a 6-10 or 7-9 record? Got it. Crystal clear.

  • Riley Moore

    What’s up with the hostility dude? Were all on the same team. And if you are asking me if I want to win the NFC West, then I say yes. Would I be proud? Well I am not going to say that, but I would absolutely love to see Pete Carroll go to the playoffs. The experience of the playoffs for guys like ET and Okung would be huge. This team needs goals, and right now, that goal is to win the NFC West. And I have no fear of getting blown up in the playoffs. I just would be happy getting in.