TJ is Baltimore’s Problem Now

It’s not often that I really loathe a player.   Usually I am ok with someone leaving, or I couldn’t care less.  I remember wishing Dilfer well when he left.  He seemed to leave with a tip of the hat and a hearty handshake.  TJ Houshmandzadeh, on the other hand, was a tool, and I could not of been happier to see him released.  He was all talk all the time.  He blamed everyone but himself for the Seahawks shortcomings.  Just an all around jerk.  I stated some time ago that if you have that personality on a winning team, you are considered cocky, and fans love it, however, if you harbor the same attitude on a losing team, fans usually hate it, and it makes you look selfish, petty, and spoiled.  This is the best way I can describe Houshmandzadeh.

Well today everything came around full circle.  TJ dropped the most catchable ball in the universe.  This could have been a clutch catch in the waining minutes of the biggest game of his life.  This could have proven to the entire country that TJ is who he says he is. 

I shouldn’t gloat at another’s failure, but it’s him, and his mouth is nearly as big as his ego.  I cannot think of another Hawk that I truly despised as much as him.  Hutchinson is up there, but I think, for me, TJ takes the cake.  So here’s to your career TJ.  It looks to be as washed up as a kid’s car on prom night.  That wasn’t even a hard catch, and you dropped it.  Maybe you should try making plays before you run your mouth so much.  Another option would be retirement.

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