Seahawks Links: 5-14

Morning Seahawks fans. We will be trying something new here at 12th Man Rising in the coming days. We are going to do our best to round up the best Seahawks links from around the web and post them here for you every morning. We want 12th Man to be your one-stop shop for all your Seahawks news and views.

Without further ado, here are your Seattle Seahawks links for Saturday, May 14th.

Signing Young would not require parting with 2012 draft selections, so that would be a bonus. I do think teams need to be more careful when it comes to quarterbacks because that position has such a great effect on an entire organization. Teams cannot just take chances on quarterbacks without regard for the ramifications. Releasing a receiver such as Williams would be much easier if than releasing a quarterback, for instance.

Most coaches tend to think they can reach players if given the opportunity. Relating to players does seem to be a strength for Carroll based on what I’ve seen from him to this point. He might be better positioned than others to get more from Young. The Titans were working from a disadvantage because Young had so much leverage as a first-round draft choice.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell held a 35-minute conference call with Seattle Seahawks season ticket holders on Friday, answering questions about the labor stoppage and how the lockout might affect the NFL season. has a brief summary of Goodell’s remarks, none of which could really be classified as news. He basically just repeated the same themes he’s said many times before — that the labor dispute can be better solved with negotiation than it can with litigation, and that the owners’ final offer to the players was more than fair.

Goodell said fans won’t be forced to pay for games they don’t see.

“We have a league-wide policy that any games that aren’t played will be refunded to the fans,” Goodell said. “Every club is following that policy.”

Can you see where I am going with this one? Simple really, Carroll needs a quarterback — badly — and Leinart badly needs a job. Heck, if going to Seattle rejuvenated wide receiver Mike Williams’ career, imagine what it could do for Leinart?

Imagine the lovey-dovey press conference with Carroll extolling the virtues of Leinart, and the quarterback believing that being reunited with Carroll means his career is back on track. But once the press conference is over, would anyone besides Carroll and Leinart think it will work? I sure don’t. And it has nothing to do with Carroll or new offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell. It has all to do with Leinart.

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