Seahawks Fandamonium: Charlie Whitehurst must start.

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Since the draft ended, it’s been a brutal two month run for NFL fans. The most exciting stories are about new jerseys and stadium names. We wonder if there will even be a season, and if so, when it will start. Like Matt Hasselbeck- will he be a Seahawk, and if so, will he start? Truth is, as I’m sure (and as I’d hope) you already know, Charlie Whitehurst is currently the only quarterback under contract. Depth and competition must be added when (if) free agency starts, but I wouldn’t mind Whitehurst as the starter, in fact, that’s how it has to be.

Hasselbeck can be a good, dare I say great, quarterback when at his best (playoff win, anyone?). While I believe he has a few years left in the proverbial tank, it must also be understood that this team, with its youth and inexperience, needs a new leader, for a new generation of football. Enter Charlie Whitehurst – meant to compete with Hasselbeck or to outperform him. Either Matt gets better, or we try a new potential franchise QB. It was a win/win situation. What I failed to imagine was the middle ground between the two- that Hass stayed average, and Whitehurst got just enough playing time to intrigue the coaches but not enough experience to make a clear decision. SURPRISE! That’s exactly what happened.

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  • D Hawk

    I can’t really get on board with JCW “winning” the game against the Rams. The D won the game…Charlie didn’t lose it. Does anyone think we beat the Saints with Charlie under center?

    Charlie isn’t the future. He’s a clipboard holder. Matt is a placeholder for our franchise QB who is in the ’12 draft, or possibly a certain FA sitting out there.

  • Nate Low

    Hey D Hawk, thanks for reading! I agree that the defense was a huge part of that win week 17, and Will Herring playing catch with Sam Bradford all but sealed the victory. But the point I want make is that Whitehurst’s win in an epically stressfull situation, is fairly telling of his ability to lead this team. No, he didn’t do it all on his own…it’s a team sport.

    We agree though- neither of us belive Charlie is the future. It’s that I believe he deserves the chance to show what he’s got that makes us different. Hasselbeck has already been given that opportunity, with mixed results (in Carroll’s tenure). It’s time to see what Charlie has.

    Now that doesn’t mean I’m abandoning hope on the season, it’s that I think CW can lead this team to the playoffs just as much as Matt, and, in the process, we’ll learn if he’s the future of the franchise.

    • D Hawk

      I fully agree that Charlie deserves a chance to show what he can do. The difference is I believe the opportunity in practice counts, as do opportunities right now. If he wants to run this offense and be a starter and earn his $4M, why isn’t he in Seattle trying to lead the team?

      Charlie throws a very nice ball when his head is straight. But that just isn’t enough, and if he can’t step up and show what he can do in camp, it is hard to waste a season to see if game days are any different.

      • Nate Low

        According to, both Hasselbeck and Whitehurst are in Seattle now for team-led workouts. It must be awkward for both of them, each trying to lead (presumably) but Matt not knowing if he’ll even be signed and Charlie not knowing which string he’ll be. Tough situation, for sure. You’re right, if Whitehurst wants to be seen as the leader, especially to the new guys, he better step it up a bit. Good to see he made the trip now.

  • Heath Brenan

    I’m sorry, but I completly disagree with this article. If matt is a seahawk he has to start. Clipboard Jesus had one good game, a good deal of it was luck against a bad team, and matt is a veteran. The difference between Matt and Charlie is 4 wins.

    • Nate Low

      I love that you disagree because I love talking about the ‘hawks. You’re right, if Hasselbeck is re-signed, he’s going to be the starter. I can’t see Whitehurst beating him out pre-season. However, I think sticking with him the entire season again could be detrimental to the future of the franchise. Before giving up on Charlie, I’d like to see more than a terrible situation loss to the Giants and a game-managing win against the Rams. Like I said in the article, with the inexperience, lack of OTA/minicamp/practice, and the tough schedule, I would be surprised if Charlie wasn’t starting week 7 or AT LEAST being heavily considered. In a perfect world, Hasselbeck is re-signed, Luck, Barkley, or Jones is drafted in 2012, Matt leads this team to three straight Super Bowl championships, and the draftee takes over and the team never skips a beat. What I honestly think will happen, is Hasselbeck is re-signed, he is once again consistently underwhelming but good enough to stick with, and we’re stuck at another odd QB decision come next April, with no clear decision what to do.

  • David Winkler

    Go Hawks! I do recall that for the STL game that CW helped win, the offense was designed for him, not Matt. Up until then he had been jumping in trying to lead an offense designed for Hasselbecks strenghts/weakness. I agree that he should get more playing time. If Matt is re-signed he should earn the starting spot just like every year.

  • Randy

    Gotta get Matt back, and look to the draft next year for a young QB…give C.W. and the rookie a year or two under Matt.