Seahawks Spotlight: Hasselbeck, Forsett Lead Workouts at UW

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Three months into the NFL lockout, it would seem Matt Hasselbeck has found a place to practice other than parking lots. Seahawks RB Justin Forsett coordinated player’s schedules and arranged some practice times over the last couple months that are now taking place a few days a week.(Per The Seattle Times)

The two of them have found a way for the Hawks to get together and stay in shape. Among players from other teams, free agents, and a few of the Huskies as many as forty Seahawks have been in attendance with their numbers steadily increasing.

Players seem to be making the best of a difficult and abnormal off-season. “Workouts like this today are helping me get over the fact we’re not playing football,” Aaron Curry said. “It’s just tough without doing it.”( per

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