Seahawks Fandamonium: Charlie Whitehurst Sucks…well, duh!

Remember that time when the Seahawks traded for a no-name QB who had never started a game? Remember seeing him in his first start and thinking “who the heck is this loser, why is he on the field and who is allowing this to happen?” Remember when you’d rather get hit in the face with a large metal object instead of watching the Hawks being “lead” by this joke?

Fortunately, Matt Hasselbeck became pretty good and turned out to be a pro-bowl QB that ushered Seattle to it’s one and only Super Bowl appearance. So, thanks to him I learned a couple of very valuable lessons that I think many Hawk fans need to be reminded of: 1) It takes time to develop into a valuable QB. 2) This is extremely painful to watch. 3) It can be worth it.  4) Being hit in the face with large metal objects can lead to long term memory loss. The point is that Whitehurst has not been given a fair shot and we haven’t seen enough to know what kind of QB he is.

First lets look at the most successful QB in the history of the Seattle Seahawks, Hasselbeck, and how much he sucked. In 2001, he got his first start. Actually, he had 12 first starts. Accumulating seven Touchdowns, eight interceptions and a QB rating of 70.9 in the those 12 games. Now, I’m no expert, but I think technically that sucks. Bad decision making, forcing the ball and basically not getting the job done was what we had to look forward to come Sunday. These would be considered rookie mistakes and are generally expected from inexperienced players. Fortunately Matt was given time and eventually figured it out.

Whitehurst, on the other hand, has not been given that chance. He has started two games and won one of them. Did I mention that the game he won was the final and most important game of the regular season? Did he crack under the pressure of leading the team back to the playoffs after a two year absence? No, he got the job done. Did I mention that the game he lost was on the road against the New York Giants who had a great defense? I believe that experts would call this a “difficult” game. When I say “difficult”, I mean if we had a time machine and had picked up the Joe Montana of past glory and zapped him into the future to play for the Hawks that game, we still lose. Leading many Seattle fans to discount having Joe Montana as a QB, and time travel altogether.

Whitehurst didn’t play bad considering it was his first start. He had a touchdown and threw a perfect ball into the end zone to Michael Williams, but Williams dropped it and let it bounce of his hands for an interception. The second interception was a rookie mistake, which can be expected from someone in their first start. These types of mistakes must be forgiven, not forever, but for now.

What’s my point? Newbies suck. All we can do is hope they learn from their mistakes and move forward. When I lost my virginity it took me three times longer to open the condom wrapper than it took me to use the condom once I finally got it on. Rookie mistakes can be frustrating, particularly with your best friend’s sister, but Whitehurst hasn’t been given his chance to get past these rookie mistakes. Maybe Whitehurst doesn’t have what it takes. Maybe he is the suckiest sucker whose ever sucked, but lets give him a chance to show us what he’s got before we decide.  And everyone said…”A-men”.

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  • bob

    i’m really sick and tired of seahawks fans complaining about charlie whitehurst.

    they saw two games where he had some real playing time; one where the hawks were crushed against a great defense, and another where they won a title and moved on to the playoffs.

    out of those two games, the one that got us to the playoffs was the only game planned/designed specifically for charlie; this was admitted by the seahawks staff.

    that being said, if they can design games for his strengths, and he can manage the game just as it was asked of him…then they may be onto something, he may just need a little more time to shake off the rookie that’s been holding a clipboard for a few years.

    …anyway, thanks for the article.

  • Gerg

    While Charlie played a great game against St. Louis in Week 17, the play calling seemed to come from a very abbreviated playbook. I recall Charlie bootlegging to the right on nearly every other play (probably an exaggeration). I understand this is because he only had one week with the number 1 team to prepare.

    I would like to see Charlie get more time this year, but it’s tough to let go of Hass when he shows flashes of brilliance like he did against the Saints. Whitehurst is a great backup option, and that’s very important in this league, especially with an aging veteran behind center.

    Here’s hoping for the best this season.

    Oh, and photoshop your own Clipboard Jesus next time :)

    • Jerred Clouse

      Gerg – I agree that Whitehurst was probably using a very abbreviated playbook because that his job was to play smart, not well. I also agree that dropping Matt is incredibly hard, whether it’s his flashes of brilliance (like the Saints game) or just for him to mentor the young guys, either way, I don’t want to see Matt walk. My question is what do we do then about the future? Matt can’t play forever and it doesn’t matter who takes over for Matt, if it’s someone without experience they’re going to make mistakes.

  • Michael

    I’m torn on this. I believe Matt’s struggles have to do with O-line. Hopefully this will improve. On the other hand, he is not going to be playing for much longer. His replacement will need to be found. If Charlie isn’t given a chance the entire deal will have been fruitless. Do they sign him after his two years are up, and then see if he can play? I like Matt, and would like to see him retire as a Seahawk, but I also want the team to build fof the future. I’m just glad I don’t have to make decisions for the team.

  • Ryan

    My problem with Charlie is how softly he throws, floater after floater. Maybe its just an optical illusion, a byproduct of swamp gas reflecting off of Jupiter interfering with the HD cameras…but that dude has slow balls.

  • RatedRtRed

    Noticed a mistake Charlie played the Giants here in Seattle not away.

  • Worthy

    I expect Hass to garner some interest from the rest of the league when football resumes. Lots of teams see QB as a position of need. Some teams will invariably be waving more money than Seahawks are willing to offer. I expect Matt will be gone shortly after football resumes. That leaves us with Whitehearst. I am willing to give him every chance to succeed and I fully expect that he can lead our team down the field. He might just surprise us.

  • J Dawg

    I could not say it better. I totally agree.

  • Sammy

    Very few people are hit by lightning twice. I think Matt had promise because he had better fundamental skills than does CW. I want so badly to be wrong, though.