Seahawks Rumors: Matt Leaving Seattle? I'll Believe It When the Ink Dries!

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According to SI’s Peter King, Matt is likely not re-signing with the Seahawks.
Whatever. Next he’ll tweet that Santa Claus isn’t real (How can you say that? He is too!).

I don’t believe Hasselbeck is going anywhere. Why would he? First of all, and this really is the most important thing here, Seahawks blue is his color, people! He would look so dumb in any other uniform. So if you should be lucky enough to see this, Matt, I hope you take that into serious consideration before you make a stupid deal with any one of those other teams. I am positive when they developed our new colors in 2002, not long after acquiring our most successful quarterback I must point out, they blended them specifically to go with his skin tone because the man looks damn good in our get up. Enough said.

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