Seahawks Fandamonium: Vote for the Best QB

  • ThePickleMan

    Matt is far and away the best quarterback available in free agency/on the trade block. He is a bona fide warrior with a passion to match his intellect. It also helps that he is familiar with the system and the players here. If Matt decides to take the massive contract that some team like the Cardinals will be willing to offer him, I wouldn’t mind seeing someone brought in to compete with Charlie Whitehurst.

    Whitehurst is not the field general that Hasselbeck is, and he lacks the calm accuracy of a veteran when he is facing down a loose defensive lineman. He does have an arm, though, and he understands the game. Also, the players seem to respond to him well; his offense shows up big when it has to. I would be comfortable, though not ecstatic, with Whitehurst as the starter.

    Palmer is a far better quarterback than his performance last year indicates. A fresh start away from all the Cincinnati drama may be just what he needs to regain focus. He will not come cheaply, though, and he is not the best fit for the system.

    Kolb is the best quarterback in Philadelphia. Thank god the locals don’t seem to know that yet. He can not run like Vick, but he doesn’t have his Achilles Heel (pressure up the middle) either. Kolb isn’t prone to making stupid mistakes, and he is a protege of Andy Reid which means that he will command a huge salary somewhere. The primary drawback to Kolb is his cost. A developing team like the Seahawks can not afford to spend what the Eagles will no doubt ask for a young quarterback.

    Vince Young is broken and will probably never start in the NFL again. He has all the physical and mental abilities but lacks the emotional maturity of an NFL quarterback.

    Matt Leinert may be a bargain, but he is also most certainly a risk. He had a lot of problems in Arizona, and he never came close to meeting his potential. Like Young, he never seemed to be able to get himself under control and stay focused. A fresh start under his old coach may lead to a Mike Williams-like rebirth, but there is no way of knowing whether or not he will be able to take advantage of it. If not, he had better find himself a new career quickly.