Seahawks History: Zorn Made Difference Between, Outside of Lines

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Thanks to Sammy and Andy for the comments on the previous post.  Although both disagreed, I appreciate it.  Sports would be boring if we all liked the same thing.

A few weeks ago I did the same top 3 thing with Seahawks wide receivers, and I used more than just stats to measure a player’s worth to our beloved organization. Here is the criteria I used in creating these lists in order of importance:

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  • Sammy

    Part of it also is the nostalgia factor. If Zorn had had the exact same numbers, but they had happened from ’94-’02, he would be forgettable and regrettable. But he was the first, so I can’t argue with your ranking. Plus, there’s the likeability factor.

  • Sammy

    And by the way, you’re being too kind to Andy. He didn’t just disagree with you, he merely lobbed an insult without even trying to forge an argument.

    • andy05

      Let me apologise for my original statement as I never meant to imply the Author was stupid just his argument in my opinion. At the end of the day it’s now clear that Rileys opinions are his alone and not meant to be taken too seriously. I was a little taken aback by his comments as a fan of the team on a Fan Site.

      Sammy would like me to argue my case so let me give you some perspective towards my own views.

      Firstly I live in England and I first discovered the NFL in 1984. The first game highlights I saw were the Super Bowl Champion Raiders being beaten in a brutal Wild Card game by the Seattle Seahawks. I was captivated by the brutal hitting of the seattle D and the skill and complexity of the offence. In short I became a Seattle Seahawks fan.

      Sadly for me the NFL coverage in the UK was limited to a 1 hour highlights show days after games were played. My only source of live action was to listen to the Armed Forces Radio Network on Sunday and Monday nights, the reception was terrible and games were often interupted by static or worse a german opera singer wailing in my ear LOL.

      Still I listened and was lucky enough to catch many Seahawks games, obviously DK was the QB for the Seahawks and usually as his performance went so did the seahawks chances. He became my favourite player. Listening to the radio calls of games also gave a different perspective to the action and I was lucky enough to hear the thoughts of people like Hank Stram who was quick to point out the savvy way Dave Krieg played.

      The game is all about opinions, the stats you quoted about DK vs JZ prove who was the better QB, Krieg is superior statistically. The slightly annoying thing you mentioned was DKs fumbling stats, granted his numbers are terrible but then he didn’t have Big Walt, Hutch, Tobeck, Ballard blocking for him either. Obviously Jim Zorn was a great running QB and I won’t knock his contribution to the Seahawks ever.

      Finally let me sum up the Dave Krieg I respected … 1990, In the most memorable game of the season, on November 11, the Seahawks made their annual visit to Arrowhead Stadium, where they had not won since 1980. The Kansas City Chiefs sacked Krieg 9 times, including an NFL-record 7 sacks by linebacker Derrick Thomas. However, on the last play of the game, as time expired, Thomas closed in for yet another apparent sack, but Krieg eluded the linebacker and threw a 25-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Paul Skansi for the win.

      Hope this sets the record straight …. GO SEAHAWKS !!!!!

      • Sammy

        Andy, you have redeemed yourself!!

        • andy05

          Thanks Sammy

      • Riley Moore

        I love the entusiasm Andy. And I wasn’t offended at all. Infact I appreciate your well articulated rebuttle. And that KC game was amazing.

  • andy05

    Really sorry but I still can’t let this go ….. I quote

    If it were up to me, I would remove Krieg from the ROH. I don’t hate the guy, I just think he was over rated. Seahawk fans want him to be better than he was, so they have someone to talk about. His fumble and interception total combined is a staggering 256 which makes that 195 touchdowns total seem far less impressive.

    Sorry to the DK lovers. No disrespect, but the guy just doesn’t have what it SHOULD take to make it in the ROH.

    And ….

    1. A player’s statistics when they played for Seattle and that is it. For example Warren Moon and Jerry Rice were arguably two of the greatest players to play for the Hawks, however, they put up the majority of their numbers with different teams, therefore, they would not make the list.

    2. The number of years they were a Seahawk. Loyalty is an important factor for my list.

    3. Moxie. Statistics aren’t everything. Some players have the ability to compensate for a slight lack of skill with attitude. How much does this player give the fans on game day? A leave-it-all-on-the-field type of player gets credit for this.

    DK better stats hands down. ( if you wish to use fumbles then it should be fumbles lost and also rushing td’s scored to calculate td’s vs turnovers). On that basis …

    DK 12 yrs – (-24) Tds 205 vs T/O 229

    JZ 9yrs – (-41) Tds 128 vs T/O 169

    Finally and most strangely JZ wins even though it’s not part of your criteria because he was QB coach for Mike Holmgren and so infuenced Matt Hass’s career.

    Did you know Dave Krieg worked as a motivational speakerafter he left football, just wondering how many careers he inspired ???.

    I move that you ( in your mind at least ) re-instate Dave Krieg to the ROH immediately.

    PS Is Stan Gelbaugh Number 1 ?????

    • Riley Moore

      Lol! Gelbagh should be in the HOF! I appreciate your opinions I really do, however, I remember more than just the KC game. Most of Krieg’s fumbles happened on the snap. It was a fairly regular thing. I don’t think the lack of an O-Line had a lot to do with it. I do respect the fact that he came out of a college program that doesn’t exist anymore, and that he truly was a Cinderella story. I can’t (in my mind) put him in the ROH as there are many players that I feel are more deserving who aren’t in there. No hard feelings I hope as I absolutely appreciate the debate.