Seattle Seahawks Spotlight: Tarvaris Jackson Not Such a Bad Deal

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Well they did it.  They final addressed the glaring need that everyone has been talking about.

The Seahawks finally have a quarterback.

No disrespect the Charlie, but you have to believe that Tarvaris Jackson will be the starter.

And why shouldn’t he be?

He’s probably more familiar with the offense than anyone else on the team right now. Darrell Bevell has been the Vikings’ offensive coordinator for the last 5 seasons. Jackson’s career began five years ago with the Vikings. He’s the only guy that Jackson has ever known. They obviously have a good relationship, and who better to scout a player than a former coach.

Jackson is hungry for success. He failed to make an impact as a starter his first time around, however, he’s had 2 seasons to watch Bret Favre run this offense and teach him

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