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Good Reason For Hawks Withdrawals

I am having the worst NFL withdrawals of my life. I don’t know what to do for a fix besides listen to the same updates on Peyton Manning over and over on 710 ESPN. I feel like they are going in more circles than a Ferris wheel about him. However I feel their pain, I mean honestly what else is there to talk about? We probably won’t hear of any real offseason news until all the teams gather at the combine. Oh how I can’t wait until that circus of a rumor mill starts! This offseason is killing me and it’s only been four days since the super bowl. Last year wasn’t so bad. Despite the lockout making it easier, I also went into the season expecting a patient year of rebuilding. I even remember telling my friends that I’m looking forward to a year of possible stress free football (wow did that ever not happen!).

John Schneider and Pete Carroll really showed me something this season and just like Pete would say ‘I’m in.’ I completely buy into everything the Seahawks are doing. How fast we were able to right the ship and get things turned around nominates Carroll and Schneider for the best tandem in the league. They are really turning into football’s dynamic duo. Now if only we could get that quarterback… maybe they would get the respect they deserve. Because that is all we need! Or at least that is the one mystery in the huddle we’re waiting to catch a clue on. All the other pieces are either in place or will be solved in the draft this year. Our biggest problem right now is to decide whether we want to draft Quentin Coples or Melvin Ingram to beef up our strong side pass rush (what a problem to have right?). Furthermore we may not need to gamble on a linebacker in the draft, there are a lot of free agents who can fill that need this year. One of them that nobody is talking about is Larry Grant of the San Francisco 49’ers. For those of you who don’t remember, he single handedly ended our season by stripping the ball from Tarvaris in our final game. He could be a really good option coming at a bargain for the Seahawks. However, we did not get to see much of Larry Grant, but what we did see looked very solid. He started for an injured Patrick Willis in three games this year. Grant registered 18 tackles in those three games and made a ton of exceptional plays. Word is he is a very hard worker with a high motor.

I honestly feel this year the Seahawks will gain some stability, or rather I should say that this is the year they should find some stability. Last year we saw an influx of exciting big name free agents such as Sydney Rice, Zach Miller (who’s excitement is pending on our offensive line), and Robert Gallery be signed. However, this season I’m not expecting as much of an inflow of free agents. It’s time for the revolving door into the Seahawks locker room to stop spinning so our current players can grow as a team. What’s wrong with this equation is that we don’t have a quarterback to mature under right now. Tarvaris Jackson is hardly the answer and I don’t think anyone will argue with that. Sure he has very similar numbers to Alex Smith and could potentially have a season of improvement like Smith, but Alex is still pedestrian at best. I don’t care if he had 17 touch downs and five interceptions this season, he is still a game manager and the only improvement we can hope for with Tarvaris is game management.

Right now I really think the best options out there are Peyton Manning and Matt Flynn. These are gigantic gambles. Matt Flynn had two great games, but that’s all we’ve seen from him. Whenever I go watch the highlights I say to myself ‘Yea he looks great, but his receivers look great also, they are running wide open and getting a ton of yardage after the catch.’ Honestly I don’t see the Seahawks getting into a bidding war over Flynn. If he is available for somewhere around 7 to 9 million maybe they sign him, but he is probably going to Miami anyways. With the case of Peyton Manning a team is going to have to sign him before they know about his tricep muscle. He is likely going to be cut from the Colts in the coming weeks. The reason being that the Colts don’t want to take a 28 million dollar gamble on an arm that isn’t strong enough to keep him from getting picked off in a high school game. Furthermore any team willing to enter into the Manning sweepstakes is going to have to offer him a contract before they know if he is ready. The only plus side is that Manning will reportedly agree to an incentive laden contract receiving little to no upfront money and playing to earn his pay. However, if a team doesn’t know whether or not he is ready it means they will have to retain a plan b which never works out too well with quarterbacks.

This is why I am so anxious for the season to start. There are so many secrets waiting to be revealed by next year. The quarterback situation has me particularly restless because there is no obvious option out there. This is a horrible year for quarterbacks in the draft and I just don’t see the Seahawks signing Manning or Flynn. Pete Carroll wants his guy at quarterback. He wants someone he can groom to play the Pete Carroll way and right now we need that someone. We can afford at least one more season with no clear cut answer at quarterback, but that is it. However anxious I am I do trust Carroll and Schneider. Look at the season we had with Tarvaris Jackson at quarterback and imagine last season with a real quarterback. They know what they are doing and the building process only has a few more steps. I just can’t wait to see who we find to fill those holes.


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  • JeffNew

    I’d be willing to give a healthy Tarvaris another season as the starter behind a healthy and developed offensive line. I could see a 10-6 or 11-5 season, which would put them into the playoffs where anything can happen.

  • Hawk_Eye

    I say sign Peyton Manning. The reward vs risk is a choice Paul Allen will have to make. It’s not going to cost any draft choices. What do we have to loose? Only some of Paul Allens money. He can afford it. If it works out, the Seahawks could be instant Super Bowl contenders.

  • Pedrohawk

    @JeffNew Sure I see your reasoning. Tarvaris definitely ‘earned’ to be the starter next season. However, if you remember in the super bowl it came down to a drive in the fourth quarter like everyone thought it would. Eli just started to play at such a high level. He completely went away from himself, he was just slinging balls into the tightest windows I’ve ever seen. Tarvaris will never be able to do that. He has a great arm, but he will never be more than Pete Carrol’s game manager. Sure I can see him getting us into the playoffs but I don’t think he could ever win a game. The other team would have to lose for a Seahawks playoff victory with Tarvaris playing. He just holds onto the ball too long and takes way too many sacks, the worst part is he is supposed to be mobile. I also don’t see him as an aspiring leader. We had a good chance to look at him this year, I honestly think he made the line look worse than it was at time by holding onto the ball all day. He has a tendency to lock onto routes. I don’t know how many times he could have dumped it off short to Lynch and Lynch could have ran for ten or twenty yards. Many times he did, it’s just that it took him five minutes to do so and by that time Lynch had hardly any space to run. I can most definitely see a 10-6 or 11-5 season with Tarvaris especially after all the improvement we will make next season, but he is just not good enough to win a super bowl and that’s the point ya know? And your right anything can happen in the playoffs but I just don’t see Tarvaris having the ability to make things happen, other teams will have to lose, I just don’t think he has the ability to win games. This super bowl is a perfect example. I was freaking out with the way Eli started to play in the second half. It’s as if he said to himself ‘allright your normally not a risk taker… but that’s what it’s going to take to win this game, go do it Eli,” and he did it was absolutely phenomenal play. Tarvaris is not an elite quarterback and won’t be. I don’t mind him starting next year just because there really aren’t any promising options, but we better hope for a better draft class in 2013. The team could be good in a major way right now if only we had a quarterback, that won’t last forever. We need to figure this thing out or else fall by the way side.

  • Pedrohawk

    @Hawk_Eye That’s true. I just don’t like signing Peyton before we are sure he will be Peyton. Imagine if he wasn’t, it would cast such a shadow on the season and it’d be a huge blemish on the organization. I totally agree that if we had an actual Peyton Manning we could compete for the super bowl. I just would rather see us get a long term quarterback. Plus as happy as I would be (with my reservations aside), I just don’t see Peyton wanting to come here. It is too far away from his father Archie Manning, he does not want to move his family all the way out here, and it’s Seattle. It’s really easy for me to be a homer and say Seattle, top ten defense, great up and coming wide receiving core and offensive line, plus the hard running of Marshawn Lynch why wouldn’t you want to come here? This is definitely the best spot for him to win a super bowl if he is serious about it. But Peyton is Peyton, he wants a dome where he can control his game. Arizona is his dream but they won’t sign him. They have too much committed to Kolb, well let me put it this way actually, I would be extremely surprised if Arizona had any actual interest in Peyton. Although I do want to see him here next year, providied he is healthy. I’m just not willing to pick Peyton up if we aren’t sure what we are getting. I feel like it will totally affect our growth going forward. You make a really good point, I’m just nervous… I see such great things coming. If only there were some actual hope in the draft.