When Did You Become A Seattle Seahawk Fan?

Every 12 starts somewhere. Even those who grew up with the team like I did have to have had a moment when their fandom went from hanging out with their dad on Sundays to being something tangible. I’ll tell you my story, but I’m really interested in when your membership in the 12th Man became crystalized.

For me, I really was born a Seahawks fan. My parents had always lived in the Northwest, and thus they were huge supporters of every Seattle team. Watching the games on Sundays just part of my weakly routine as long as I could remember.

But football is a very complex game. I remember asking my father a lot of (probably very annoying) question just trying to figure out what was going on. Had it not been a couple winning seasons, I might have given up; it’s tough to say.

My first real memory of what happened on the field was in 1983. The Curt Warner led Seahawks were a force to be reckoned with. Winning was fun, but the “ground Chuck” offense wasn’t exciting to a kid still struggling with the intricacies of the game. Every running play looked the same. If that was all football was, I probably wouldn’t be writing for this site. I’d still be fan, but not the diehard crazy one that spends his free time analyzing all things Seahawks.

My moment came the following year. There were ton of predictions of 2000 yards for Warner and a Super Bowl, but Warner blew out his knee on the nasty Kingdome turf in week 1. Instead, Chuck Knox has to reinvent his offense and style on the fly, and turned Dave Kreig loose to fling the ball all over the place. Kreig finished with over 3600 yards and 32 TDs, and when those kind of numbers were really rare.

It was fun. It was exciting. And I was hooked. I was still clueless, but I was young enough that it didn’t matter.

AS the Seahawks begin what I expect will be a era of sustained winning this season, they are bound to pick up a large number of bandwagon fans. To those of us that are diehard fans, Bandwagoners can be annoying, but I believe we need to cut them some slack. After it’s over, a few of them will stick around and join us as diehard fans. We all started somewhere, didn’t we?

So that’s my story. What’s yours?

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  • MichaelBernazzani

    Lets see, I was born on Oct. 27, 1982, which means conception probably took place 9 months-ish earlier,   Im gonna say New Year’s 1982.  Grandfather had tix since day 1, when i turned 12 he started taking me to every game instead of my uncle.  He passed my freshman year @ UW, also the final year in Husky Stadium.  We chose not to renew the tix @ Qwest because @ the time it just wouldn’t have been the same going without him.  I bought the quarterback 4-pack in 2005, which meant i got to buy playoff tickets too, I just wish grandpa would’ve been sitting next to me when we got to the Super Bowl…
    RIP Garry W Dammeier

  • ericmicikyan

    I live in Toronto, Canada and I have been a fan right out of the womb. I chose the Seahawks because my Dad liked them growing up. Living in Canada I have to spend a boatload of money on the Western channels so I can see all the coverage and every game. I have yet to see a game live and in person but I have never been more thrilled because the Seahawks are in town against the Bills only a few days after my birthday. I am beyond stoked! GO HAWKS GO!

  • JSUCH2

    I was a Raider fan growing up, geographically they were closest to Seattle and I never liked the 49ers.  The first game the Seahawks played I became a Raider Hater because I’m a homer and they played in our division.  Grandpa also helped build the KingDom and I got to walk on the roof a full year before it ever hosted an event.  GO ‘HAWKS!

  • ShortieWaswo

    Living in New Zealand, we don’t get much football at all, except on pay-tv. We are a rugby mad nation, so I wasn’t into it at all growing up.
    Then I bought Madden during Uni, hearing it was a fun game to play with friends; it was the one with Shaun Alexander on the cover. We each picked a  team and the Seahawks were mine. Ever since that weekend I’ve been a Seahawks fan, learning as much as I can about American Football.
    I have to “stream” the games unfortunately, because as I mentioned above, NZ only shows the Monday Night games on ESPN, and the Superbowl. That’s it.
    Looking forward to the season, got some big time matchups this year :-)


    Call me old timer if you want, but I was around for the very early days when the Kingdome was being built and Seattle was hoping for an NFL & MLB team to occupy it. I remember when the NFL awarded the franchise to the Nordstrom family & how excited & proud the people of Wesetn Washington were. I realized I was a 12 in 1978 while in he Army watching the Hawks vrs the Jets in the TV lounge in the barracks. A buddy said I was so passionate towards such a young team I must be on the team. I knew then I was and would always be a Seahawks fan. Now, lest get out there, win the NFC West & get back to the championship game! SEAHAWKS 4 LIFE!!!!

  • deeman853

    I sm from and grew up in Salisbury, Maryland (Delmarva Peninsula).  I was originally and old Baltimore Colts fan (50s-60s), but switched to the Redskins when Johhny U and the Colts left town in ’73.  I had always been a fan of Montana and Young even though I really didn’t like the 49ers.  Holmgren caught my eye even back then because he was the QB guru who spawned two of the the greatest QBs in the NFL and later on, a 3rd great QB in Farve.  I moved to the Northwest, (Tacoma) in 1994, but still was following the Redskins.  But when Seattle picked Holmgren as their head coach in ’99, I switched allegiences.  And I’m glad I did.  I’ve been a season ticket holder for over 10 years now and absolutely love my SEAHAWKS!!!   It’s frustrating that we actually have a pretty good team most years, but get no recognition or love at all.  We have the most loyal fan base in the NFL and the LOUDEST stadium.

  • Swenson

    I am new to Toronto and stoked for the Seahwaks to be in town. Anyone know of a section that a couple of ‘Hawks fans should buy tickets in? Would love to cheer on the team with some other fans.