Sep 24, 2012; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Seahawks receiver Golden Tate (81) catches a 24-yard touchdown pass as Green Bay Packers players Sam Shields (37), and Jarrett Bush (24), and Charles Woodson (21) and Jarrett Williams (38) defend on the final play at CenturyLink Field. The Seahawks defeated the Packers 14-12. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

Final Thoughts On The Final Play Of Seahawks – Packers

I had a tough time deciding on a way to start this article. My first thought was tease the headline about it being the “one ref call that decided the game,” and then to spend the first 4-5 paragraphs talking about the phantom Pass Interference call that gave the Packers their only touchdown.

My second thought was to run through the litany of time the same thing has happened against the Seahawks, and how this is the first time that one of these calls has ever decided a game in the Seahawks favor. I mean, you only have to go back 1 year to the Cleveland game when a phantom block in the back call cost the Seahawks the win.

Ultimately though, this play doesn’t need that extra noise. It comes down to 2 things: Did Golden Tate make a great 1 handed catch in traffic? and can anyone honestly say he didn’t?

I can say, I’ve seen every view, every angle, and all slowed down to super slow-mo speed. I’ve also seen literally (and I actually mean literally, not figuratively) 100′s of still shots of the play, from every photographer that was at the game. There isn’t a single view in which you can see whether or not Tate made that 1 handed catch with his left hand.

There is only one person on Earth who was in a position to see what happened there, and that was the line judge, the one who signaled that it was a touchdown. The back judge couldn’t see it, he was looking through the backs of the players. No, there was only one person anywhere who had the right vantage point to see if Tate made the catch, and he signaled that it was a TD.

Now, for the record, I don’t believe he did. I think the Seahawks were given a gift here, but that’s just my opinion. As I said above, there isn’t any camera angle that definitely says one way or the other.

And that is the problem.

Ultimately we don’t know, but this isn’t the cut-and-dry obvious call that we’re being told it is.

There’s a reason why ESPN is refusing to show all the camera angles. There are ones that clearly show Tate getting his hand in there, making the refs ruling of a 1-handed catch possible. The reason, because controversy sells. Their TV ratings were up 20% today. Their website probably had over a million extra hits. They are playing up the “Packers got robbed” angle because it’s good for their bottom line.

And the sad thing is that so many sports fans are eating it up.

I also think that it is stupid that the entire sports world is focussing on this 1 play. Even if you believe that this one all was horribly wrong, was it any more wrong that the Kam Chancellor PI call? Or any of the six (SIX!) absolutely egregious holds that weren’t called on the Packers on their TD drive? Or any other of the 20 or so other absolutely horrible calls the refs made?

Would we still be focussing on that play had it happened the first time the Seahawks got down there and there was still 2+ minutes left on the clock? I honestly don’t think it would be the focal point that it has become. At that point in the game, the Packers would have gotten the ball back and had a chance to re-take the lead, but had the Seahawks stopped them the outcome would have been the same.

That one call isn’t any more important to the outcome of the game as any other call. It’s the focal point only because it was a last play of the game, and because ESPN is selling the controversy.

Well, It’s time for use to be better than that, and to be smarter than that.

There was 59 minutes and 59 seconds of very interesting football that is being ignored, and right now that ends.

This will be the final time I discuss this play. After this, if you’re looking for additional commentary on it, you’ll have to look elsewhere on the internet.

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  • Michael Bernazzani

    Good job. I love it, it fits this team’s attitude perfectly. Like they needed any more of an “us vs. NFL” attitude. They’re going to rally even tighter now, the pass rush is hitting it’s stride, it’s only game 4 & we’re 2-1. I wouldn’t want to be the Rams this week… #12thMan

  • Whipper Snapper

    Important to note that the Seahawks won on paper and that’s about it. How you people in Seattle can drink Pete Carroll’s kool-aid is beyond me. It’s a joke to the NFL and to any fan. The Hawks got away with 4 penalities on the final drive alone. Lost interception on phantom roughing the passer; PI by Rice(not Shields); blatant PI by that little man Tate; and the joke of a call made at the end of the game. Carroll needs to fess up that they lucked out. How about we talk about the 4 timeouts you got in the first game?

    • sea

      im guessing you didnt read this article

    • 12thMan_Rising

      why don’t you try reading the actual article before spouting off pointless and worthless comments.

  • Thomas Burke

    Wow, really? You fans in Seattle are going as far as “Conspiracy! ESPN is refusing to show all the angles! Ratings, this is all for ratings!”. The only angle that counts is the well filmed angle that shows MD Jennings catching the ball in the air and crashing to the ground with it hugged to his chest. What other angle would miraculously put Tates hands around the ball? Perhaps the camera they use for Penn and Teller magic shows?

    • 12thMan_Rising

      Look at the top link on our “HUB” on the main page. It very clearly shows Tate with possession and Jennings’s left hand flailing around nowhere near the football.

      Why do you suppose it is that ESPN wont show that camera angle?

    • 12thMan_Rising

      You must remember that ESPN is in the business of making money first, and covering sports 2nd. Denying that fact is denying the very nature of the capitalistic nature of the society we live in. Surely you aren’t that naive, right?

  • Things

    The fact that you can actually believe what you wrote is beyond me. Amazing.

  • Clay Rodgers

    The fact that you’ve actually convinced yourself that the ridiculous scenario that you’ve played out in your mind is true astounds me. Can your myopic devotion to the Seahawks completely blind you to the truth that millions of fans and every sportscaster outside of the pacific northwest agrees to? What a joke.

    • 12thMan_Rising

      Apparently reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit. Let me help you out with a quote:

      “Now, for the record, I don’t believe he did. I think the Seahawks were given a gift here, but that’s just my opinion. As I said above, there isn’t any camera angle that definitely says one way or the other.”

  • GratefulMed

    You are totally delusional. The ENTIRE world believes this was a gift. Called correctly, it’s just another close loss. Hardly the second coming. First half was dominant Seahawks over Packers, score 7-0. Second half was just as dominant Packers over Seahawks, score 12-7. Last play (gift) was the only way Seahawks claim victory. Both teams have strengths and weaknesses; neither goes far unless they improve from here.

  • Crash

    This game could easily have been scoreless at the end of regulation. There were horrible calls and missed calls against both teams all night long. BUT- that does not change the fact that the Seahawks were handed a victory in error. Period. Whine about all the missed / wrong / horrible calls you want. But don’t try to shift the emphasis away from the fact that what happened at the end…happened exactly the way everybody outside of Seattle saw it. C’mon man!

  • David Robinson

    Holy crap, Keith, what a bunch of trolls! Anyway, love your article. I wasn’t sure if this was a catch or not by Tate. However, when I went to the NFL rulebook, and read the rule on what constitutes “control” of the football (The key phrase in the simultaneous catch rule) and then re-watched the video, it is clear both parties established control the entire way through the catch, and established control at the same time. See Rule 8, Section 1, Article 3 of the NFL Rule Book defines a catch: A forward pass is complete (by the offense) or intercepted (by the defense) if a player, who is inbounds: (a) secures control of the ball in his hands or arms prior to the ball touching the ground; and Anyway, the key here is that the hands are on the ball at the same moment as the defense. The only question remaining is, did Tate’s left arm maintain control the entire way through the catch? That’s where your picture is so valuable… it shows exactly that. What his “right arm” did is irrelevant. What Jennings did after first touching (control) the ball is irrelevant. READ THE DAMN RULEBOOK TROLLS