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3 Trade Deadline Moves The Seahawks Should Make, But Wont

The NFL’s trade deadline was moved from today and noon to Thursday at the same time because of the Hurricane. That gives teams 2 more days to try and get deals done. Unfortunately, it wont matter. This is the NFL, and not MLB, so new players can’t just slide into a new team and contribute. It takes time to learn the new team’s system. Plus, draft picks, the currency of which trades usually take place, have become and increasingly precious commodity in recent years.

Overall, trades just don’t happen very often in the NFL, so the extra time just isn’t going to make the NFL trade deadline period any more interesting.

But even with all that in mind, I’ve come up with 3 trades I’d like to see the Seahawks do before Thursday’s deadline. All are fair in terms of value for both teams, and the end result nets them much needed upgrades and WR and TE, and is roughly draft pick neutral for the Seahawks because they are able to deal from positions where they have strength and depth.

1) Matt Flynn and Golden Tate to Kansas City For QB Matt Cassell and WR Dwayne Bowe

This move just makes so much sense for both teams. The Chief’s season is over as far as competing is concerned. Matt Cassell’s tenture is done as well, and Brady Quinn has shown already that he isn’t going to be a long term answer at QB. The best thing for the Chiefs this season would be to acquire a potential QB of the future and use the rest of the season to evaluate and develop him. Bowe has said he wants out of KC and wont re-sign with them, so using him as trade bait to get that QB is probably best rather than expending draft picks.

The Seahawks have committed to Russell Wilson at QB, so Flynn’s contract is something they’ll want to move at some point. Trading Flynn leave the Seahawks without a backup QB, which is why Cassell would be a part of the deal. It would be a risk, since Cassell doesn’t know the offense, but with the bye week coming up he would get acclimated fairly quickly.

Bowe would be a big upgrade at WR for the Seahawks, and give the Seahawks a great compliment to Sydney Rice on the outside. Bowe is the type of weapon that could really be a difference maker as the Seahawks make a run for the playoffs.

2) Anthony McCoy and a 6th round pick to Tennessee for TE Jared Cook

Jared Cook was hoping that a breakout year would lead to a big contract this next offseason. Instead, a bad team and the need to block on almost play has led Cook to being frustrated and wanting out of Tennessee. Cook would be a huge upgrade at TE for Seattle, and allow them to take better advantage of multi TE sets.

Cook would also be a good candidate for a 1 year “prove it” contract that the Seahawks like to give. Plus, if they can get him to sign one, he’d be good Zach Miller insurance as they try to negotiate down his current $11 million cap number for next season.

McCoy give the Titans a young TE with upside, but low current value, and a draft pick compensation for a player who is going to be leaving anyways.

3) Marcus Trufant to Baltimore for 6th (or 5th) round draft pick.

A 5th round pick would be ideal for Seattle, and probably fair compensation for Trufant, but I’d take a 6th if it gets the deal done. The Seahawks need a roster spot for Walter Thurmond who about to come off the PUP list. Thurmond is a better fit than Trufant for Seattle’s scheme, and is a younger player with much more upside. I also keep hearing how much the Seahawk’s coaches have been impressed with Danny Gorrer, and want to expand his roll in the near future. The return of Thurmond and the emergence of Gorrer almost certainly means a decreased roll for Trufant here in Seattle.

For the Ravens though, Trufant has a lot of value. The Ravens are short handed at CB, and Trufant would be a valuable asset to them as they make a playoff run. Plus, Trufants zone coverage abilities and sure tackling make him a better fit in Baltimore’s scheme than in Seattle’s, where his lack of man to man skills are a liability.

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  • Hawk_Eye

    Keith, those are some great trade ideas. I would be happy with any of those. I especially like the idea of getting some trade value for Trufant before we release him next year. The same could be said for LB Hill. Who could we trade him for? This is Golden Tate’s make or break third year. I think he would do better for us as a slot receiver. Too small for a #2 receiver.

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  • ricefield

    Love the QB/WR trade. The only negative would be if Bowe doesn’t resign. Cassel did well in NE/KC under the Pats offense. I guess he is a successful scheme QB. Hate to see Trufant go. That’s just the NFL though. Hated to see Lofa leave a couple of years ago. Too bad you couldn’t come up with a RT who can pass block.

  • 12thcompadre

    Trufant for a 5th rounder is a terrible idea. He’s only 30 and he’s still got a ton of talent

  • Robert

    These are by far the worst thought of trade rumors EVER LOL.

    1. Flynn, Tate for Cassell and Bowe?

    So how would Seattle be able to do this? The contracts don’t match up and Cassell has a bigger Contract Then Flynn and Bowe is franchised. Tate is on his Rookie Contract still? You’re willing to trade are only YOUNG WR with TALENT..? Ya think of another one? Baldwin has been awful this year even with his injury. He’s a Brandon Stokely/Wes Welker player. Tate is a Desean Jackson/Percy Harvin type of player. Ya this is the worst trade from every angle of it, for both teams.

    2. Jared Cook trade.. You don’t even need to trade Mccoy to grab him, a 6th round pick would do it by itself, and then the release of Evan Moore. Though this is the only realistic trade you have, this will not happen during this season or offseason. Team is not worried about the TE with the surprising season Mccoy is having.Team needs WR too get seperation to spread the field so Miller and Mccoy can get more single converage.

    3. Trufant being traded is not likely. We released Gorrer, and got Thurmond off of PuP. Everyone Wants are corners, but if we trade one then our depth goes down with the talent we have.. Trufant could get traded, but it’s unlikely and it’s going to cost the team more then 1 draft pick for a half season rental.

    If any trade will happen this week, it will be for a WR that’s not a big time name. Devry Henderson from the Saints, is a possibilty. Other then that nothing will happen/

    Please, if your going to make up crappy trade rumors actually think of logic behind it from both teams perspectives, not just names. Also most trades don’t exchange player for player.. Player for pick, is the usual.

    -True Seahawk Fan, who know’s what he’s talking about.