Oct 28, 2012; Detroit, MI, USA; Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll reacts on the sidelines in the fourth quarter against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field. Detroit Lions defeated the Seattle Seahawks 28-24. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-US PRESSWIRE

Thinking Out Loud: Pete Carroll

I’ve noticed a change in the dialog concerning Pete Carroll in the media. More and more people are openly questioning if he can “get it done” here in Seattle. I’m not talking about the big national media outlets that generally hate all things Seattle simply out of principle. I’m referring to the more balanced voices out there that have been pro-Carroll in the past.

One in particular responded to a Pete Carroll quote from this morning (“We”re so close to 8-0.”) with “Something a loser says.” It caught me off guard. I started looking around the internet and asking people, and it didn’t take long for me to realize that the Pete Carroll bandwagon has gotten rather empty outside of Seattle.

Now, those of us that are apart of the 12th Man seriously don’t care about all that. But it does leave me wondering why so voices that used to speak out on his behalf are now turning against him. I mean, just look at the roster and you’ll see how good he’s been to the Seahawks.

When he took over, the roster was full of old, small, slow players, with generally bad contracts. The roster was a mess, and there was essentially nothing to work with. The fact that the Seahawks are competitive now speaks volumes to the improvement of the roster.

This is especially true on defense. Even coming off a poor performance yesterday, it’s impossible not recognize the talent the Seahawks have in the secondary and the front 7. The scheme needs some fixing, but the athletes are there.

The truth is that the Seahawks have been in every game this season. They’re 4-4, but have had the ball with a chance to win in the 4th quarter in all 4 losses. 4-4 is still mediocre, but at least they’re competitive. That certainly wasn’t the case before Carroll got here when the Seahawks won just 9 games combined in the 2 seasons prior to his arrival.

But lets be honest and take the good with the bad. The offense is a mess. The O-line has regressed this season, the receivers are genuinely poor (sans Sydney Rice), and the TEs after Miller are hardly worthy of spots on an NFL roster. Is this offense genuinely better than when Carroll got here? It’s tough to objectively say that it is.

There are also other things about the Carroll’s Seahawks that are immensely frustrating. The penalties come to mind, though they have been better the last couple weeks. It’s still a concern but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt on the subject until they come back.

The bigger problem is the fact that Seahawks can only seem to play well for 2 quarters in any game. Usually it’s the 2nd half, but that’s hardly consistently true. In the 49ers and Panthers games, it was the 1st and 4th quarters. Against the Packers is was just the 1st half. In the end, it’s just unacceptable. Teams in the NFL aren’t going to win very often if they can’t put forth 4 quarters worth of effort each week. If Caroll can’t fix this, then the Seahawks will always be mediocre under his tenture.

I was asked today if Carroll could be let go if the Seahawks don’t make the playoffs. The answer to that was a definite “no.” Carroll said before he was hired that it would take 3 years to build the roster, before being able to win in year 4. That was the expectation when he was hired, and there’s no reason why he shouldn’t be given the chance to see it through.

Even if the Seahawks stumble in the second half of the season, the only way Carroll loses his job is if he loses the locker room. Unless the players turn on him, (and they wont; they love him.) Carroll will definitely be back in 2013.

And he should be. Carroll has done a good job. He hasn’t been perfect by any measure, but he hasn’t been bad either. He’s earned the right to see his plan though to the end.

Beyond that, his future is tied to the development of Russell Wilson. Carroll waited until too long into his tenture in Seattle to settle on a QB. If Wilson develops into a franchise QB, than the Seahawks make the playoffs next year and he’s set in Seattle for a few more years. If Wilson doesn’t improve, then the Seahawks are destined to mediocrity, and Carroll’s leash with the Seahawks will become incredibly short.

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  • Hawk_Eye

    When I saw our schedule at the beginning of the year, I knew if we came out 4-4 after the first 8 games we would be ok. All our conference games were away and the non-converance games was Dallas, New England, Detroit and Green Bay. Those are all playoff caliber teams and that is a brutal schedule. I don’t care who we had at quarterback, even if we had Peyton Manning or Matt Hasselback, we would be doing good at 4-4. And by the way Payton is 4-3 and Matt is 3-5.

    We will make the playoffs this year. Look at our NFC conference. Atlanta and New York have their division wrapped up. In the NFC North Division, Chicago, Green Bay and Minnesota will beat each other up, so 2 teams will come out of that division. That leaves our division with Arizona tanking. We have 5 of the finial 8 games at home and will make the playoffs this year!

    Do we need some upgrades on offense and defense? Yes! Are we moving in the right direction? Yes! Do we have a young team with a rookie quarterback that Pete Carroll said he was going to bring along slowly. Yes! Has he gotten better every game? Yes! Russell Wilson has the 2nd best qbr ratings of rookie quarterbacks behind RGIII.

    I have been a Seahawk fan since 1976, and I’ve seen a lot of coaches and general managers. I love the direction this team is going and this is a great time to be a Seahawk fan.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jeffery.j.beckham Jeffery Beckham

      I agree. Carroll has done a good job, Wilson is getting more and more reps each game and has gotten better even if the HAWKS lose. It takes time to be great. RG3 is not doing a whole lot better. He just gets more attention. Luck sucks, just what I thought while he was at Stanford. He may be the next Ryan Leaf.

    • PokeyPuffy

      good points, so the NFC wildcard picture may well hinge on what happens with the Minnesota game. And if we make it in perhaps a potential rematch with Green Bay!

  • Damon Marino

    I like what you guys are saying, it makes alot of sense. Teams are really gonna be worried about us next year, and the last half of this season! I kinda wonder if Carroll likes being unpredictable and hard to figure out! Sometimes I swear that he trys to play rope a dope and get other teams to think Seattle is nothing to worry about, that they”ll be a easy win and then catch em off guard and turn around and slam that team. I guess it would kinda be like cruiz’in the first rounds of a heavyweight fight to test the waters and see what your foe bring to the table. Save your energy, let him drain his tank and give him your best punches in the later rounds. I guess its called saving your best for last. Its funny because all of the so called N.F.L experts cant figure out what carrolls doing! Ive seen em throw up their arms and say ” I cant figure out what the hell this team is doing! I laugh my ass off. Theyll figure it out when its to late…Its going to be the perfect Storm!