The Seahawks – The Haves and Have-nots

Now that we’re in the bye part of our season, I wanted to take a moment to evaluate what we know we have… and have not.

We have not: a quarterback controversy. In fact, yesterday I heard sports radio commentators remarking that the Jets switching out quarterbacks during a drive was actually disruptive and created a stall in drives. This was followed by advice to commit to your quarterback just like Seattle did with Wilson… that it would have been the height of stupidity to bring Flynn in just to see what he had. Hind sight is a wonderful thing! It hasn’t been that many weeks since Seattle sports commentators were calling for Flynn to play just to see what he had.

We have: an unseasoned quarterback. As good as Wilson is performing, he’s still a rookie and there will be mistakes. There were certainly plays in the first half of the Jets game where he struggled, holding on to the ball too long, not sliding when he ran for yardage, missing open receivers down field.

We have: A quarterback with amazing ability to implement learned information in the middle of a game. In spite of his youth and inexperience in the NFL, Wilson isn’t one to continually make mistakes. He has an amazing ability to filter information and implement it immediately.

We have not: a solid receiver corp. Although we have some excellent receivers, injury has kept us from being solid at this position. While Rice and Tate have been consistent, Edwards and Baldwin have been only spotty contributors (injuries) even though both looked great in training camp. Meanwhile Kearse remains untested after drops in the Viking game.

We have: An amazing Tight End. Zack Miller is golden. Whether blocking, running routes or catching the ball, he’s a favorite target down the middle and with his size, a difficult player to bring down.

We have: an amazing defense. Even though they have faced questions regarding how good they really are (optimus prime) they continue to be formidable opponents; opportunists with great speed, size and a desire to hold other team scoreless…

We have: a fantastic owner/front office.

We have: a much needed week off to heal injuries and prepare for the home stretch.

We have: a chance to be a 10-6 team! Or 11-5!

Who’s  excited?!

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  • Hawk_Eye

    I said from the beginning of this season, if we can go 4-4 in the first 8 games of this brutal schedule, we will go 10-6 and make the playoffs. Go Hawks! (Just like Russell)

  • James Turne

    We have a chance at a 12-4 season! Any given Sunday aside I’ve talked to some Bears fans and they’re not completely convinced it’s a win for them. We play the Bears a lot. We remember them and they remember us from last year. They were out Cutler and Forte and we came up with the win in Chicago. This year they should have both of them come game day and we’ll have not Tavaris Jackson.

  • ricefield

    I hope the Hawks can find a way to keep Miller. He has made some great catches, some one handed. I agree about 6-0 with Cutler and Smith having concussions. Campbell looked like Jimmy Clausen II with his 2 yard pass routes. I wonder how good Kaepernick really is. Both games could be 8-9 in the box and a dare to pass. What will the Hawks do with Flynn if Wilson continues his progression?