Poll: Ranking The Seahawk’s Offseason Needs

For the first time in years, the Seahawks don’t have a long list of positions that must be addressed in the offseason. Taking a quick look at the list of free agent agents, and you’ll see that the Seahawks likely wont have more than 3 new starters in 2013, and thats combined offense and defense.

Yet while the Seahawks are a very good team, the roster is still flawed. They lack depth in key areas and playmakers in others. The defense also has a large number of 1-dimensional players (only good against the run or pass, but not both) which means they could use replacements that are capable of being every down players.

Before I tell you how I’d rank the team’s needs, I want to give you, our loyal readers, a chance to tell me what you think are the team’s biggest needs this offseason.

So please pick the 3 that you think are the biggest needs for the Seahawks. Why 3? because almost everyone should agree on the top need, after that, those that are lesser needs will be less likely to get votes. Trust me, it works. Just play along.

What is the Seahawk's Biggest Needs This Offseason? (pick top 3)

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As I said above, the needs aren’t many. Most of the positions listed above are missing backups, not starters. That’s a nice problem to have.

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  • Dan

    Uhhh i only got to vote for one position… But IMO its gotta be DT first and foremost. After that it all depends on how free agency goes but assuming we make no deals to roll over cap space for key free agents next year I’d go with LB and DE.

    • Dan

      As the saying goes, “defense wins championships”

    • Hawkman54

      DE is way more of a need than DT in my opinion. Clemons if healthy is fine , but after that Irvin is really only good in spot situations. He will never be a 3 down lineman- I would prefer to see a Manster type DE in the draft like Ezekiel Ansah(sp) and get Randy Starks in free agency ( from Miami DT) then lets figure out how to fix ( thurmond if healthy?) the nickle corner and SS, for Kam was Horrid in pass coverage all year!

      • Dan

        Wow i actually agree with almost everything you said. Of the free agency pool, I want Starks the most (I’ll pass on the WRs available). And I really like Ansah (but please GOD let Richardson fall to us) and the nickle corner is a big concern of mine. But after Kam destroyed Davis, I fell in love. I think his presence as a bruiser, coupled with Earl’s coverage skills, makes him very valuable on our defense.

        • 12thMan_Rising

          you’re not allowed to agree with Hawkman. please change your opinion (Joking!)

          I’m not concerned at CB because of how well Maxwell and Lane played. Nickel CB will sort itself out now that those 2 guys have seen the field.

          • Hawkman54

            Now what did I do?

          • 12thMan_Rising

            not sure, what did you do?

          • Hawkman54

            But What about Kam’s poor pass D?

          • 12thMan_Rising

            I think the Seahawks can hide it schematically like they did in 2011. Pass coverage just isn’t in his skill set.

  • Dakota James

    I would like to see OG on the list. Sweezy could be replaced.

    • Dan

      Our depth is pretty solid all across the board on the O-Line. People seem to forget about Carpenter. I betting he’s the comeback story of the year next season.

      • Hawkman54

        If Carpenter returns and plays as many think , great . But that fixes or plugs into the LG spot more than likely – The RG spot was of bigger concern than any other spot as I see it in review, more so than the RT.

      • Dan

        You’re probably right that our LG is the biggest hole on our O-line. But Mcquiston’s a very versatile player and Sweezy could improve a lot over the offseason.. I just feel like we’ve got bigger needs.

    • Dan

      James Carpenter is expected to be fully healed by the offseason program. I really like our depth on the O-Line.

    • 12thMan_Rising

      I had G, but then removed it. With Moffit, Sweezy, Carpenter, McQuistan and Rishaw Johnson all on the roster, I doubt the Seahawks add another G to the mix this year. If the position is still a problem in 2013, they I think they address it the following offseason.

  • Hawkman54

    Tried to vote , but it won’t let me – keeps saying maximum amount of choices ONE-
    Of the three above I would say DE- LB- DT,
    That being said I believe that as good as Kam is against the run he is as woeful in pass defense /coverage and unless he can improve dramatically I would say we need a new SS right after the DE & DT. Plus I believe the right OG is more of a need to get fixed one way or the other than the RT- throw a speed WR in the mix couldn’t hurt either.

    • 12thMan_Rising

      that’s fixed. Sorry about that problem.

  • Mikel

    cliff avril is a free agent this year after being franchised last year…

    • 12thMan_Rising

      I just wonder about his price tag.

  • ltajk13

    Our Offense played well, it was our suspect defense that needs more help.

    • 12thMan_Rising

      which is odd, since the D was a major strength the year before with mostly the same roster.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jeremy.mcallister Jeremy McAllister

    I’d suggest repositioning Kam into a OLB (his pass defense is atrocious, amazing tackler though, wicked nasty hitting power that’s among the best in the league) and drafting a SS who can pass cover. Then we could go for a DL and a WR,

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