Seattle Seahawks Fans Weigh In On NFL Draft Prospects

I wanted to try something new this week. With the NFL draft on the mind of most NFL fans right now because of last week’s NFL Scouting Combine, I thought I’d get a feel for how Seahawk fans were feeling about some of the players.

The format was simple. Ask a pair of semi open-ended questions on twitter, see what responses came in, and post a few of the “best”* ones here.

*I have no criteria for “best” so don’t ask. This is all just for fun. 

What 1 player in this draft would excite you the most if the Seahawks took them? It doesn’t have to be a player that will be available when the Seahawks pick.

A lot of love for defensive linemen. Not that I blame anyone for that. A dominant defensive linemen would be a scary addition to those teams that have to play Seattle this year.

This was only a few of the responses. Tayvon Austin was the player who’s name came up the most, and WR was the most common position.

In fact, I was surprised at the number of WR responses.  I’m not sure if that is an indication of the quality of the WR class (which is very solid) or Seattle’s need at the position (which is strong) or a combination of the two.

What first round prospect would disappoint you the most if the Seahawks selected them?

I actually got about 10 for votes Te’o, by far the most for any player, and that one was my favorite. Somehow, when I read this it sync’d up with the batman theme song.

Dayna is the Seahawk’s rep for (yes, I am shamelessly plugging her site for no reason)

This one surprised me. I thought I was the only person who wasn’t sold on the Tayvon hype.

I really liked this response. It’s true that Pete and John have earned out trust and have picked very well (at least in terms of defensive players and a certain QB), so if they believe that a player is the right fit for this team, I’m willing to roll with it.


So, did you see your response? Do you have a name to add for either question? Are you mad at me because you responded on twitter and I stupidly chose not to include your answer? Let me know in the comments!

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  • 12Manderson89

    Trade Flynn and Baldwin to the Jags or Jets and draft Austin and Marquis Wilson, then we’d have a nice feeling at wr heading into the season, then id love Sio Moore. Really the Lb group this year is fairly deep, and with all the luck P&J have had with the drafting Lb’s i feel very confident in whoever they end up taking. All the talk about the DL group being deep…. I just dont see it. Maybe i missed something but i found it quite weak all around, not alot of value in those picks imo. So id love us to go out and sign a Freeney or Osi if the price is right. Also Desmond Bryant and his dui, lower price tag, little easy fix for trouble making, has Pete written ALL over it. 12 ALWAYS

  • DM

    We recently had a brief and enjoyably discussion about this on twitter. I lobbied for RT and LB as more important holes in the roster than DL and WR. I thought I would through it open to the opinions of your readers.

    Obviously a lot of love for DL and WR in the comments you posted. But my argument is based more on Giacomini and Hill needing replacement more than Rice/Tate/Baldwin and Clemons/Irwin. Hill being basically done thanks to the arrest. Thoughts anyone?

    And on the subject of who would I be most excited if we drafted. If Lattimore made it to the 4th and we pick him up as backup and eventual replacement for Lynch, I would be very excited!



  • Kyle Wilson

    I’d like to see Pete and John trade up for DE Bjoern Werner, he looks like a blue chipper and could be taken anywhere really depending on how teams want to go. (From pick 2nd-15th overall) And if he survives the first 13 picks, that’s where I’d like to see the trade up move.

    • kikiri

      I would be pretty estactic if seattle took werner he has been my favorite prospect all year long and I agree I have seen mock drafts where he was anywhere from the 2nd overall pick to the 21st another player I like people may not agree but he would be worth it is damontre moore his combine killed him and even with a good pro day people still doubt him and I think knowing pc if he is up still he could potentially take a chance on him he is more or less a clemons clone similar to tank carradine I would say tank carradine but a acl is serious stuff imo not worth more then a 2nd round pick

  • Kyle Wilson

    And DM, Malcom Smith is fit enough to replace Hill if he doesn’t come back which is likely he wont. And Irvin is still growing and a situation DE, while bryant is a run stuffing DE, and Clemons is getting old, coming off injury, and contract is almost up, I say DE is a need. Next to DE, DT we also need about just as much unless we want to put bryant in the middle on some plays, because Allen Branch is out, but I see us taking a DT in free agency such as Seymour and Jenkins.

  • Eran

    Here is someone i really want and he will be available maybe as late as the 3rd rd. I want Swops….I really do. I went to check his tape to see his receiving skills(fantastic) but fell in love with his blocking. This guys understands the game and gives everything he has every single snap. He would be the perfect slot WR for us. Tall, smart, fearless and fast. Can i have him Pete ? pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • Eran

      Don’t get me wrong here, the mind says Cooper or Flucker to protect out lil treasure, a Sheriff Floyd on the D line…but the heart wants Swops or Margus Hunt….lol

  • 12thManderson89

    Im thinking the best way to go then would be, fluker, cooper in the 1st, we NEED a LB in the 2nd, to me thats a given. The talent in that round for the LB class is just amazing and Malcolm Smith is a good situational, i just dont feel he could benefit us as a starter. I really like swopes as well, but for the value i love marquis wilson. Truthfully i feel the mans got it all minus the bad rep.

    1st: Fluker/Cooper
    2nd: Sio Moore/Corey Lemonier
    3rd:Tyrann Matheu/Cornelius Washington
    And anywhere after these guys Marquis Wilson…. that would be My ideal draft . Let me hear some of the later round prospects all of you are high on

    • kikiri

      you dont want seattles D line to make any progress do you? when the season starts they are gonna be without 2 starters one of the 2 most likely will be replaced with a season veteran but the other no it will be the first round pick and seattle will not be drafting one they need a interior pass rusher and a LEO replacement not just for short term but for long your mock is terrible all the picks except for wilson are wasteful picks fluker is a HORRENDOUS pass blocker he is like a black joe staley really good in the run TERRIBLE against the pass he cant handle speed rushers and incase you forgot seattles is in a division FILLED with elite pass rushers chris long aldon smith ahmad brooks robert quinn do we really want to waste a pick on a overrated run blocker? ya didnt think so if seattle has to take a OL the only acceptable player is lane johnson PERIOD no arguments might not be the best lineman atm but he will be the best of the draft class and he seems like if one would go to canton it would be him he has more upside then any other lineman in the draft

  • kikiri

    IF seattle were to pick a OL the only one that would truly have me jumping for joy is lane johnson he would fit right in at home with that seattle line you have the smooth finesse (for a lineman at least) in russell okung you have savage beasts in john moffit paul mq max unger (people think giaco is dirty but thats only because he gets caught put on film of unger he is even nastier he just doesnt get caught) and jr sweezy (put on tape of sweezy from the niner game to the falcons he struggled mightily at times in pass protection but he was a fucking beast in the run game very athletic fast and aggressive)

    the safety tweet had me kinda lost it makes me wonder if that person is even a fan or even watches the games considering seattles safeties are the hardest hitters in the league not to mention they just happen to have the hardest hitting and most physical corners as well browner gets a lot of attention for some of his hits but if you go back and look at some of shermans he is quite the nasty hitter as well

    kam chancellor routinely rocks people and earl thomas is a heat seeking missile that explodes on players

    • 12thMan_Rising

      I took the safety suggestion to be a call for what we had in 2010 with Earl, Kam and Laywer Malloy all on the roster at the same time. Some of the crazy 2 safety looks were awesome, and confused the heck out of opposing QBs.

      Maybe I’m wrong though, but that was what I thought they meant.

  • 12Manderson89

    You know what the worst kind of fans in the NFL are kikiri?? Besides jets fans and niner fans?? Its the fans that will get so worked up and argue against someones OPINION… WHEN THEYRE FANS OF THE SAME TEAM. Its all good though we dont NEED someone to replace Hill at LB or anything, its not like we can sign Freeney or Osi or Abraham or anything OHHH WAIT we can and at a great discount. When this yrs DE class is a mediocre joke even bjorn werner is a joke, none are worth the first round value same as last seasons DE class. Go take a look at next yrs class for DE’s and then realize we can wait for a LEO. I will agree on Lane, an OL is where the best value will lie at our pick. Dont be getting your nanner hammock more bunched up than in already is :D