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Random Seattle Seahawks Thoughts – Post Flynn Trade Edition

The Matt Flynn trade is now finally behind us. With no other Seahawks related news out there to analyze, I found myself mentally pontificating on a number of semi-random mostly Seahawks related topics. I figured it would be fun to share a few of them.

Of course, I should also mention that I am currently sick with a very bad case of the flu, or something similar. The cold medications have me occasionally wondering if I’m still capable of lucid thoughts. So don’t take anything below too seriously.

  • 2 names I keep hearing that the Seahawks are thinking about bringing in for the backup QB spot are Tyler Thigpen and Matt Leinart. These are 2 very different players in terms of the style of game they are capable of playing.
  • The Seahawks need a backup QB. Tim Tebow is available. Anyone that suggests the Seahawks should acquire Tebow deserves to get smacked upside the head. Hey, we were all thinking it. Don’t blame me for being the one who said it out loud.
  • A name that I keep expecting to hear, but haven’t as of yet from people who have connections to the team, is Vince Young. It looks like Young’s time in the NFL might officially be over.
  • Why do we use the saying “see if he has any tread left on the tires” every time a team works out an older player? You know what tires have no tread? Racing tires. Are teams checking to see if the player has suddenly gotten faster?
  • Brian Urlacher was seen at Sea-Tac airport. Everybody panic! Tim Booth was told that he’s not in town to visit with the Seahawks.
  • Have you every wondered what the color blue would taste like? I’m pretty sure that’s the only way to describe these cough drops.
  • Another bad tire-related cliche for older players is “kick the tires.” Who does that? And what possible information could you get from this test? “Ah ha! you said is was a Mustang, but I kicked the tire. My foot told me it was, in fact, a Pinto! You scoundrel!” I kicked a car’s tire once when I was a kid. I think I remember getting yelled at for it.
  • The Cardinals have cut John Skelton, and traded for Carson Palmer. No matter who wins their QB battle this spring, it’ll be the 4th straight year with a new starting QB.
  • The 49ers traded for Colt McCoy for reasons that I simply don’t understand. Some have suggested that the deal was mostly to block Seattle from getting him, and for that we should all say thank you. If that is indeed the case, the 49ers did the Seahawks a great favor.
  • Are there any other tire-themed cliches out there? When Kam Chancellor crushed Vernon Davis and knocked him out of the game, should we have said that he “slashed his tires?” Why are we so obsessed with tires anyways?
  • The Seahawks now have $3.25 million more salary cap space. It its believed that the most likely use of it is to help extend Kam Chancellor, though that’s not the only possible use for the cap space.
  • Is anyone else wondering why Eric Winston, Alan Branch, and John Abraham are still unsigned? John Schneider needs to make a couple phone calls and see if anyone’s price has dropped.
  • Speaking of John Abraham, is there a formation with 5 DEs all on the field at the same time? Yeah, I didn’t think so. What you’d you call the formation? If 4 DEs is the NASCAR, wouldn’t 5 DEs be Forumla-1?
  • I bet tires would taste like the color blue too.

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  • All Coug’d Up

    hahahhaha. I laughed at the tires statements because I was thinking something similar just over the past couple days as it seems to be getting overused a lot. Then you talked about the Chancellor hit and that was FUNNY STUFF!

    McCoy would’ve been a disaster here. Timmy Tebow, Jr.

    And no I haven’t wondered what the color blue tastes like: I know. It tastes like kool aid!

  • Acshon Jackson

    “When Kam Chancellor crushed Vernon Wells and knocked him out of the game…”

    When did Vernon Wells start to play football? Is he trying to become the next Bo Jackson? I know it’s openning day and all in MLB, but I am assuming you meant Vernon Davis. Lol. Very funny any how.

    • 12thMan_Rising

      what i get for writing while watching baseball (or at least that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it)

  • 12thManderson89

    All i know is im happy as hell for us to an up with Portis as our back up than any of the other “Veterans” out there. He knows what we’re trying to do want our system and he’s shown Signs of being a good backup/injury fill in. Grab Portis and draft Matt Scott to compete and i feel very comfy cozy with our QB situation. Im still hooked on the draft and wanting to know who were going to grab to replace Hill…. Sean Porter or Sio Moore those are my 2 favorites. IMO id love us to grab a OT in the 2nd Sean Porter in the 3rd.

  • SeattleSportsCentral

    They say “see if he has any tread left on the tires” because tread helps you grip the road and not slide. They want him to have tread. You and cold medicine equals comedy w that Vernon Wells bit too.

  • Vearly C. Evans Sr.

    Vince Young would be a perfect fit for a team needing a quarterback. … He is Motivated, Hungry and Determined to prove he can still play this game at a high level…. and that he can lead a team deep into the playoffs and possibly to the SuperBowl… Vince Young is salary-cap friendly “Low Risk – High Reward” type of guy… He’s a wise choice for the smart Team Owner/GM….

    • ricefield

      Isn’t VY the anti Russell Wilson? VY got his OC Norm Chow fired and his coach Jeff Fisher fired. He quit on his team in Tennessee. I hope this is a joke that I don’t understand.

  • Coug1990

    Besides extending Chancellor, what other uses is there for the freed up money from the Flynn trade? Carry it over to next years cap? What else?

    Also, Urlacher is originally from Eastern Washington. Almost all of his family still lives there. So, he was probably visiting family.

    Brian and his mother moved to New Mexico when he was in the 3rd or 4th grade, if I remember correctly. Every time the Bears have visited Seattle, there is a big write up about that story because it brings out his entire extended family to the game wearing Urlacher jerseys.