May 20, 2013; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Percy Harvin (11) participates in organized team activities at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Who Will Have A Better Year: Percy Harvin Or Randall Cobb?

Chris Burke from Sport Illustrated posed an interesting question a couple days ago: Who will have the better 2013 season, Percy Harvin or Randall Cobb?

You’ll probably notice that this question has little to do with who the better player is. No one outside of Green Bay would suggest that Cobb is the better overall player. Cobb is great, don’t get me wrong, but Harvin is one of the most explosive players in the entire NFL.

Cobb though, is likely to be given a lot more opportunities because of the offense that he plays in. That was my answer that is quoted in Burke’s article. With Marshawn Lynch and Christine Michael, the Seahawks are likely to run the ball more than any other team in the NFL in 2013, and that will limit Harvin’s touches.

The Packers pass-first offense will simply present more chances for the ball to be in Cobb’s hands than Harvin is likely to get. Then again, Harvin will likely get a chance to return kicks, and may see some time in the backfield when the Seahawks run the read-option.

Burke’s conclusion was that Harvin is likely to have the better year. He cites the overall lack of quality of Seattle’s other WRs when compared to those of Green Bay. Harvin will be Russell Wilson’s best option, a fact that is difficult to dispute. Plus, Rogers is the type of QB who spreads the ball around among 6 or 7 targets each game, which will limit Cobb’s productivity.

Ultimately, it’s an academic question with little meaning once the game’s begin. Both a great players and likely to have tremendous years. The debate is still fun though, and as we trudge through the longest and most boring part of the offseason, such distractions can be amusing.

You’ve now read my take on the subject, as well as a summary of Burke’s opinion on the matter. Now it’s your turn. Vote below, and give your explanation in the comments section below.

Who Will Have The Better Season In 2013

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  • Magikl1

    Go Hawks!!

  • TapDogsDad

    Both great players. I agree that Harvin will find more balls coming his way for the reasons you stated. Bottom line, they will both make great contributions. The August preseason game between them will be fun to watch. Both QB’s are exciting, but the game won’t mean much. The Packers should win – but winning isn’t the main objective, so who knows. Hope they meet at Lambeau in the post season. Go Pack!

    • Howard

      I agree that it is a meaningless game but the Seahawks should win it. They are the better team.

      • 12thMan_Rising

        The “better” team doesn’t win preseason games. The deep team wins them, since they are decided in the 2nd half when it’s mostly the 3rd stringers playing. That is why Seattle went 4-0 in the preseason a year ago, and why they are unlikely to lose in the preseason this year. There is simply way too much depth on this roster.

        • Proudly Canadian

          Great point about preseason depth winning preseason games.

      • Travis

        They got lucky when they beat the Packers w/that blown call

  • Bruce McDermott

    Rodgers will “spread the ball around” more than Wilson? Why is that?

    • 12thMan_Rising

      It’s the type passer that he is. Wilson is better a buying time and extending the play, but then usually targets one of the 2-3 guys who he’s most familiar with. Perhaps that will change as he gets more experience, but that is what we see in last season’s film.

      • Notmial

        At this point it is ludicrous to say Russell Wilson is better at anything that Aaron Rodgers… Ludicrous

        • Bruce McDermott

          Wrong. Wilson already avoids the rush better than Rodgers. The film makes that clear. Rodgers looked like a sitting duck in the first half of the Green Bay game. Wilson looked harassed at times last season, but nothing like that. And that’s at least partly because he is excellent at avoiding the rush.

        • All Coug’d Up

          That’s not true at all. Most things, yes, but not everything. Clearly Russell is more agile and is the better escape artist.

      • Bruce McDermott

        His field vision improved markedly over last year. If that trend continues, he’ll send balls everywhere.

  • Jake

    First this article is who’s better between harvin or Cobb. It’s Harvin. And as far as who has better wr’s it’s Seattle. Rodgers could make the Jets wr’s look good. But dude writing this article come on. Your obviously a cheese head. Tate dope rice dope Baldwin dope ZMiller dope. Harvin super dope. Who is there outside of Cobb and jones in Green Bay? Get real dude. Ill say Rodgers is the better QB but Wilson will be great too. Get it right dude.

    • All Coug’d Up

      Are you serious? You’re on a Seattle site with the Lead editor writing the article… Also, it clearly states at the beginning of the article that this has NOTHING TO DO WITH WHO’S BETTER, but rather who will have a better year. Know what you’re talking about … DUDE!

  • Joe

    There is no denying the talent of either player but there is a reason why Harvin was dealt. Minnesota was willing to bail on Harvin when they had ZERO options at WR and they did that for a reason. His health has always been a big question mark and his locker room antics are well known around the Twin Cities.
    In all honesty no one knows who will have the better year but if I had to pick one I would go with Cobb because of the question marks that come with Harvin.

  • Kugler

    Harvin will have migraine issues again this year…and who know how hes doin with the wierd injury at the end of the season. Great player…but maybe not the best TEAM player. Just wait, he’ll be complaining about not getting the ball within the first 3 or 4 weeks, and then this fiasco will start all over again. I hate the packers, but cobb will more than likely have the better year.

    • All Coug’d Up

      Harvin stated in his presser that he no longer has the migraine issues that have plagued him in the past and is 100% healthy from any pre-existing injuries. Whether or not that’s absolutely accurate I don’t know, but for the record he did say he’s over all that.

      • Kugler

        For now…His touches are going to to be less than what they were in MN. What remains to be seen is how he will handle being in a decreased role, not being the star of the show getting 75% of the touches a game. Will these things come back because he is unhappy??? Only time will tell…

    • D_Hawk

      You’re a bit behind on current events. The team took him to Mayo and they found the source of the migraines…he hasn’t had one in over two years. He only missed three games over his first three seasons and will be just fine.