May 10, 2013; Renton, WA, USA; Seattle Seahawks offensive tackle Michael Bowie (73, middle) and guard Ryan Seymour (62) participate in a rookie minicamp practice at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Bowie Getting 1st-Team Reps At Right Tackle

Breno Giacomini missed another OTA with an injured knee. Pete Carroll says it’s nothing serious, but Giacomini wasn’t even present for the workouts. He was in New York getting getting the knee checked out by a specialist.

Rookie Michael Bowie, a 7th round pick, is taking full advantage of the situation. Bowie has been getting all the first team reps in the workouts, and is likely to continue to get them in the team’s mini-camp next week.

This is a situation to keep an eye for a number of reasons.

For starters, if Giacomini continues to have problems with his knee, it could signal that the problem is worse than is currently believed. The Seahawks are already thin at OT, and losing a presumed starter certainly would help that situation.

Plus, Giacomini isn’t exactly entrenched as the starter. His exact value is debated, but there have been multiple reports that the team wanted to draft his replacement in the 2nd round of the draft, but that all their targets were gone before the Seahawks had a chance to pick.

Giacomini is entering the final year of his contract, and is due $3.5 million this season. While the team clearly isn’t dying to get rid of Giacomini, they’d certainly love to save that cap space to be used to re-sign Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas next offseason.

While the team is already thin at the position, it’s much easier to find a backup than it is to find a starter. If Bowie can pass Giacomini on the depth chart, be that through injury or on-field performance, then don’t be surprised if Giacomini is released. The Seahawks would then have to find a new backup, or preferably, re-sign Giacomini to a contract more fitting his talent level.

Of course, all of this matters very little if Bowie can’t show that he’s ready for playing time. So far he’s decently, but he’s also shown he has a way to go. The talent is there, but playing his senior year at a tiny school that no one had heard of before the draft certainly didn’t help things.

This remains a situation that will be interesting to watch. Hopefully things will be much more settled early in training camp.

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  • Ron Grummer

    ” If Bowie can pass Giacomini on the depth chart, be that through injury or on-field performance, then don’t be surprised if Giacomini is released. The Seahawks would then have to find a new backup, or preferably, re-sign Giacomini to a contract more fitting his talent level.”
    And if Cows could fly, you sound like you’d be extolling the virtues of flying goats.
    It is the “more fitting his talent level” that should earn you a law suit, but does earn you a dismissive harrumph, as your own “talent level” exposes the weakness of 12th Man punditry.

    • cj

      On behalf of all who hate trolls and enjoy reading the 12th Man, flock yourself, Ron!

    • 12thMan_Rising

      Giacomini’s struggles are well documented. If you think one of the worst performing starting OTs in the NFL is worth a $4.25 million cap number, then that’s your opinion, and not one that is easily justified.

      As for Bowie, he was considered a potential early round pick before he got kicked off the Ok. St. team for “violating team rules.” He was available in the 7th because of character issues, and not because he’s lacking talent in any way.

    • All Coug’d Up

      Ron you must not watch too much NFL football, or at least not carefully. Giacomini is aggressive and nasty in attitude, but he is far from elite in talent, as that contract would suggest. We are talking about an elite team and Breno is unfortunately the weakest-link, by far. Look at some stats before you write anything like this again, because you look utterly foolish right now.

    • billdozer

      The only thing Giacomini is good at is a nasty streak and penalties. Thats why he got benched so much in the first half of last season.

      Watch Wilson play. The right side of the line is so bad we would do better with a pair of tree stumps right there. Sweezy started to come on later in the season but Moffit really struggled. The only thing Moffit has on Giacomini is the fact that hes young and the coaching staff still thinks he has value as a backup.

      The only thing ill give you is giacomini is a step above Shawn Locklear. That guy was fucking terrible.

      • billdozer

        Sorry forgot to elaborate on the Wilson part. Watch Wilson play and watch him always eye balling the right side of the line. He can trust his blind side, Okung and McQuistan/Carpenter do a great job on the left. But when he sees that overload on the right he tends to tuck it pretty quick or try and roll out. Wilson knows where the weakness in the line is you can see it by how he plays.

  • billzoder

    I think our ideal setup at this point is Okung-Carpenter-Unger-Sweezy(Moffit)-Giacomini(McQuistan).

    McQuistan will likely be kept over Giacomini, and can play any position on the line. Carpenter and moffit are pretty interchangable, although Carpenter is superior and players better on the left side. Giacomini has the least versatility of the group and is to small to play guard.

    If we could find a player to play backup at right tackle we could easily move McQuistan over to start on the right side, knowing he could still move to left tackle if okung is injured and we could have his backup at right tackle.

    I suppose worst case scenario we could run McQuistan-Moffit-Unger-Sweezy-Carpenter, even without bowie. Then Moffit becomes the odd man out and carpenter moves back to left guard with bowie taking his spot on the line.

    When you start to look at the permutations Giacomini becomes expendable if he doesnt renegotiate. I think a 2mil a year cap hit over 4 years is a bit low for him but probably what the seahawks need to keep him on the team.

  • bobk333

    People who think Giacomini is good don’t know what they are talking about. They never offer any evidence to back it up. Giacomini is still around only because Tom Cable’s ego is too big to admit a player he thinks he trained is no good.

    Giacomini cost the Seahawks two or three games last year. An adequate NFL right tackle would not have made the same mistakes. We would have been in a much better position in playoffs (with a bye and home field advantage for one or two games) and would have likely made and possibly won the Super Bowl with a tackle who was at least average.

    Please don’t go shooting your mouth off about how good Giacomini is unless you can offer evidence. Evidence of his terrible play has been provided in the past, but we have never seen it for the other side.


  • jimpassi

    brono has a lot of people that think we should dump him
    theres also some that love him sometimes hes at the wrong spot
    I don’t think hes a starter I think he was on the left side before they moved him to right side I don’t know maybe pick up a free agent theres lots of them around
    that can still play