March 20, 2013; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll answers questions from reporters during the annual NFL meetings at the Arizona Biltmore. Mandatory Credit: Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Seattle Seahawks Need To Add More Coaches To The Staff

For the Seahawks, it’s all about being bigger, stronger, and faster, right? Isn’t that the mantra we keep hearing from Pete Carroll and John Schneider? Well, there’s some new evidence that suggests that perhaps that has all just be lip service.

I’m talking of course, about the coaching staff. How can anyone say that the Seahawks care about being “bigger” when the team only has 21 coaches. That puts them right in the middle of the NFL, which is the very definition of mediocrity.

Where’s the spread game coordinator, like the the Chiefs have in Brad Childress?

Where’s the sports science coordinator like the Eagles now have?

It’s as is the Seahawks aren’t even trying.

The largest staffs in the league belong to Tampa Bay, Jacksonville and Kansas city. That alone should tell you the impact that having more coaches can have on a football team.

The smallest coaching staff? Those belong to Pittsburg and New England. It’s pretty obvious that the lack have coaches has had an extremely negative impact on those teams.

Unlike other sports, the NFL doesn’t put any limits on the size of the coaching staff. There’s simply no need to limit the size of the stuff to 21 like the Seahawks are doing. 30? 40? 50? why not?

Why not have a coach for each player? Clearly all the 1 on 1 attention would be good for the development and learning of this young team. But why stop there?

With Robert Turbin, Christine Michael and Chris Harper all the squad, the Seahawks obviously are in need of an offensive bicep coordinator. Marshawn Lynch, plus Richard Sherman and the rest of the Legion of Boom all being on this team suggests that the team could definitely use a dreadlock specialist.

There’s also no need to only look inward when figuring out what tasks are currently unfilled. For example, the Seahawks play Justin Smith and 49ers twice every season, so finding a defensive holding analyst is must. I bet if I put my mind to it, I bet I could come up with 100 new coaching positions for this team.

Come on Pete. It’s time to get it together. You know this needs to happen.

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  • Guy

    Why did you even bother writing this… There’s pretty much 0 purpose to this article…

    • 12thMan_Rising

      Its satirical comedy. I wrote it for the entertainment value. Its a long offseason.

      • All Coug’d Up

        That it is Keith… that it is

    • All Coug’d Up

      Why did you bother writing the comment? It has (-1) purpose because you spent even more time thinking about it ;)

  • Hawk_Eye

    Keith, could the Seahawks use a media relations advisor? You know what I mean? Just saying…

    • Hawk_Eye

      I guess I should have said for the players.

      • 12thMan_Rising

        that certainly wouldn’t hurt.

        • Ron Grummer

          It depends upon what type of advising such a coach would be doing. Personally, anything that dulled or lowered the personality and volume of any of our players in the media would be a serious downgrade and detriment to our team. Now if you are talking about someone who could liven up some of our more shy players (Marshawn) and maybe provide some in-depth background on opposing team players to make our more vocal superstars more incisive and personal as they deliver their devastating psychological banter on (and off) the field (go to it Sherm!), then I might support a bit more staff.

          • All Coug’d Up

            Marshawn needs to keep his Beast Mode on the field, not off it! Don’t you ever suggest that again!!!!! ;)

  • hhaawwkk

    Wow. I guess editing really is no longer necessary.

  • bobk333

    I think you are working with out of date info. I read recently that the Seahawks have the largest coaching staff in the NFL.

    If you look at the coaches pages on, there are 24 assistant coaches listed for Seattle and 23 for Tampa Bay.

    The 49ers don’t have as many assistants, but they are hiring “consultants” instead, including Eric Mangini recently to add creativity and innovation to their offense. The are also adding the former high school coach from De Lasalle as a consultant.

    I think there is an arms race brewing in assistants and consultants. With a *real* salary cap in place, the teams are still allowed to spend as much money on their organizations as they want. My impression is now that he has confidence in Schneider and Carroll, Paul Allen, the richest owner in the NFL, is spending more money on the organization – everything from assistants, scouts, video systems, computer systems, training equipment, life advisors, etc – than any other team in the league. He is the new Art Modell, who put money into his organizations. They said whenever they asked for anything, he got them the very best and often two or three of them. Modell realized thst investing money in his organization, versus putting the dollars into exorbitant player salaries, always paid off many times over.

    • 12thMan_Rising

      The info came from an AP story dated 2 days ago. If it’s wrong, then t’s wrong. it doesn’t really matter, since none of this was serious; just me being silly.

  • Jim Passi

    WHAT the teams that are what your talking about is better than
    pit. / pats / are in the lower end WHAT
    you better check that out again YOUR WRONG
    however a few more would help i would think

    • 12thMan_Rising

      It’s satire. I’m not being serious. That should have been clear when I suggest the team needed a “bicep coordinator.”

      • skeletony

        You are trying to educate a guy who spends all his time typing illegible posts here and on the News Tribune articles’ comments section but cannot be bothered to spend any time or effort learning to read and write in his native language well enough that anyone on the planet can understand a thing he says.

    • Wyatt Converse

      Dumb d’ dumb dumb… duuuuuuummmmb

  • Wyatt Converse

    wow dude

  • jimpassi

    21 maybe a little lite
    1 on 1 mite be to much $$$
    i think 33 would be right
    if we plan to make a run for it why not hire the best of the best
    retired players they could pass on everything they got
    to younger players make it happen
    put winners in with winners what happends
    winners are made they dont just happen
    paul can aford it