Dec 24, 2011; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Seahawks quarterback Tarvaris Jackson (7) passes the ball during the 2nd half against the San Francisco 49ers at CenturyLink Field. San Francisco defeated Seattle 19-17. Mandatory Credit: Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

5 Veteran Free Agents The Seattle Seahawks Should Sign Before Training Camp Beings

Now the he who shall not be named has signed with the Patriots (I promised I wouldn’t write about him, so I’m not even going to use his name here), we can finally do this without him being brought up in the comments. There are still some quality free agents out there, and while the Seahawk’s roster is stacked at most positions, there is still room for some additional depth at others.

Here’s my list of 5 free agents the Seahawks should strongly consider bringing in before the start of training camp:

  1. Eric Winston – One of the game’s best RTs last year, Winston has apparently priced himself out of a job so far. Hopefully he’s now realized that his price tag was too high, and is willing to take less just to get a job. With OT currently being the thinest position of the team, Winston would be a great addition to add depth and injury insurance heading into training camp.
  2. Dallas Clark – Clark’s best years are clearly behind him at this point, but the Seahawks currently one have 1 TE on the roster who’s played more than 15 professional snaps. The Seahawks are one Zach Miller injury away from a catastrophe at the position. Even if Clark doesn’t make the 53 man roster, having him in camp as injury insurance makes a tremendous amount of sense.
  3. Evan Rodriguez – Rodriquez was just released by the Bears yesterday. He’s a do-everything FB/TE/special teamer who’s got plenty of talent. I’ve been told that he was released because the Bears no longer wanted to deal with his off-field issues. See the explanation after Dallas Clark for why he’d make sense for the Seattle, and Pete Carroll has never worried about a player’s off-field troubles when looking for talent.
  4. John Abraham – The Seahawks have already lost Bruce Irvin for the first 4 games, and Chris Clemons’s status for those same weeks wont be known until we get there. In the mean time, the Seahawks could use another body at the position to make sure they’re set once the games begin. He might be getting up there in age, but you could do much worse than Abraham.
  5. Tarvaris Jackson – Released by the Bills yesterday, Seattle’s former starting QB is in need of a job. The Seahawks are still auditioning players to be Russell Wilson’s backup. We know that Jackson isn’t particularly good, but he did show that he can win half his games in this offense, which is all you can ever ask from a backup QB, and something that Brady Quinn has never done.

Obviously, no player on this list is going to make or break the 2013 season, but all of them offer depth in places where the team could use it.

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  • Wyatt Converse

    Yes, Bring Back T-Jack!!!! I can only imagine he’d get much better after working behind RW3. He’s somewhat similar only slower, less talented, less driven etc… But, having someone that is great in areas that could become his strengths would be perfect for him. If it were up to me, I’d keep JJ and T-Jack and let Quinn go. I see the case for Quinn to stay as he’s the only real veteran for Russel to learn things from that only a veteran can provide, but as a player, Shoot, I’d rather have Vince Young or maybe even Kevin Kolb than Quinn. Is it just me?
    Anyway, I’m pretty sure T-Jack can provide most of what Quinn has to offer, plus he can win games, so…

    • Wyatt Converse

      And hell yeah, Abraham too! Why not, we got everyone else. If we can get him on the cheap, bring it! How does he not have a job? And the guy who’s name shall not be mentioned that just got a job in New England does?!?!?!?! Insanity!

    • skeletony

      HELL no we do not want T-Jax’ mediocrity anywhere near our team ever again! I agree that Vince Young would be a great fit and a much better option than Quinn (whom I doubt will be on the team when the season starts). T-Jax cannot win games. That is the reason we had to get rid of him, trade for Flynn and draft RW! Because T-Jax could not win games (or complete passes or avoid sacks or do much else besides throw an inaccurate ball very far).

      • All Coug’d Up

        You make it sound like he’d be our starter… Jackson brings in a little experience in the offense and really wouldn’t be asked to win anything if the unthinkable happens to Russell. Hand off to 3 rbs and make a couple throws… He doesn’t have to be superman

        • skeletony

          Granted but there are plenty of much better backup QBs available than T-Jax so his only being a backup is no excuse to take such a mediocre player. I would take Vince Young with a broken ankle over T-Jax at this point!

      • Wyatt Converse

        He won 8 games in a season at least once, That’s far better than Quinn ever has and they aren’t willing to go with vince young so out of those they seem willing to roll with, T-Jack makes me feel WAY better than Quinn. I know he isn’t great, but he did finish .500 and Wilson isn’t the only player added since then that has made us better. Mediocrity is what you get with backups, otherwise they’d be starting somewhere. How don’t you get that? When Skelton can start in this league, granted not for long, I’m feeling pretty good about T-Jack-Back-up.

        • skeletony

          He won 8 games that even an average QB (dare I say it even Quinn!) would have won at least 10 on that team with that schedule.

          • Wyatt Converse

            Ok, you’re not living in reality so there’s no point in discussing anything with you. We had the 2nd hardest schedule in the league and the guy played through a torn pectoral muscle for most of the season (Might have been the whole thing, I’m not sure really). I was wrong, he won 7 games out of 14 so he still finished at .500. No way Quinn plays the 2nd hardest schedule with a substantial injury and wins half his games. Save it skeletor

  • Hawk_Eye

    I don’t think we don’t need these old farts. We need to develop our young up-incoming talent.

    • 12thMan_Rising

      The team is ready to win now. playing kids, especially ones with questionable talent, is a waste of an opportunity to try and win a championship.

      You’d rather the team assume Boatright, and undrafted free agent, is going to play well instead of signing Abraham? That makes little sense to me, especially since there’s the option of cutting the vet is the youngsters do unexpectedly play above their talent level.

  • ricefield

    I like Winston @ RT.The right side of the line looks questionable to me. The RG are two high draft choices that haven’t produced yet and a defensive tackle and the RT hasn’t shown he can pass block so far. If Winston can take a reasonable 1 year deal it should help the right side.

  • skeletony

    Could not disagree more with most on your list of vets. T-Jax was a terrible, terrible QB and apparently he has not gotten any better since the Bills have cut him (when the team with the worst QB situation in the NFL (possible exceptions would be the Jets and Cardinals) cuts you then your days as an NFL QB are over.).
    And Abraham has simply gotten too old. I know we all hope for older guys to have that one really good year one last time before they retire but there comes a time when they are simply too old and brittle and slow to do so anymore.
    Dallas Clark was decent-to-(almost)Great when Peyton was throwing to him but he no longer has that and he is simply older. He could still be a decent fill in with Russel Wilson throwing to him but we really don’t need him. Willson (the new TE) will be a great TE which Miller will be a decent compliment to and if we need a third TE who is not already on the roster then there are many options which would work at least as well as Clark.

    Winston and Rodriguez are enticing I will grant you.

    • 12thMan_Rising

      and what if Willson or Miller get hurt at TE in training camp? Or if Clem has a setback, or Avril gets hurt at DE? Injuries are a part of the game, and they strike most inconveniently. It never hurts to add insurance “just in case.”

      • skeletony

        If an unthinkable injury happens to one of our TEs then, as I said, there are plenty of options. Clark is not a terrible choice (like T-Jax) but I think we can probably get equal production for cheaper elsewhere.

  • jimpassi

    old news about 2 months old jacksons been on the team for about 1-2 months
    yes i like him a lot better than quinn who only won 4 NFL games
    i still think we should have gotten hasselbeck back hes 10 times better than quinn