Jan. 1, 2012; Glendale, AZ, USA; Seattle Seahawks quarterback (7) Tarvaris Jackson throws a pass in the first quarter against the Arizona Cardinals at University of Phoenix Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Seattle Seahawks Smart To Bring Back Tarvaris Jackson

As I wrote yesterday , it’s official that Tarvaris Jackson is once again a Seattle Seahawk. While there is bound to be some resistance, I support the move.

Which is weird because normally I’d hate it. The words “veteran backup” usually makes my skin crawl. Backup jobs should be reserved for young players with potential. Paying an old guy extra (vets cost more) to sit on the sidelines when you know they’re never going to be more than they are, just doesn’t make much sense to me.

So what’s the difference here? There’s simply no young player on the roster that seems to have enough potential to warrant my usual outrage.

Brady Quinn isn’t young, and he certainly doesn’t have any untapped potential. That ship sailed a long time ago.

Jerrod Johnson is young, but the extent of his potential is both unknown and highly questionable. He went undrafted, and both the Eagles and Steelers (two teams that could have used a talented young QB project) have had him in camp and then cut him.

The Seahawks will get a very good look at Johnson in training camp, but if they come to the same conclusion that his previous teams did, then there’s no reason to waste a roster spot on him just because he’s younger than the other two QBs. If the potential isn’t there, then age doesn’t matter.

So with no young project QB on the roster, and seemingly none available to acquire at this point, why not sign Jackson? He’s clearly an upgrade over Quinn in almost every way. He knows the offense. He knows the receivers, or at least most of them. He’s also well respected by both the coaches and the other players, and is a known hard worker both on and off the field.

So what’s the downside here? If there is one, I just don’t see it. He’s not an ideal QB, sure, but he’s better than the other options available right now. It’s not like he’s coming in to play and lead this team. He’s hear to backup Wilson and run the scout team in practice. He can do that. And it’s only a one year deal.

If the unthinkable happens and Wilson does get hurt, Jackson is clearly (at least in my opinion) the best of the three options to come in and try and stop the ship from sinking while Wilson heals. I don’t believe Quinn or Johnson is capable of doing so.

Ultimately though, this needs to be a one year thing. Jackson is fine as a stop-gap, but the team needs to draft a young project next year to develop behind Wilson.

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  • Trakar

    Downside? How about the fact that he couldn’t master the Seahawks playbook and certainly couldn’t read defenses when he was the starting QB for the team for more than a year, and his football skills are sub-par at best? I’d rather have M. Rob. listed as our fullback/BU QB and keep another tight end rather than give up a roster spot and pay someone like T. Jackson more than R. Wilson just to sit on the bench.

    • 12thMan_Rising

      Robinson is not a QB. He hasn’t played the position since college, and has never read an NFL defense. You wont find anyone who supports that idea.

      As for Jackson, he knows the Seahawks playbook extremely well. That was why the team brought him in in 2011 in the first place, was his mastery of the offense since the lockout cost them most of the offseason program and the team had a new OC. You’re incorrect on that point.

      You’re right about him reading defenses. He’s decent pre-snap, but is quite slow in recognizing disguised coverages post-snap, and tends to hold onto the ball to long. Why that prevents him from being a good starter, he’s a backup, so it doesn’t matter all that much.

      • Trakar

        Actually, Mike Rob is one of (the Seahawks actually have several players at other positions who are designated as such) the “emergency QBs” designed to be used as game finishers if first and second QBs go down. That said I would not want one of these players as fulltime or permanent BU QBs anymore than I’d want Jackson filling that role.
        Having read the playbook, or possibly in Jackson’s case having had someone read the playbook to you, is not the same thing as mastering the playbook. The fact that he’s familiar with the OC did not translate into being able to take that experience to the grass and execute plays. What the defense is doing seems to be a great unsolvable mystery to him. Looking beyond his first read/check-down is something he seems to have heard about but doesn’t believe is actually possible, and while he can run for his life and has a strong arm, he has no apparent control or concept of ball placement or accuracy.
        Your backup QB had better be a starter caliber QB, as they are never more than one unlucky play away from being your starter. I think the worst thing Pete and John have done so far in their tenure here is trading Matt Flynn this off season, he should have been kept till at least the end of his contract and until we had a viable BU QB on the roster. I just hope this bit of senseless nostalgia doesn’t cause the locker-room issues it well might generate among Baldwin, Rice and few others among roster, especially if Quinn steps up his game and the Jackson v. Quinn competition is closer than some fans seem to think it will be.

    • TheJunkie

      Relax. Tarvaris Jackson is a perfectly capable backup. He is also paid as such. The fact that Russell Wilson is way underpaid has no bearing on Jackson’s pay. He is properly compensated as a backup. He can also offer Russell Wilson valuable NFL playing experience. Russell Wilson is incredibly smart, he will know how to take advantage of that,

    • Matthew

      He had a torn pec muscle for most of the year he started and was captain. IMO he is a great backup option. With our defense he can play to not lose and the Hawks will win.

  • http://Allcougdup.com/ All Coug’d Up

    People just do not understand the backup role in NFL football. Jackson is BY FAR the most knowledgeable of the Seahawks’ playbook (even if he didn’t master it or whatever) and would be in the lineup to help the team stay competitive ONLY in case of injury to Wilson, should he make the team. It’s not like college or the normal competitive Pete Carroll situation where he’ll get a chance at some point to become the starter. To complain about this move is to not understand your football though, as Quinn and JJ are sub-par options (assuming JJ doesn’t suddenly take off in his development, which I would hope to be the case but am not holding my breath for).

    • 12thMan_Rising

      Jerrod Johnson was just cut, so I guess we can stop hopping his development will suddenly take off.

      • http://Allcougdup.com/ All Coug’d Up

        LOL. Yup. Sure can.

  • 007

    Is it possible that T. Jax is a double agent???

  • Patrick Ware

    Well, I can tell you, id rather have him as 2nd qb than Quinn anyday, and our 3nd has basically no experience. Russell would be up s^&t creek if he got injured. At least Tavarus has experience, he actually wasn’t that bad in Minnesota, and he wasn’t really that bad with us either. I think he has potential, taking into the fact he was shipped out pretty quickly by both us and Minnesota. Sure, he couldn’t learn the complicated west coast offense that quickly lol. Being shipped all around can wreck your confidence. If Pete can sit him down and man to man talk to him and let him know he is really willing to give him a chance, and that he truly believes in his potential, I think he can shake his non confident feelings. He just needs to believe hes wanted and if given the right circumstaces, he could shine. Also, our team is a lot stronger than when he was with us before. Our front line has really beefed up and has a lot of talent, with protection and having someone as versatile as Marshawn in the backfieild would take off some of the pressure. Having 3 top notch receivers in Tate/Rice/Harvin definitely doesn’t hurt either lol. So I think hed be better off this time, we should give him a fair shake.

  • Wrasslinoob

    I love the fact how the Seachicken fans remember the only blowout victory they ever gave the Niners and think this is their year because they gave up so much for an overrated WR who never got 1000 rec yds in his NFL career. Watch Wilson hit a sophmore slump, Lynch got paid, so he’ll be a bum again and the Seachickens will find themselves in a whole real fast!

    • Rasterty

      Well Lynch got paid last year and it didn’t faze him. Yeah I think we (Seachicken fans as you so cleverly said) tend to focus too much on that blowout as well. But it wasn’t our only one, I believe they won 31-6 in 2010. Maybe that isn’t a blowout in your book? Anyways that is all meaningless in a new season. Hawks have to prove themselves, high pre-season grades mean nothing.

    • pnwsportskrew

      Ya the niners were predicted to be heavy favorites and contenders for 3 years before Harbaugh came along. Claimed to have the best defense in the league during that span and only mustered up a total of 6 wins. Now comes Harbaugh with the team that Singletary built and those guys are old now…. Harbaugh has made a career out of players making him look good…. good luck on the next 3 years of staying contenders…. Atleast the Seachickens have youth on their side.

      • Wrasslinoob

        Before Harbaugh came along, the Niners weren’t even on anyone’s mind you moron. Quit spewing out bs that aren’t even true idiot. BTW, you just lost any little credibility you had left by saying something so moronic. Bye.

        • pnwsportskrew

          BAHAHAHAH!!! short term memory niners…. but all they ever talk about is what the team did YEARS AGO!!!

          • pnwsportskrew

            You must have just jumped on the Niners bandwagon this year

  • pnwsportskrew

    Atleast if T-jax has to play due to wilson injury…we can atleast expect 8-8 season with a bad pec muscle.