Russell Wilson’s Seattle Seahawks Cause Superbowl Day Dreams

Nov 11, 2012; Seattle, WA, USA; World War II veteran pilot Joe Moser raises the 12th man flag prior to the game between the Seattle Seahawks and the New York Jets at CenturyLink Field. Mandatory Credit: Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Fellow 12s,

It is rapidly approaching the time of year for conjecture, hope, and day dreams of glory.  As we have anxiously scrubbed every report out of  OTA’s and mini camp, our minds have already boarded the Seattle time machine.  Our trip forward in time takes us to the NFC Championship game (which of course we have won) and then on to the Super Bowl – a hard-fought but ultimately predictable Seahawk victory.  In our minds, we have already overcome the seriously disappointing PED conspiracy, a few major and minor injuries, and Richard Sherman’s ever running media magnet.  But sadly, it is June 26, 2013, months before the start of training camp and pre-season and to our chagrin there is waiting left to do. To fuel the conversation and keep you sharp and eager, I present my visions for the upcoming season.

1.  Seattle finishes with a 13 win regular season, losing only to a spattering of teams while they rest Big Russ, to ensure he doesn’t hurt himself before the playoffs.

2.  NFC West title, NFC Championship, Superbowl Victories….Duh!

3.  “Revis” Island, much like the Louisiana Territory, is purchased for a four year $2,222,424 contract and is renamed Sherman’s Peak.

4.  Luke Wilson emerges as the steal of the draft, finishes third on the team in receptions (64) and is in consideration for offensive rookie of the year.

5.  Skittles, Turbo, and CM are the most productive running back trio in the history of the NFL, each putting points on the board in the Super Bowl.

6.  Earl Thomas solidifies his position as the most feared ball Hawk in all of the land, leading the NFL in interceptions and pick-sixes.

7.  Kam “Bam-Bam” Chancellor owns three of the top five “hits” of the year, and six of the top ten.

8.  Russ sets the single season team record in passing yardage, quaterback rushing yardage, and passing touchdowns by the end of week 14.

9.  Some dude named Michael White became a fan favorite for his dry humor and witty banter while providing mostly stat free predictions, entirely opinionated  match-up ratings, and gregarious analysis for readers of the 12th Man Rising worldwide.

10.  The world realized that Percy Harvin has been under performing in Viking land, and that his true potential has only now been tapped, thanks to a talented and motivated offense.

11.  Seattle has two receivers reach 1,000 yards total offense, a 1,000 yard rusher, and our first 100 reception receiver in what seems like an eternity.

12. Lastly, we shall bask in the glory of all that is winning. We shall be the envy of all bandwagon fans, and I will witness the Houston Texans’ fans crying aloud on September 29… in Houston. Oh, what wonders await.

GO HAWKS!  12th Man Now, 12th Man Forever.

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  • Asthmagirl

    Welcome “some dude named Micheal White!” We’re glad to have you!

    • Michael James White

      Thank you Asthmagirl….glad to be here…and excited to have an outlet for planet Seahawk the way I see it.

  • Michael Wheeler


  • Robertz

    Straight genius! That Michael white has it figured out! Must be a senior ranking non commissioned officer in the United States Army with comments like that! I couldn’t agree more! I really hope it will be possible to watch a game thus season with this white guy!!!

  • jimpassi

    as much as i love that come back from never never land
    that would be great if all that happends i would be happy if half that happends
    i hope all our players do great we have the depth now that we need
    supper bowel here we come go hawks

    • Chawks1

      Your spelling is absolutely atrocious. And I mean that in the most respectful way possible. Go Hawks!

      • skeletony

        I constantly have to wonder if he is a troll or simply a moron. He has been told a half dozen times on here how to spell “Super Bowl” and he still calls it the “supper bowel”, which frankly sounds like a troll move because that play on words does not sound unintentional. But if he really IS this poorly educated and unable to think or learn then he may be a danger to society!

  • 12thMan_Rising

    #9 is my favorite. just saying.

  • jimpassi

    i never claimed i was the worlds best speller
    half the time i dont read over what i say
    i just say what i mean
    i dont think anyone has trouble reading it
    the hole idea is to get people talking
    if miss spelld words gets you talkin go for it

    • skeletony

      You have had a dozen or more people tell you we can’t read what you write. You can’t spell simple, second grade words like “didn’t” and “whole” (as in “WHOLE idea…” not “hole idea”.). And if you really had any interest in “getting people talking” (there is a ‘g’ on the end of “talking” kiddo.) then you would spend all of 5 minutes worth of effort on typing what you are trying to say in a manner that we can actually read it.

      And the irony of ironies, you misspelled the word “misspelled” in such a grotesque way that I am wondering if you were home schooled by some extremely anti-educational cult!?

  • jimpassi

    i have had to much of your nonsence i am blocking you

  • 3kolu

    I believe at least one of the young QB’s is going to struggle this year, and as impressive as Russell Wilson was last year, the Hawks may regret getting rid of Matt Flynn. Wilson benefited from unfamiliarity. Teams didn’t have film on him they didn’t know how to contain him. That will change. I believe teams will want to make him pass out of the pocket and make him run, not scramble, but run. And, if he continues to scramble they will try to make him pay. Teams will mix it up and try to take advantage of his height, that’s what the great coordinators do. He will have the advantage of a good running game and Percy Harvin’s versatility should be good for about a half-a-season, giving Wilson some weapons to work with. I’m just not sure if they have enough firepower at the WR position though.

  • jimpassi

    russ maybe short but the other players cant find him he can jump to see
    hes not that short if he was 1 inch taller no one would say anything

    let me guess 3kolu i bet your a 49 re fan trying to put doubt in russ’s mind
    to bad wont work he will beet kapperdink yes its my punn