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Have Seahawks Expectations Fallen Off As Injuries Pile Up Early In Training Camp?

The Seattle Seahawks…

Seattle Seahawks…



I’m sure it’s like a bad recurring dream to hear those words at this point in most NFL fans’ households (especially those of the San Francisco persuasion). People are sick of the Seahawks. SICK!

Now those same fans are chuckling to themselves when they hear about the premier (and pretty long term relative to the season) injuries piling up on the team that everybody knows everything about. Accompanying the chuckles are already  comments about “told you so” and “the Hawks are screwed now”, among others. Safe to say these other fans have already forgotten about Seattle with the news of this injury to Percy Harvin and with the news that Sydney Rice isn’t 100 percent, along with the preexisting injury of Chris Clemons and some more D-line issues, but is it warranted?

I doubt Pete Carroll is finding anything but positives in “opportunity” to motivate his players out of these presumed tragedies of the preseason, but again should WE be worried?

Like Nick Ashbourne said yesterday, “relax, it’s training camp”! No it’s not anything to be worried about at this point in time. We know Harvin and Clem are down for a while, but Rice will be back tomorrow and the rest of the injured squad will be back pretty quickly. In the meantime, some draft picks and a lot of young cats get their chance to shine and impress for contention to make the roster.

With the competition rising as players learn the playbook and get ready for preseason games to try and claim what would be a privileged spot on this potential Super Bowl challenger, look for the entire team to get better and stay hungry. Quite often this happens to the team that was hyped all offseason, it’s all about how the team responds to the adversity. After all, it won’t be the biggest adversary the Hawks will face this season.

While fans and publications have been going crazy about this Harvin injury and the rest, we haven’t really heard much from the team. That’s a good thing and probably the number one indication that they aren’t that worried about it. I’d say we can stay steady in our expectations for this team (at this point) as well.

Go Hawks!

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  • jimpassi

    i just been saying dont get your hopes so hi no one can meet it
    it would be better ta say same as last year
    & if we win 3 more wow thats great
    were in the money
    thats some old saying i have no idea where its from

    • Shawn Walker

      I think it’s fine to have high expectations for this team, it’s not often we have teams this stacked with talent being Seattle sports fans. This roster is stacked, even the back-ups are starter quality at most positions, and with injuries to the Niners this division is prime for the taking. With upcoming contracts this may be one of the best rosters this team can put together for a Super Bowl run and may be one of the last years the “LOB” stays intact. We have the depth to overcome the early injuries and have potential to be down right scary come playoff time as guys come back off injury and suspension. Screw the tempered expectations, as the goonies would say this is our time.

      • All Coug’d Up

        Agreed. And I think it’s beginning to feel like “our time”. All you need to do is look at season tickets selling out in 16 minutes to know that.

    • All Coug’d Up

      Sometimes though I think we get a little too caught up in not wanting to be disappointed. Some ppl can be like that but not me. If the expectations were unrealistic I’d be right with you but the fact is that the Hawks (after one of their worst 1st halves of the season) came within 30 seconds of a meeting with a team they had just blown out for the right to go to the SB. Then they only got markedly better over the offseason. So none of this “oh hopefully…” crap for me. Seattle needs to be a place that starts expecting great things from their teams, championships. Amended for Husky faithful of course ;)

      • Hawkman54

        Go Huskies!

    • Seahawks Fan

      Is that English or some kind of code?

  • Hawkman54

    Injury wise ( other than Harvin) we won’t need to worry or really have the scope until the end of the Third week. Then we will know what’s up.