Dec 2, 2013; Seattle, WA, USA; New Orleans Saints and Seattle Seahawks fans cheer outside the Saints tunnel during pre-game warmups at CenturyLink Field. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

CenturyLink is officially the loudest sports stadium -- again

Seahawks fans have proven once again that their stadium is the loudest, not just in the NFL, but in the world.

On Monday Night Football, the Seahawks broke the Guinness World Record for loudest crowd roar at an open-air sports stadium.

The fans at CenturyLink Field broke the original record on Sept. 15, producing 136.6 decibels of noise, but fans at Arrowhead Stadium broke that record on Oct. 13.

However, the 12th Man has regained possession of the record with a deafening sound of 137.6 decibels:

The Seahawks currently lead the Saints 27-7 at halftime.

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  • KloverJane

    And moist and grayest…..

  • me


  • me

    by .1 db? give me a break

  • MD

    By one decibel, not one-tenth of a decibel. Do the math on the break I’m giving you.

    • Brent

      Chiefs fans broke it a 137.5 hawks broke it at 137.6 that would be 0.1 decibles… math break!

  • Chiefs fan

    BS, Y’all cheated. This belongs in Kansas City.

    • skeletony

      To offer up wild conspiracy theories like this indicates you are in such recognition of the ineptitude of your own claim that you are acting in desperation…grasping at whatever straw pops into your head. I deal with JFK and 9-11 conspiracists all the time and I notice that facts and evidence do not seem to matter to such people. They will literally believe three stories which contradict each other, at the same time if it means not acknowledging the rationally drawn conclusions.

      So let’s see how you compare; with a few questions:

      1) How did the Seahawks fans “cheat” to produce the sound necessary or rig all sensory equipment to falsify the reading, without anyone catching on or exposing such?

      2) How many people, from stadium workers to the Seahawks staff, to the Guinness World Records screw, were in on this conspiracy and why would they miraculously do the one thing humans are no good at (keeping secrets) without ANYONE coming forward to expose the whole thing and become a hero in the media?

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  • KCFan21

    Haha!! That’s all? You beat our record by a lousy .1? WEAK!!!! We utterly destroyed your record by nearly a whole decibel. Sad, sad, sad. You didn’t even try. That is pathetic in my book. You call yourselves the 12th man. I call you the 12th pussy!!

    • BillsMafia

      Funny thing is, Seattle fans are obviously (proven) louder than KC fans can be. So, if they are pussies, what does that make you KC fans who had the record stolen right from them?…

    • skeletony

      I call your mom the 12th pussy…

  • Magnificent Mule

    If Arrowhead was half a dome like Seattle’s stadium, they would have shattered that record. Chiefs fans win.

    • skeletony

      Translation: “WAHHH! Why could we have teh better stadium dezine! Thems Seattles are teh cheeturz!!!11

      You guys needed to add 10,000+ mo0re fans the last time and use prompts to get the record. We just took it back with the same number of fans we had before, in the second quarter no less (you guys did not get the record until the 4th quarter prompt.)!

  • mepatri3

    Loudest “stadium” not loudest fans. The loudest fans for a football team has always been, and still is, KC fans. CenturyLink field was specifically designed to magnify crowd noise. Comparing the KC fans and Seattle fans loudness level is like comparing apples and oranges, since sitting in CenturyLink and yelling is like screaming into a microphone. You can beat anyone’s noise level that way. No, KC fans still hold the record for loudest fans, and Seattle fans can hold their record until someone comes along and builds an acoustically superior stadium. Hats off to the CenturyLink stadium engineers – not the Seattle fans.

    • skeletony

      Oh fucking buck up child. Stop crying and making up excuses and rationalizations. Seattle has been one of the two or three loudest places to play since around 1984 when we retired the number ’12′ in recognition of the ’12th Man’. If you think you can retake it then do try and if you succeed then we will take it back and this will go on until you simply cannot muster enough noise to take it from us.

      The NFL is not static. It changes. Was a time when the 49ers were the best team in the NFL…now it’s the Seahawks. Was a time when Bill Walsh was the best coach…now it’s Bill Belichick (spelling?).

      Was a time when KC was loudest…now it’s Seattle.