Nov 17, 2013; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Percy Harvin (11) catches a pass while being defended by Minnesota Vikings cornerback Chris Cook (20) during the first half at CenturyLink Field. Seattle defeated Minnesota 41-20. Mandatory Credit: Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Percy Harvin not expected to return in regular season

Percy Harvin, who has played in just one game in his first year in Seattle, is unlikely to return to the field until the postseason begins in January, according to Pro Football Talk on

Harvin has not practiced fully since the lone game he played in this season, on Nov. 17 against his former team, the Minnesota Vikings.

In his five-year career, Harvin has only played in all 16 regular season games once. That was in 2011, according to

While Harvin was expected to make a big impact on the passing game this season, the Seahawks have been fine without him, owning a 12-2 record which tops the league.

Seattle has two games left in the regular season, both of which are at CenturyLink Field. The Seahawks have won a franchise-record 14 consecutive games in Seattle.

Their remaining opponents are the Arizona Cardinals (9-5) and St. Louis Rams (6-8). The Seahawks beat both teams on the road earlier this year.

Harvin will continue to be listed on injury reports as week-to-week until he improves to day-to-day, according to head coach Pete Carroll.

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  • Ron Grummer

    Unless the ‘Hawks find a way to trade his weakness, he will sit on the bench for another year and retire on his Vikings “trade” earnings. Too weak in mind and body to be a Seahawk.

    • briwas101

      Im a lifelong Hawks fan, born in Seattle.

      When we made the trade i told everyone that it would go down as the worst trade in NFL history.

      People laughed at me and called me stupid. They said Harvin is the best WR and he will dominate.

      I said he would just be injured and sit on the bench.

      I wish i was wrong, but the fact is that we traded for a guy who ALREADY had an extensive injury history as well as off-field issues.

      I dont understand how Pete Carroll and John Schneider could be so stupid to think that this is a good deal.

      LITERALLY the worst trade in NFL history.

      • JustRelax

        Really? THIS is the worst trade LITERALLY in NFL history? That’s a bold statement. While I believe everyone has a right to an opinion, I would guess most people that thought about it for more than a few seconds, would name countless other trades that were worse. Just because it involves your team and you are a lifelong fan, born in Seattle, doesn’t mean it’s the worst trade ever.
        You can’t judge a player’s success or failure with a team after just one year of a much larger contract. In just a handful of plays, you saw what Harvin brings. He’s just not healthy and he will be at some point in time. This is the NFL. Great players get hurt and it doesn’t mean they are soft mentally or physically. Is Aaron Rodgers weak? Count how many games Russell Okung has missed in his career and compare. Is Okung the worst pick in NFL history? Imagine if we judged all players on just one year of performance in sports. RGIII would be in the hall of fame for nearly perfect numbers in 2012. Randy Johnson would be a photographer in Arizona and no one would have heard of him. Gary Payton would be running youth basketball camps in Oakland and never made “The Glove” anything more than a piece of evidence at the O.J. trial.
        OUR Seahawks (yes I’m right there with you. 37 years old and born in, live in, and love Seattle) are 12-2! If it was such a horrible trade, they wouldn’t be the best in the NFL 15 weeks into the season. They could afford to take the risk because they knew the reward and they knew this was just a cherry on top of a sundae full of goodies.

        • briwas101

          Countless trades that were worse???

          Name ONE!

          Seahawks gave up: 1st round pick + 3rd round pick + 7th round pick
          Then gave him a 6 year 67 million contract with $25m guaranteed.

          In return the Seahawks get: 1 catch

          I have already compared it to the worst trades in nfl history and this BEATS EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM.

          When you combine the following 3 things: draft picks we gave up + money we paid + the 1 catch he’s given us it is EASILY THE WORST TRADE IN NFL HISTORY.

          You said there are countless worse trades when THERE ARE LITERALLY NO WORSE TRADES.

          A year from now when Harvin is cut from the team it will be widely conaidered as the worst trade in NFL history.

          • jamielarrydon

            Dude, his contract isn’t even over. Hahahaha.. you are talking like he’s done and the NWO is already in full effect.. although, Jesus is coming soon so keep watch.

          • briwas101

            You clearly dont understand the NFL or how contracts work.

            You can sign someone to a 15 year contract and CUT THEM THE NEXT DAY.

            A 6-year contract DOES NOT mean he will be here for 6 years.

            Nfl contracts are all TEAM OPTION, which means the team can cut the player whenever they want but the player has to honor the contract or not play in the NFL.

            Yes we signed him to a 6 year contract but he will only be in seattle for 2 years or less because he cannot play.

            No team is stupid enough to keep paying someone $12m if they arent worth it.

            The hawks are forced to pay all his salary for 2013 and 2014 with just $3-4million left in 2015. They can cut him after next season and only owe him the $3-4m for 2015 instead of paying his full salary in 2015.

            I hope you learned something about how NFL contracts work because your post showed that you know nothing.

            Stick to fantasy football and let the grownups deal with the real thing.

          • jamielarrydon

            Ok, since you have made the assumption that I do not understand player contracts I will reword the first sentence. Dude, his contract has only begun. I believe you are being premature in your assessment of the trade. If at the end of next year Harvin is still busted and disgusted I am all about cutting the guy and will agree that this was one of the worst trades in NFL history. But, until then I will hold out hope because I believe next year he will have his best year to date and words and assumptions will be force fed to the pessimists. Merry Christmas man. Go HAWKS! JESUS IS LORD!

          • briwas101

            If harvin is still busted after next year then he will be ONE OF THE WORST trades in nfl history?

            Sorry buddy, THE WORST TRADE IN NFL HISTORY.

            I have already looked at the “worst trades” lists and compared them, NONE OF THEM COME CLOSE.

            If harvin is still busted after next season he is BY FAR THE WORST TRADE IN NFL HISTORY.

            No team in NFL HISTORY will have given up more in draft picks and salary and gotten so little in return.

            The trade would end up being so bad that it deserves its own category for SHATTERING the previous worst trade ever.

            God bless you too, but Jesus was not born on December 25th, Christmas is a pagan holiday with pagan traditions, and baby jesus didnt do anything but drink breast milk and pee and poop and fart and vomit and sleep and cry just like every other baby.

            Jesus THE MAN is the one who safrificed Himself

          • jamielarrydon

            Ok, the worst.. but I still think you are jumping the gun.

            Did Jesus THE MAN sacrifice Himself for you?

    • briwas101

      Also, we can’t really trade him either, and these are the reasons why:

      1. Why would anyone want to trade for him??? The entire NFL has seen how pathetic he is. They have seen the problems he caused in Minnesota and the continuation of his injury issues in Seattle.

      Right now there are ZERO teams that wish they had Percy Harvin and his contract. Nobody would take him.

      2. The Hawks guaranteed him $25m and i believe only $11 million is being paid this year, which means that if they trade him or cut him they have to take a salary cap hit of $14 million IMMEDIATELY.

      So we would no longer have harvin, but we would also have $14 million in cap space eaten up by a player no longer on the team.

      The way the contract was structured is that the Hawks can cut him AFTER his 2nd season with us, and we would only have about $4 million in dead cap space. If the Hawks do not cut him after his second season then his entire salary for his 3rd season would count against the cap.

      So after his 2nd season they have to make a decision: is it worth it having to pay him his entire salary, or is it better to take the $4 million cap hit and get rid of him.

      My prediction is that they will cut him and they will spend the rest of their lives trying to explain why they made the worst trade in NFL history.