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Oct 13, 2013; Tampa, FL, USA; Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson (10) gets the fans pumped up against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during the second half at Raymond James Stadium. Philadelphia Eagles defeated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31-20. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Trade Rumors: Seahawks and DeSean Jackson 75% Fundamental Fit

So of course all day yesterday all us Seahawk fans could think about was Christmas coming early in the form of a certain No. 10 named DeSean Jackson. But as I was dreaming of such a beautiful marriage, I also started wondering to myself “would DeSean work in Seattle?”

I mean yeah, of course he would work, but would everything come together fundamentally for this to be a good union? Sometimes these ‘can’t miss’ moves end up back-firing completely and causing dysfunction. As I was considering the basic fundamentals of this thing, I came to one simple conclusion;

You betcha momma’s sweet sugary cookies he would work! At least in three of four categories. Here’s how:

First of all, Seattle is fundamentally set up offensively like Philadelphia was these past few years. Mobile quarterback (Wilson vs Vick or even Foles), a speedster and star opposite Jackson’s spot (Harvin vs Macklin), a reliable and even dynamic No. 3 receiver (Baldwin vs Cooper) and a dynamic, powerful running back (Lynch vs McCoy).

The only piece that’s missing in Seattle?  DeSean Jackson, which brings me to my second point. The Hawks are in need of exactly what Jackson brings to the table; a true No. 1 receiver (Harvin thrives as a versatile threat that can be a No. 2 or 3 when called upon), a true vertical passing threat who can create separation immediately (Harvin also doesn’t specialize here, he is more open field, make you miss-type) and a dynamic punt returner (Harvin only returns kickoffs and Tate handled punts last year). All those traits are exactly why I’m all-in on Brandin Cooks if the Hawks can’t get DeSean and have a shot in the draft to pull that trigger.

Of course the third and final major piece of the puzzle just happens to be the master of the perceived diva-player, Pete Carroll. How would he do it? By doing what he has always done ever since his USC days, letting the player be himself, as long as himself is no bigger than the team at any particular time. Richard Sherman come to mind anyone?

If you do so happen to be worried about that dynamic, think back to when Andy Reid was coaching the Eags. I remember watching DeSean that first year at a game in Dallas (he was my favorite receiver at the time coming out of Cal and also on my fantasy team so I had vested interest), when he dropped the ball 2 yards early to celebrate, then listening to the announcers talk about how he had to get rid of the ‘all-about-me mentality’ to be a great NFL player. I was also thoroughly ticked at him for costing me 6 huge points in a close online matchup, so at the time I sort of agreed.

But that “nobody’s better than me” mentality has proven exactly why he is as good a receiver as you can find. He lives it out and as they say, if you can back it up… Regardless of your feelings about that whole breed of player, for four seasons in Philly DeSean did that kind of stuff. For four seasons under Reid, though the team crumbled at times, DeSean thrived because he was allowed to be himself. He was, and is, the most dangerous play-by-play receiver in football, simply because of the rare skill-set and mentality he brings to the table and the ability to play much bigger than his stature indicates at all times.

The same would happen in Seattle, because Pete embraces the individual as much as the team. This is also exactly why Golden Tate worked for the Seahawks (and by the way will work for the Lions as well, but more because of Calvin I think). So yeah, DeSean works on the fundamental level for Seattle and I would be tickled to see him in a Seahawks’ uniform if it worked out that way.

The one issue with D-Jax in Seattle (the huge 25% fail)? Well, right now it’s the same issue as most every other team that wants to trade for him is running into; salary cap space to gobble up the massive final year payout on his contract. DeSean is keeping his $10.5 Mil price tag up so that the Eagles can’t trade him somewhere he doesn’t want to be without getting paid maximum or above-maximum value on the contract he already signed (I’ll explain later this morning my thoughts on why the Raiders and 49ers won’t get him in my mind). 

But basically it boils down to, if he were to stay in Philly he’s at least going to get paid, similarly to if they trade him to another place he just simply doesn’t want to be. Also, if he lowers his contract-option, the Eagles could leverage it to keep him, which would suck for him as his head coach doesn’t like him and would likely not play him much, if at all, along the way.

But that issue could also force the only realistic shot the Seahawks have at him, among the higher salaries the Jets and Panthers would throw at him. If (big IF) he goes looking for a ring more than he goes looking for the green once he gets released, there’s where the Hawks could find a way in. We’ll have to wait and see on that one because the Seahawks won’t likely be able to clear space for him to really get paid his market value this season or next so he’d have to really care about a championship and the perfect fit (which I think the Seahawks are) to sign.


Go Hawks!

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  • RichmondNick

    That’s time I will never get back. Seattles offense is basically the opposite of Philly’s. Not sure if you watched any Eagles games this year but they’re a pass first team. They attempt almost 2x as many passes per game which means investing in WR makes sense…but for the Hawks, not even close. You just won a Super Bowl without a top flight WR. Why do I bother reading Fansided anymore!?

    • Kevin

      Seahawk pass attempts 2013: 420. Average per game: 26.25.
      Eagles pass attempts 2013: 508. Average per game: 31.75.

      Seahawks rush attempts 2013: 509
      Eagles rush attempts 2013: 500

    • AllCoug’dUp (Joshua Davis)

      You obviously don’t know anything about the Eagles under Chip Kelly and you apparently didn’t actually look at the stats before that naive analysis. The Eagles are not a pass-first team because Chip Kelly has never been a pass first coach. I watched nearly every Oregon game he coached and watched several Eagles games last season. He runs a spread offense that is predicated on run to pass principles. As you can see from Kevin’s official numbers, the Eagles only pass about 5 more times than do the Seahawks per game and with one less game ran only 9 times less on the season.

      Also, not sure if you’ve heard but the Seahawks LOST their number 1 receiver over the offseason (Golden Tate), which gives them a NEED to fill the spot. You can’t just lose people and call it good because you just won a Super Bowl without a top-flight receiver, other teams are upgrading, which means if Seattle stays where they are they will fall behind the curve. That is why it is so tough to repeat in the NFL, you get comfortable while other teams get hungry. We already know that they have ALWAYS BEEN ABOUT upgrading at EVERY position under Pete Carroll, so Jackson makes PERFECT sense in Seattle.

      • RichmondNick

        Josh, seriously? Tate can be replaced in the 3rd round this year. That is my point, that is why this isn’t a fit. As for Eagles under Kelly, Foles has 317 passing attempts in 11 games, and McCoy has 314 rushing attempts in 16 games.

  • KloverJane

    Raiders are the better option here. He’ll put up fantasy numbers. Oakland would thrive.

  • Josh

    oh please Seattle do not sign deShawn Jackson. he is a cancer doesn’t work well with others he doesn’t want a ring just wants money. we already have short receivers why don’t we get a 6 5 inch receiver

    • AllCoug’dUp (Joshua Davis)

      He’s not a cancer like Terrell Owens was. Chip Kelly just doesn’t like him because Chip is all about control. I’d put DeSean more in the Marshawn Lynch category than the T.O. category when it comes to what people think about him. Remember when Lynch was in Buffalo they were saying the same things about him on his way out.

  • Trakar

    Aside from locker-room problems, Seattle isn’t going to turn into a pass-first, pass-often offense like the Eagles, it isn’t in our scheme or plan for winning games, it is the reason Seattle will be lucky to ever have a 1000+ yards/year receiver (regardless of who they have on the roster). If we are ever in a situation of Wilson throwing for 5000+ yards per season it means something awful has happened to our RB corps and we are losing a lot of games. DeShawn is a waste of Seahawks cap dollars that we need going forward.