Seahawks NFL Mock Draft Analysis: Best and Worst Round 1 Fits According to Needs

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Dec 27, 2013; San Francisco, CA, USA; Washington Huskies tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins (88) is defended by BYU Cougars linebacker Uani

Have we possibly seen enough NFL mock drafts yet? I mean seriously, there should be some sort of law against mocks even starting til just about … well now, because it’s about the time you could actually make an informed decision about your picks after free agency. But alas they’ve been going on since the day after the Super Bowl (possibly even before that).

If it’s not obvious, I’m sick of them already and yet we still have 39 days of them to go through. Thanks for moving the draft back two weeks NFL execs!

At any rate, there have been about 100 mock drafts out there, between 1.0’s, 2.0’s, 3.0’s and everybody doing one. From my perspective there have been a lot of good ideas thrown around, but there have been some simply terrible ones as well (based on Seattle’s needs). With the Seahawks at the bottom of the first round, part of it is how the rest of the round went but regardless let’s take a look at which are which.

*Note: Won’t be discussing who each pick comes from because it would take too long to look up, just the pick itself and my thoughts analysis.

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