Russell Wilson Is Only the Beginning of Quarterback Intrigue in Seattle

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Going into the offseason, the only question at the quarterback position for the Seahawks was whether or not they would re-sign Tarvaris Jackson to backup Russell Wilson, but that little note has come and gone and the intrigue has grown immensely. Today I continue my grading of the Seahawks’ post-draft, offseason acquisitions by position.

At the quarterback position, the Seahawks only carried Wilson and Jackson last season, with B.J. Daniels joining the group in the late-season run and later becoming a practice squad debutante. Both are back as of mini-camp so the Hawks did not have any significant losses at QB, but there was still plenty of movement for Seattle in the constant effort and evolutionary process of upgrading every position, regardless of how good it seems. Let’s get into the retention grades for the two guys that are back after the jump.

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  • chad

    On BJ Daniels: “He’s not overly fast or athletic and doesn’t really have a huge arm.” Um, ok. You clearly don’t know anything about him. He ran a 4.58 40 at his pro day (coming off a broken ankle), has a stronger arm than both Wilson and Jackson, and was specifically known for athleticism while at USF. He even played guard for the USF basketball team his freshman year. Everything about that sentence is absolutely nonsense on stilts.

    • Erockalypse

      This Mr. Davis is gay for Wilson is all. Personally I think any above average QB would’ve led this team to a SB win last year. There are tons of things Wilson can do better. I just hope he remains that humble dude we all know and continues to work hard or we’ll turn another nobody QB into a national star. Always compete. And never hang out with leave it to Beiber….

      • AllCoug’dUp (Joshua Davis)

        You do not know much about the position of quarterback if you think ‘just any above average QB’ would have led this team to the first road win in Seattle Seahawks’ history, followed by the first Super Bowl in team history a year later.

        Beyond that though, I have no idea what you are talking about with the ‘gay for Wilson’ comment…

        Are you suggesting that any of these quarterbacks will threaten Russell at the starting spot this season because there’s a ton he can do better? That’s a very interesting sentiment if in fact that’s what you’re saying and we could have that debate. I mean if you truly are challenging my admiration for him as a team leader because I think he’s the unquestioned starter at the beginning of rookie mini-camp, after starting every game the year before and leading the team to a 13-3 regular season record and the Super Bowl victory… I mean ok. If you seriously think he could be replaced, then that’s a great discussion point to contest and show your ignorance to the 12th man community.

        It has nothing to do with THIS article though, which is grading what the Seahawks did with their pickups to add competition at the position. So I’m not sure where you were going…

    • AllCoug’dUp (Joshua Davis)

      There is upside and clearly he DOES have athleticism, but if you look at the other QB’s on the roster, he is not OVERLY athletic, much like T.J. If you would like to talk 40 times, let me throw some at you. Russell Wilson: 4.55, Keith Price: 4.54, Terrelle Pryor: 4.38

      Also, I am not even close to sold on the idea that his arm is stronger than Wilson’s.Wilson’s arm was one of the reasons some teams were so high on him, despite his height. Meanwhile, Daniels has dealt with shoulder injuries throughout his career, which has definitely hampered his development.

    • silus

      You clearly have no idea what kind of arm Tavaris Jackson has. Don’t point fingers when you haven’t got a clue.

    • FesterFoot43

      I’m thinking the only reference you have to draw on in your estimation that Jackson doesn’t have as strong or stronger arm than Daniels is from when he was tossing the ball 40 yards very accurately even with a torn pec. If that doesn’t sound impressive to you, let’s see you toss a ball 10 yards that with a torn pec. Wilson can flat out wing the ball, no use arguing that one – and he can tattoo a gnat’s colon while doing it. And, btw, if you have a quality offense you shouldn’t have to resort to 60 yard pass plays which are much less likely to move the chains (although we know Wilson can do it).

  • Jeff New

    I disagree with your assessment that it was a picnic last year for Tarvaris to assume the backup role. He had to beat out Brady Quinn, a former first-round draft choice and was able to do that quite adamantly. I understand the ComPete strategy employed by Carroll, but don’t disregard what it took for Tarvaris to be in the position he currently is (guaranteed $1.25 million contract) and the fact that he is respected by locker room and coaching staff and you have one of the best, if not the best, backup QBs in the league.

  • David G. Williams

    Great understanding of the QB situation. Thanks for clarifying some of my thoughts. I’ve always been a big Travaris Jackson supporter. But youth is not on his side, and one of the younger players is ideally a long-term investment. My guess is that they keep three QB’s. Pryor goes because he just can’t show the consistency. Jackson stays as a pro-ready backup and mentor to one of the UFA’s. If Keith Price shows chemistry and ability he may be in position to take over a few games/season during rough patches in Wilson’s career. If he stays on long enough he may even be Steve Young to Wilson’s Montana. Or he could never suit up in the regular season. However, if Zulli’s level of play is higher, and they view him as less of an injury-risk, then they will go with him.

  • Calibandawg

    Not sure I agree with this article. My understanding of BJ Daniel’s upside is his athleticism and his arm. At 5’11″ what else would he have? As for Tarvaris, I don’t think being 30+ is a knock on a backup quarterback and he was superb in his role last year. Granted he wasn’t put in pressure situations but you can’t ask for more than what he gave in the opportunities he did have. I think a lot of the knocks people have had on him when he started are largely attributed to a crummy OL and injuries. I find it difficult to believe that Carroll would opt for someone who doesn’t know the system as well as him.

    • AllCoug’dUp (Joshua Davis)

      What else would he have? Um, I don’t know, everything Russell has. Smarts, maturity, pocket presence, awareness, savvy, leadership, etc. I love T-Jax! This article isn’t pointing out the negatives for him so much as the positives of how the position was grown over the course of the offseason. As for your last comment didn’t we feel the same way about Russell when he was picked and Flynn was the perceived starter? How bout Sherman at CB? Wagner in the middle of the D? This doesn’t just sit at the quarterback position, this is team-wide and difficult to believe or not, has already happened many times before. If you truly assess the moves they’ve made, you’ll realize that T-Jax is a stop-gap solution to a long-term problem at backup QB. The Hawks are aiming to fix that issue sooner than later