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12th Man Rising Staff 

Nick Ashbourne – Co-Editor/Lead Writer. Living my entire life in Toronto to this point has delivered me heartbreak after heartbreak in the realm of sports fandom. The ruthlessly consistent shortcomings of my beloved Blue Jays and Maple Leafs has left me jaded beyond my years. The object of my affections in terms of football, the Seattle Seahawks, have given me moments of great joy and great despair in equal measure and seem likely to do so for the rest of my days. When I’m not contemplating or ranting about sports I tend to ponder or rant about a variety of other things. These things include but are not limited to: books, movies, music, politics, video games, the meaning of life and basically anything worth thinking or talking about.

Twitter: @Nick_Ashbourne

Mitch Quesada- Co-Editor/Lead Writer. Born and raised in Southern California, I currently live in Phoenix and attend the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University. As a Sun Devil, I am pursuing my dream of becoming a sportscaster and would love to broadcast either baseball or football for a professional franchise one day. Though I have never lived near Seattle, I have been a Seahawks fan since my cousin (#99, Matt LaBounty, DE, 1996-2001) played and I have followed the team since his retirement. I also love my Angels baseball team, reading and writing, listening to music, watching movies and talking.

Twitter: @mitchTquesada     

Hanley Bonynge - Staff Writer. I am a die-hard Seahawks fan. I live for the NFL season. I recently moved back to Seattle for graduate school, where I am happy to rejoin the 12th Man. When not watching football, my time is consumed by studying, sleeping, and testing the fortitude of my liver.

Twitter: @hbonynge

Micah Nelson – Staff Writer. Micah is Marine from Mill Creek, WA who is a life long die hard sports fan. He lives and breathes Seattle Sports, especially the Hawks. He is Married and has a daughter he currently resides in North Carolina.

David Williams – Staff Writer. I don’t think I could root against a Seattle team, even for money. The Seahawks are in the verge of something very impressive, and as we wait for next season, I’m filling you in on some Seahawks’ history with my rundown of my top ten Sehawks seasons. With the draft around the corner, and the Seahawks sitting on a nice pot of chips, the possibilities are endless. Twitter: @BigHeadDave12

Joshua Davis – Staff Writer. Proud Father of two Coug-babies, Melodie Grace & Braxtyn Lee and Ashley is my beautiful lady. I referee high school basketball in both ID and WA…. a lot and as much as I can! GO COUGS! GO HAWKS! Josua is also the editor of All Cougd Up! Twitter: @AllCougdUp