12th Man Turncoat?


Posted by: Shaun Dolence

Is this a joke? Did I really just see someone in downtown Seattle wearing an Arizona Cardinals jersey? I am tempted to roll down my passenger side window and warn of the injuries that can result from falling too hard off of a bandwagon, but I’ll keep to myself for now. I’ll give this individual benefit of the doubt – must be a tourist from Phoenix or more likely a resident of Seattle with Arizona roots.

Though the NFL schedule for next season has yet to be released, I’m already anticipating the date when the Arizona Cardinals visit Qwest Field. I’ll be looking to see how many “fresh” Cardinals fans pop up around the stadium – possibly similar to when the defending Super Bowl champion Rams visited Husky Stadium back in 2000. I sure did see a lot of new navy blue and gold Kurt Warner jerseys that day (as opposed to the old blue and yellow colors).

Is Seattle this fair-weather? Do we have fans that will drop the Seahawks after one poor season and hop onto the next big thing? I know the Cardinals are fun to watch (see 2000-2001 Rams), have relatively new jerseys (see 2000-2001 Rams), and have Kurt Warner at the helm (well … you know), but come on!

We’ve taken pride in developing the 12th Man aura, something that gives Qwest Field a unique and potent home field advantage. I look forward to seeing much of the same in the following years, regardless of how the Seahawks are doing. For those of you planning to exchange your Seahawks apparel for Larry Fitzgerald jerseys, please, approach with caution: the bandwagon is full, and jumping on now may result in injury. Oh, and remember – it IS the Arizona Cardinals.