Wish List*


Posted by: Shaun Dolence

Over the past few weeks I’ve posted a couple entries about players I’d like to see the Seahawks obtain in free agency. Just to clear things up so everyone doesn’t think I’m entirely crazy, it is all VERY wishful thinking. Although each player selected is great, it would be enormously expensive to sign one of them to a deal. Every year free agent spending seems to get more outrageous, and very few teams can afford (or want) to land the top players.

I’ll continue filling out my wish list, but keep in mind: these aren’t necessarily likely scenarios, but just some players that would allow the Seahawks to make a BIG splash in free agency. However, if we do catch any of them for the right price, I will be THRILLED!

So for the sake of repeating myself, let us just assume that each one of these players will be expensive, and likely outside of Seattle’s price range. When writing about potential problems in landing any of the players in Seattle, I’ll try to leave out anything regarding money. Forgive me if I mention it a couple of times, however.

By the way, on the other wish list entries, I’ve added more reasonable (and likely) options for filling our needs this off season. You’ll find it near the bottom of each post (other options).