Weaver Gone, Too?


Posted by: Shaun Dolence

Owen Schmitt may very well be Seattle’s starting full back next year. Leonard Weaver is a free agent, and although it seems as if re-signing him is a priority this off season, it may not be reality. Weaver’s agent, Harold Lewis, was recently quoted in an article at Pro Football Weekly:

"“As far as him staying in Seattle, I’m sure Leonard would be very happy,” Lewis told PFW. “But just being a realist, I don’t see it.” The reality, according to Lewis, is that Weaver shapes up as a potentially hot commodity on the open market. “He’s more of a hybrid running back who can knock over anybody,” Lewis said. “When you look at the successful teams right now, you see two-back systems usually with one big running back. Leonard fits that mold, and there should be lots of interest in him.”"

It seems as if Weaver will have plenty of suitors this off season, and unfortunately, appears as if he’ll be playing elsewhere next year.

I’m excited about Schmitt’s future in the NFL, but I still don’t want to lose Weaver. He is a very talented back, and some will make the argument that he hasn’t been used to his full potential.

When Mike Holmgren was asked about Weaver before last season, he responded, “He is as talented a fullback as I’ve ever had.” Do we really want to let a guy like this go?