Crabtree: And There’s More …


Posted by: Shaun Dolence

Oh, I forgot to mention …

It appears that although Michael Crabtree will not work out at the NFL Combine, he WILL be the player making the most headlines until the draft. Yet more news about the receiver from Texas Tech has been released, most of which contradicts what I wrote in my last post.

The latest: Crabtree will run for scouts before the draft. I previously posted that he would not run, opting for surgery instead. From Crabtree on Sunday:

"“I come in today involving my injury report,” he said. “It’s an old injury I’ve been having. I’ve never had any pain in it. I will run my 40, and after I do that I’m going to do surgery. I’m looking forward to go up to the next level.”"

Unfortunately, everyone will have to wait until next month to see what the guy can do; we’ll find out how much this injury will impact his performance, or possibly hurt his draft stock. But at least we’ll get the opportunity.