Cole: A Green Bay Perspective


Posted by: Shaun Dolence

As promised, I contacted the lead blogger over at LombardiAve for their take on the Colin Cole signing. I have my own opinions of what kind of player he is, but there isn’t a better place to verify my assumptions than Green Bay. Here is what DJ, lead blogger at LombardiAve, wrote for 12th Man Rising regarding Colin Cole:

"Seattle fans, if you’re looking for the savior of your defensive line, you haven’t found him in Colin Cole.  While Cole is serviceable, he was a backup for his time in Green Bay.  He only started eight games during his five years with the Packers, and hasn’t started a game since 2006.  He suffered a season-ending injury in 2007, but has not shown durability questions other than that time.  His play is pretty much unspectacular.  Cole provided rest for starts Johnny Jolly and Ryan Pickett, but did not wreak-havoc and could not work into a starting job.  He has decent size and is relatively young, but he’s no showstopper.  If Seattle can put together a good defensive line rotation, Cole will have a key part in that, but as a starter expected to play most of the game, not so much.  It could turn out to be a good deal if Cole performs, but right now it appears as if it is only an average signing for the Seahawks."