Seahawks: Biggest Draft Bust


Posted by: Shaun Dolence

With the NFL Draft fast approaching, the FanSided network is going to put together a 64-man tournament of the worst draft choices in NFL history, with two representatives from every franchise. 12th Man Rising will have the opportunity to submit two players, and I’m asking you for your help.

There are a lot of players to choose from, so we’re going to have our own bracket of players and narrow it down to two. I’ve created a small list of players the Seahawks have drafted who may be considered “busts” to get us started.

Any additional input or suggestions are welcome. If you think a player who is worthy has been left off, let me know – either leave a comment, or e-mail me:

Here are the players who I’ve come up with, and please, participate and offer your opinions. I’ll take suggestions for a few days, and we’ll start our bracket sometime later this week.

1976Steve Niehaus1st Round2nd Overall
1987Brian BosworthSupplemental Draft
1987*Kelly Stouffer1st Round7th Overall
1991Dan McGwire1st Round16th Overall
1993Rick Mirer1st Round2nd Overall
1999Lamar King1st Round22nd Overall
2000Chris McIntosh1st Round22nd Overall
2001Koren Robinson1st Round9th Overall
2002Jerramy Stevens1st Round28th Overall
2004Marcus Tubbs1st Round23rd Overall

*Stouffer was selected in 1987 by the Cardinals, and traded to the Seahawks before the 1988 draft.